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  1. Man that's horrible. It runs fantastic I have windows 98SE and windows 3.11 running on it. Though it's not the best for running games on DOS. Even if you restart in DOS mode.
  2. Yes mine is an original Wii motion plus.
  3. I just have a generic USB sensor bar. Does that work just as good?
  4. UPDATE It seems to be a protection issue. I obtained the IPF version of the disk images. Everything seemed to work! I downloaded GameBase Amiga v1.6 which has basically all Amiga games. If Lemmings 2 didn't work after the first level due to protection I wonder how many other disk images are faulty like that
  5. So I'm trying to play the original Amiga version of Lemmings 2 on WinUAE. I have all 3 disks in the lots on WinUAE. I start the game, play the first level, finish it. I click next level. Now on the next screen is where the problem lies. It shows a photo of the first level. So I try to press the arrow to go to the next level. It just doesn't want to press. If I click most anywhere else on the screen it simply takes me back to the level I just completed. So what am I doing wrong? Is it an emulation issue? Do I have bad disks? Someone suggested it's a copy protection issue. Any ideas?
  6. Unique to the system but I wouldn't say decent. I've seen reviews of Mutant Rampage. Streets of Rage is better. And Tetris on CD-i is an embarrassment. You can only flip one side, a BUTTON drops your block fast, as opposed to the down button like every other person, and there's no kind of 2 player mode. Even if you can forgive all this, it has NO SOUND EFFECTS! Can you imagine that? Even the original monochrome gameboy version doesn't have all these faults and makes sounds when blocks hit something. Like how could they have screwed it up? It's mind baffling. When I first played it on Mame, I thought no sound effects was an emulation issue. But Mame actually runs it perfectly. It's mind baffling that this is supposed to be a CD system and they left out sound effects. IMO the best version of Tetris is still the monochrome Gameboy version. The second best is the SNES version in Tetris and Dr Mario.
  7. There's a couple of standalone CD-i emulators. But none worth much at the moment: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Philips_CD-i_emulators Amazing that we have near perfect Jaguar and Saturn emulation but such horrid emulation for CD-i (and none of Jaguar CD). Although even if you somehow did get a perfectly functional CD-i emulator, what are you really going to play on it? Really nothing worthwhile that is exclusive to it. Most anything that is somewhat worth checking out on CD-i can be had elsewhere. Hotel Mario is about the only thing that's CD-i exclusive worth checking out for shits and giggles, and that runs perfectly on mame.
  8. This is what ended up working for me. I set the full screen resolution to my display which was 1920x1080. right clicked the exe went to properties>compatibility>Change High DPI Settings> Ticked the override high DPI scaling box. Then pressed ok.
  9. Seems impossible. I'm chalking it to Kega not being updated since 2010. What a crying shame. Kega is so awesome. Runs pretty much all Sega CD, 32X, and 32X CD (in fact the only emulator that does 32X CD). And runs almost all Sega Genesis and SMS/GG roms. And any Genesis or SMS/GG roms it doesn't run, Mednafe Multi System Emu does. Such a pity this mighty emulator can't be updated.
  10. That sort of worked. The image is not stretched but part of it goes off screen. Damn. Maybe Kega is just old like that.
  11. When I run the emulator in full screen mode, it stretches the image to widescreen. Is there a way to keep the aspect ratio 4x3 in full screen like most every other emulator? Am I missing something or is it just not possible with Kega?
  12. Man I remember late 90s when IRC was huge. Amazing that it's still around. That an usenet are probably the only two remnants of the old Internet still kicking.
  13. I'd also like to know if there's a definitive light gun solution that works with all emulators and games that use the mouse as a gun cursor.
  14. That's the one I play. It's a good balance. Closer to CPS2 than PSP, and more characters than the CPS2. On a side note, SF3 Third Strike is actually pretty damn good. The 2D animation of SF3 on CPS3 is so incredible and fluid, actually better than most anything since. What really prevented SF3 from becoming popular is the lack of characters everyone knew and loved. I play the CPS3 version on Final Burn Neo. Best version of that game. I'd go so far to say that SFA3 for Saturn and SF3 Third Strike for CPS3 are the best fighting games that exist. I play the Saturn version on Mednafe Multi System Emu and my PS3 controller. While that SF 30th is great, it doesn't beat the versions that can be had for free via emulation.
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