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  1. Agreed, good sir, I'm ready for more demos too! :0) And good luck to all that are entered! :0)
  2. I knew if I found my way here, that someone would have an answer to the NFC reader question already! Thanks GrudgeQ and Urlu Berlu! Just gotta get home to get my ticket :0P
  3. Hi All, Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get in there I suppose! I was able to get the rest of the games working by taking the games out of the cartridge and giving them a good swabbing. One in particular was pretty bad, even after swabbing it twice while still in there. (See below) But now I'm fully up and running, and my little guy and I are pretty pumped! I'm really happy to be able to share this with him, and I'm glad he's showing interest. Thanks again to everyone for the great advice, and see you all around here, I'm sure!
  4. Thanks again everyone! My system seems to be reading games better now. I've got to say, the community on this board is really great! I'll be back with any updates, in case I can get the other 3 games working, but I fear the carts might be shot. :0(
  5. Thanks everyone! I was able to get 11 of my 14 carts working by getting some 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and some Q-Tips. I'm going to have another go with those remaining three, because some of those carts were pretty gunky. Pics below. I'm pretty stoked to get this up and running, as I'm planning on putting together some content about this and some other classic consoles on my channel soon. Not to mention my little guy (He's three and a half) is pretty excited to see me setting this stuff up and wants to sit down and check it out with me. .... Quick extra question, how do you get something in the console to hit those contacts? I'm thinking maybe a tooth brush with some of the Isopropyl. Is there something better to use? Thanks again!
  6. Hi All, I just recently acquired an Intellivision I (2609) in an auction. I've been testing it with several games that came with the system, and haven't had much luck getting them all to work. I did, however, confirm that the system does work by finding one cartridge to turn on. (Triple Action) My question is, is there someone that can point me to a guide, or give me some pointers on how to appropriately clean the carts? I think this may be the issue, as I've had trouble with other cartridge based systems in the past. (Atari 2600-7800, NES, SMS, etc.) I've heard that the system is pretty fragile, so I don't want to do anything that will cause an over-cleaned cart to damage the contacts in there. Thanks in advance!
  7. Just submitted the one I recently got in an auction. Was just testing it last night, and it looks like it's good to go! Serial#: 1348602
  8. I've found that there is a certain relaxing nature to video game pinball. When I was having a rough day when I was younger, I would play Video Pinball on my 2600 for hours. As I gained access to other systems later on, I found Sonic Spinball on the Genesis. I played the wheels off of that one, and was great to just relax and chill. I can also second the recommendations for RPG based games, like Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, and my favorite "Time Sink"... Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS One. I must have lost 1000's of hours (no hyperbole here) just winding down after work days with this game. It's slow paced, and you don't have to move the story until you want to. Hope this helps, and I hope you continue to find the relaxation you're looking for!
  9. Hey All,


    Just getting settled in here! I hope to bring something to the table, and get some great conversations going in the threads here.



    I've been a life-long player of video games, and will always have a special place for Atari in my heart. A 2600 was the first system I ever owned, and played it and my 7800 straight through the time I was 15 yrs old, and beyond. (I only had an Atari system until I was 15, my parents were pretty strict about those kinds of things.)


    When I got my first job at Toys 'R' Us (RIP), that all changed. Now that I had my own income, I could let loose and get all those classics that I missed. Having a job that lets you cash your check on site, and having a FuncoLand (Also, RIP) across the street was a great combo! The rest is history there, and I've been collecting ever since, I even have an Intellivision I on the way to me right now!


    Anyway, that's just a little about me, and I hope to share more both here, and on my channels. (Yeah, there's two, more on that later too.) Thanks for dropping by!



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