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  1. Thank you for your reply ! The thread you are talking about don't point to a solution that's why I was trying to open a new one and see if anyone got some new information. I'm lucky, my picture is complete, just not full screen (my screen detect it in 1600x1200) ! My kids already played some games If it doesn't bother you, are you willing to explain here how to reprogram the board, what hardware and software do I need ? Thanks again
  2. I'm also looking for cavelord (box)
  3. Hi there, I just bought a Sophia rev. C (DVI-1536x960) board for my Atari 800 XL pal computer. I installed it and everything works perfectly except it only display a top left no full screen picture on my 1080p screen. What are my options here to enhance the situation ? Thanks in advance !
  4. I just bought archon 1 and Lode Runner for atari 800, both complete and in really good shape
  5. hi, What do you think about this one ? I'm interrsted but I find the price a bit high https://www.ebay.com/itm/SPY-HUNTER-auf-Diskette-fur-Atari-400-800-XL-und-XE/283258460920?hash=item41f3851af8:g:kIoAAOSwBkBb6tUW
  6. This is me with my older brother in 1985/86 playing the atari in Ottobrunn south of Munich. On the picture is my cousin atari 800 XL (I'm French and owned an atari 800XL too). His father used to live in Ottobrun back in the days. His neighbor, Mattias, was our game provider (yes, pirated games...). We used to store them in a shoe box. Everything is still in my possession ! Mattias, are you reading this ? It seems my brother is playing Jungle Hunt. This atari still exist and is going to be revived soon since I just received a sophia rev C board and a SDrive-max ! even the joysticks on the picture are alive and will be played again.
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for Spelunker and Gruds in Space for atari 800 thanks in advance
  8. Hi there, I just bought this spy vs spy 1&2 box I never saw it before I'm wondering if this is rare or not I find it cool
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