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  1. Hi guys, I've got a PAL Rev D Colecovision that displays a black screen when powered on (no Coleco bios displayed/etc). I've tried using Expansion Module 1 and 2600 games work well - so at least I know the RF side of things works. Some of the original dram chips were quite hot to the touch so I figured I'd start troubleshooting by replacing the dram with the 5V mod. I've removed L2/L3 and the old dram chips - then linked L3 to 5V and installed sockets. I tested the connections from the dram to the VDP by the directions on the Console5 wiki and everything is connected as required there. I inspected everything thoroughly before adding the sockets and all traces looked good with no obvious shorts. A voltage test at pins 8 & 9 of the dram shows a voltage of 4.9V - however pin 1 is showing a voltage of around 1.7v. This links up with the voltage on the non -5v side of L2. Does anyone have any idea of where this might be coming from? Thanks in advance :)
  2. That is the rom set I've used the games work perfectly fine on my Harmony Cart in my 2600. Oddly enough Asteroids (PAL) rolls the screen straight away (both the copywrite and no copywrite versions) however the NTSC version plays fine. There were a few other 2600 games which were similar - not the end of the world at all but something to mention The homebrew roms of Robotwar (20201004 - pal & ntsc) and Scramble (final - pal & ntsc) both briefly show the intro scene and then roll the screen and freeze up the console. I had a feeling the cart booted into an NTSC mode by default before loading the menu code/selected roms and such so this didn't phase me at all - however on the first few boots it was displayed without error (likely RF being a pain, this machine is a little fussy with that, need to mod it)
  3. Thanks for the heads up that answers that one for me! I'm relatively new to using the 7800 as a.. 7800 lol - the carts are hard to come across here and generally stupidly expensive. I might look into getting a NTSC machine for the sake of it.
  4. My unit finally arrived today - post from the US to Australia is never kind lately! :) I've updated the firmware to the latest (0.95) and it's working well for the most part! On my PAL 7800 I've come across a few issues so far: - The initial Concerto logo on power on is corrupted along with garbage at the bottom of the screen (this clears up when colours flash). - Tower Toppler (NTSC & PAL) - loads to a solid brown screen and freezes - Robotron (NTSC) - loads initial title screen; when you proceed into game it freezes with status shown but no game - 2600 games generally work - however some just freeze the console and roll the screen
  5. Just got my shipping notification looking forward to testing it out!
  6. Nice to hear this Is there anything specific you'd like any assistance with testing? I have a few PAL 7800's that I'll be testing with when my cart arrives
  7. Got my order in thanks batari! Very keen to try this out and see it develop
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