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  1. Forgot to mention it yesterday, but I found a Neo Geo X Gold CIB for I think 22500 yen or something. Not sure if it's worth it, but I have been considering getting one just to have a handheld Neo Geo. I may get it if it's still there in a few days, but I'm honestly thinking more about that Mark of the Wolves instead! Definitely not something I should buy (both of them, actually), but it would be nice to have both of them, especially Mark of the Wolves!
  2. Always nice to see the SG-1000 up there. I've been meaning to put some time into SG-1000 Choplifter eventually, so maybe I'll get around to it soon!
  3. Japan, one of the largest video game markets in the world, isn't relevant? lol no. You're clearly quite biased in favour of something weird. Don't quote me because I won't bother replying, as there is clearly no need for me to do so.
  4. The 32X PSU, at least for the Japanese one that I have, is the same one that's used in the Japanese Mega Drive 2, but it's also the same one that I use for the Nomad. If you have a Genesis 2 PSU, that should probably work for it.
  5. Yes, it's possible to actually get all of your people killed by means other than causing the nuclear reactor in the basement to explode, I believe. I have only ever played the PC version, so I'm not sure if that got changed for console or whatever, though. I distinctly remember that you can drain the pool, move some people in it, refill the pool, and then they will drown. The most famous way, of course, is to cook the hamster in the microwave, causing it to explode (Yum! Should I take white or dark meat?), and then give the exploded remains to Weird Ed, who will kill you.
  6. Isn't Minecraft like the single best-selling game ever or something? That's definitely a case where you'd want it available everywhere you can publish it. It's smart of them to release it on competitors' sytems in this case, I think.
  7. Yeah, the labels are nice on the Columbus Circle carts. I have not looked at the Mad Stalker manual yet, but I think the Gleylancer manual might have been off, like they just scanned the old manual and didn't do it well or something. Kind of too lazy to compare and I don't particularly like messing around with my original Gleylancer for obvious reasons. I've been thinking about getting a Retrode anyway, so I'd like to just dump both 2019 Gleylancer (this was my first time playing the game, so this is the one I'm used to. No Sega screen = you can play the game faster!) and Mad Stalker and put them on my MegaSD, especially so I can play Mad Stalker on my Nomad.
  8. So here is where the legendary 54% failure rate comes from: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-360-failure-rate-542/1100-6215590/ Yep, a survey of 5000 humans done by someone other than Microsoft. In other words, sample size too small to be relevant + not official data from Microsoft. Maybe, if someone cares enough to get something closer to the real failure rate (the exact number is likely unknown because not all failures got reported, I imagine), they can sneak inside Microsoft HQ using a cardboard box because age hasn't slowed them down one bit, retrieve the data, and leak it to the world. This is most likely illegal and I don't condone illegal stuff, so in case you get caught because age HAS slowed you down, don't tell them that it was my idea because it wasn't.
  9. Gleylancer reprint used to work on the Mega Sg before the latest firmware. 7.7 broke it and now it just gives a black screen. If you go back to a previous firmware, I think it should work fine, but I don't want to have to reconfigure all of my settings and stuff so I have not tried it. I reported it over on the GitHub in December, but nothing so far. The interesting thing is that it works in my real Mega Drive and my Nomad (somehow it fits... tight fit, though) and my original 1992 Gleylancer works in the Mega Sg, so I'm not sure what's up with the reprint. So basically the label and cart are identical to the Gleylancer reprint from last year. No change at all in quality, and the PCB looks identical, as well. I am hesitant to use either of them due to their supposed low quality, but since I don't have a Retrode, I don't have a way to dump Mad Stalker. If you compare the Columbus Circle carts to something like the Japanese version of Xeno Crisis, there is a huge difference in quality, even though these are all modern carts. From what I can tell, Columbus Circle is basically Japanese Hyperkin or some other equivalent company. Anyway, yeah, the music in this new Mad Stalker port is really awesome. It seems to be missing a lot of graphical detail from the X68000, but the music is great. I imagine the MD might have had trouble with putting all of those extra little sprites on screen at once... or maybe they just caused a lot of sprite flicker so they decided to remove the little people and stuff from the MD release. Have not played the PC Engine version for a while, so I forget how it compares visually to that.
  10. Yeah, the Neo Geo is a lot of fun and I think it's probably the best system for multiplayer that has ever been made. Basically almost every game has multiplayer, is easy to play, and is a lot of fun, which makes it easy to just put almost any game in your Neo Geo and start playing it with your friends immediately. I went to Akiba today to find Garou Densetsu. It's completely gone and there are no copies that I could find. I did find an excellent copy of Garou: Mark of the Wolves for I think 84800 or 86800 yen or something like that. Spine is a bit faded on the box, manual has a slight crease on the cover, and the cart has some minor signs of use, but it's in nice shape overall. That's way too expensive for me, but it's still nice to find a copy of a rare game like that. Anyway, I couldn't find Garou Densetsu, but I found Garou Densetsu 2 and Garou Densetsu Special (and Garou Densetsu 3, and Real Bout Garou Densetsu, and Real Bout 2, and Mark of the Wolves...). Garou Densetsu and Garou Densetsu Special are pretty much the same price at 3000 yen each. Yes, they are much cheaper in stores here than the same games are on ebay, which pretty much shows that ebay sellers are attempting to rip you off. So is there any point in getting Garou Densetsu 2 instead of Special or should I just get Special and ignore 2 completely?
  11. I found Mad Stalker today and I bought a copy. I figured maybe some people might want to know that it is a Columbus Circle cart, which means it's just a straight-edged PCB with no beveled edge at all. It's literally just a flat, rectangular PCB and the same cheap-feeling build quality as their Gleylancer cart from last year. I think I read somewhere that the Gleylancer cart is basically some garbage-tier thing with incorrect voltage or something and I expect that this cart is about the same, sadly. I don't remember where I read that, so don't ask for a source because I forgot and am too lazy to go find it again! Unlike the Gleylancer cart, though, this game does actually run on the Mega Sg's most recent firmware (7.7 as of right now). The game itself has nice music and seems to play well, but I think it would be better if I knew how to actually play this game. Perhaps I should actually read the instructions. This game is also unlike Gleylancer in that while Gleylancer originally got released in 1992, this is a completely new port from the X68000 that has never been released before. Apparently Amazon has it, so here it is in case anybody wants it https://www.amazon.co.jp/MD-MD互換機用-マッドストーカー-FULLMETALFORTH/dp/B0896537W6/ref=pd_yo_rr_psims_1/358-6870620-8550625?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0896537W6&pd_rd_r=e531f0fc-cefa-4894-9817-06526bec520d&pd_rd_w=gH6n1&pd_rd_wg=fXpdQ&pf_rd_p=0aa8b886-d917-4d5f-ad88-2abde115f6fe&pf_rd_r=94HT3BE3YR12KZA320VT&psc=1&refRID=94HT3BE3YR12KZA320VT
  12. Found Mad Stalker for the Mega Drive today. Massive thanks to @-^CrossBow^- for telling me this exists! If you hadn't said anything, I would either never have known or found out too late and missed it completely! Unfortunately, this has the logo of Columbus Circle on it, so if they made the cart themselves like they did with their rerelease of Gleylancer last year, the cart is bound to be crap. That reissue of Gleylancer also does not work in the Mega Sg on the latest firmware, so I hope this does, but I can put it in my MD instead if it doesn't.
  13. I've heard somewhere before that sometimes US HuCARD games just don't work despite appearing to be in perfect condition. This is concerning for people that own US systems + games. Has anyone had problems like this with Japanese games or is it just the US ones? Although all media and systems will eventually die, I am pretty certain that the last PC Engine/TurboGrafx will die long before the last HuCARD does, as HuCARDs generally seem to be very well-designed and durable for what they are.
  14. Does this mean Bethesda will finally be able to actually hire quality control people or will they continue to release broken games?
  15. One of my friends came to my house today. He's a big fan of Neo Geo games, but he's never used the actual Neo Geo before aside from a few years ago when we played Metal Slug X on one of the MVS cabinets (inside a Sega Astro City, actually) at the local arcade. Anyway, we had a lot of fun with the Neo Geo and we played Neo Turf Masters for like 2 hours or something and a few other games as well. The Darksoft cart seemed to behave pretty well today, so I'm happy. I mentioned before that Mark of the Wolves had a bunch of glitchy graphics, but we played it for like 30 minutes or so and I didn't see anything strange happen. Nice, game, too, but I think Terry is kind of bad in Mark of the Wolves, unfortunately, at least compared to how he is in KOF '98, where he's pretty good. I think pretty much everything he has in Mark of the Wolves is slow, unsafe on block, and even some stuff that is unsafe on hit, sadly. Of course, the worst part is that he doesn't have his hat anymore! Still not going to give up on Terry, though!
  16. Yeah, I still have not gotten around to getting this game yet. I will get it eventually, though! Right now I've been resisting the urge to buy new games as much as possible since I've had a bunch of preordered games come in recently and there are a few more coming. I didn't have the courage to try the Japanese version of 13 Sentinels, for example (although I think I could probably do it now that I've recently gained quite a bit of confidence in my ability to play, understand, and enjoy games that are entirely in Japanese), but it releases in the US tomorrow, so that's another one that's going to be here soon. Eventually, though, I'll get it! I can't wait to see how it runs on my computer.
  17. Some PS4 games are already over 8000 yen here, like Persona 5 The Royal, which is 8800 yen or something before tax. Add another 10% for tax and it becomes... whatever the hell 8800 + 10% is. $70 is cheaper than that, so...
  18. So it seems that the Mario games in the new Switch collection are emulated and not ported, so they get listed as their old systems and not Switch. Wii Super Mario Galaxy - 86 GameCube Super Mario Sunshine - 239 Vita Kangokutou Mary Skelter - 1448 Finale got delayed, so I got the original Japanese Vita version on Monday. The maps are unbelievably huge in this version (or are they just ultra tiny in its remake?) and they made quite a few changes in its remake, which is why I wanted to play the original version, as it's essentially a different game... there is a certain other spoilers-type reason to play this version instead of its remake, though. It looks really good on both my Vita and my Vita TV, but as usual with Compile Heart, and Compile Heart Vita games in particular, the only thing lower than the budget is the framerate... PC StarCraft II - 40
  19. lol as awesome as the Neo Geo is, I kind of burned myself out on it last time, so no Neo Geo this time. One of my friends who loves the Neo Geo and doesn't know I have one is coming over to my house today, though, so it will definitely show up next week for sure. Genesis/MD Arrow Flash - 22 Assault Suit Leynos - 13 ^Yeah, the box says Assault Suit Leynos, but the title screen says Assault Suits Leynos. The rest of the series is Assault Suit and not Assault Suits, so I guess that's what I will go with. Castlevania Bloodlines - 12 Gleylancer - 16
  20. I'm already trying to figure out something for my US 60GB PS3, actually...
  21. I've bought/received SO MUCH CRAP since I was last in here that I don't want to bother listing it all, partially since I forgot what all I've gotten, so I won't. Instead, I'll just cover one purchase that I made. One of my friends is moving and had unwanted systems, so I bought Japanese Mega Drive Japanese Mega Drive 2 SJ-3500 SJ-6000 1CHIP SFC (we think. the screws are insanely hard to remove for some reason and I haven't tried to open it since the other day) SFC modem official Nintendo SFC RGB cable Saturn (white) Saturn multi-controller (CIB) Japanese 60GB PS3 Framemeister (well, I actually got this from him shortly before this, but...) from him.
  22. I've heard that the PS4 Metal Slug Anthology isn't as good as ACA NEOGEO, which is available on both Switch and PS4. Metal Slug Anthology also runs in 1080i (!!!) for some reason, according to PSN! Not sure what's up with that since the originals are progressive scan! Metal Slug Anthology is cheaper than buying the 6 of them on ACA NEOGEO, though. It is a shame they decided not to do this on the Switch, though. If they had, maybe I'd get a copy there. I don't think the Switch can even do interlaced resolutions, so at least it would be in progressive there.
  23. I have not played 64 either on the original hardware or on the Switch, so I'm not sure what the deal with 64 is now. I'll get around to it eventually, but it is the game in the collection that I am least interested in. I asked one of my friends about it yesterday and he says the music is really good, though, so I am looking forward to that. I'm not really sure why I hated Sunshine when it launched. I am mostly enjoying it now, aside from the ridiculous backwards camera controls.
  24. I mean, the lag is not bad or anything, but I did notice it and the pro controller is known to have some input lag. My monitor has 5ms response time, which is quite fast, I think. I do want to eventually do some more non-scientific testing, of course. It seemed fine when I was playing Galaxy in handheld mode. Handheld mode is kind of awkward for Galaxy because of the required touchscreen controls, I think, but it's still enjoyable, as is Sunshine in any mode so far. I am neutral on both Mario in general and also 3D platformers specifically, but I am enjoying both games more than I thought, especially Sunshine, which I've put way more time into.
  25. Yeah, I actually wanted this one because it's Aleste. Play-Asia looks like they will be getting some in stock, though https://www.play-asia.com/search/Aleste+Collection+[Game+Gear+Micro+Limited+Edition] I haven't actually gotten anything from Play-Asia for over 10 years, but since I have an account, I did sign up for notifications for both PS4 and Switch versions just to see what happens.
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