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  1. Just got some time to install my Coleco board I got from Mobius Strip (https://mobiusstriptechnologies.com/product/colecovision-rgb-board/) Easy install - got everything put all back together - works PERFECTLY! So much cleaner - i love it! Thanks all for this amazing community collaboration. Matt
  2. Excellent!!! now I need to get an 8 or 9 pin DIN with breakout board.
  3. Good to know - I see the link for Moebius - I will keep an eye there! Matt
  4. I keep checking back weekly to see if @Falonn has his ready to order yet!
  5. Awesome - I am for sure in for 2 as well! Matt
  6. Also sad - would love one of these for my intellivision I just got up and running again! Matt
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