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  1. at 7'1" and 325 lbs, when healthy he was a man among men in the NBA. He managed to make guys 6' 8" 240lbs look small. Truly awesome player, his video games kinda suck tho.
  2. I have a retro game room filled with 1970s early 80s stuff. I got a few Sears and JCPenney christmas Catalogues from the mid early 70s since they really bring back the memories since that is how every kid put together their christmas list back in the day. Whats crazy is that these catalogues go for 50 bucks or more now.. who knew..
  3. Chip supply looks to be worsening due to huge demand from all types of products. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/mar/21/global-shortage-in-computer-chips-reaches-crisis-point
  4. yep, reoccurring revenue.. thats the entire reason I got into business software.
  5. I think I just read FCC is working on getting more people on in rural and lower income areas etc. This country has a long way to go catch up with the rest of the world with regards to internet speed and pricing etc. I have 1gB/sec speeds downloading and it amazes me people out there in the US still have speeds I had 20 years ago. https://gizmodo.com/the-fcc-just-authorized-a-3-2-billion-dollar-program-m-1846363366
  6. OK, but if they are just different versions and/or control schemes of the same basic game, I think you guys may be opening yourself up to some blowback. Just my 2 cents. I may be wrong, wouldnt be the first time :). I just think true exclusive will be the ones that really move the system like say EWJ4, or baseball or other 100% exclusives.
  7. So will this game be a real exclusive or just have an amico edition. People are getting confused, even the devs admit there is confusion as I suspect they may have the game as a PC game "Neon Shifter"??. Im hoping amico will have more games in a truly wall offed environment and truly 100% exclusive as IMHO it will help greatly enhance the interest and sell-ability of the system if they do. (but perhaps IE did take over funding and this is an true exclusive?? if so that would be great.)
  8. I just hope after the amico comes out it will have games which will have this type of look and feel etc since just like a good cartoon, a cartoon based game can be fun for all ages. ( FYI I LOOOVED Gravity Falls)
  9. just glad to hear that they have funding sources to be able to extended their runway money. Pre-revenue can be scary otherwise. My company was due to role out our 2 new big products when covid hit, we were lucky however since we already had one man product which was about to be cannibalized our 2 new ones, so covid extended the life of our old main product, and we basically soft launched our 2 new products and revenue remained fine and it really turned out to be a blessing in disguise since time is not a bad thing when trying to launch a new product. You always think your ready, but looking back a year, my god it would of been messy, Im thinking this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Amico as well.
  10. I think this calls for a new unofficial prelaunch amico mascot. Introducing ...... Shilly Lag
  11. I dont want to answer for Tommy obviously but IIRC he may have mention that their backend was AWS, I only recall this because my companies whole back end is AWS as well. AWS is outstanding and is cloud based so even if your machine bricks you'll likely be fine.
  12. perhaps you mean alpha, by the time a game reaches beta testing, its almost fully cooked. There is still time to tweak and polish and squash bugs, but what you see in beta is pretty close to what you will see in a released product.
  13. This was really cool Tommy. Thank you for the fun tour. It's neat getting to see everything. Looking Good.
  14. funny stuff, but things are about to get really weird.. the line between whats real and whats not is about to get really blurred soon
  15. Glad that you and your family are on the mend. The unpredictability of this virus is really one of its scariest traits. Hopefully we all we be able to get back to normal just in time for the release of the amico later this summer.
  16. just to be clear I wasnt speaking about 3d generated engine produced shadowing throughout the game. I was speaking of using some basic hand drawn shadowing ( ex. below) on the main character. Often it's little more than a oval beneath the character. I just mentioned this because when you use shadowing like this , when the character jumps its doesnt look floaty, the shadow beneath anchors the animation and character. Shadowing also can give a character and game a level of depth so that you can easily put in foreground and background and the character with a shadow gets to live and play in the space in between.
  17. I would think it will depend on how popular and how well the first few physical medias do since doing physical media isnt without risk. The beauty of digital distribution is that all cost are fixed and sunk meaning it cost me the same to ship 3 copies as it does 30,000. With physical media that all changes because now you add in a variable cost. Each game produced cost you money and therefore adds risk since if you produce 20,000 and only sell 10,000 you have to eat the cost of the 10,000 units not sold and now more than likely your losing money on this. Im guessing if they are popular and they keep the runs low and limited ( which assure they are going to sell out) they'll become a mainstay of the amico.
  18. the tech is there and as people has said, stadia works well in countries that actually have decent internet. The US has fallen dreadfully behind the rest of the world in internet speeds, so its not that the tech isnt there, its that the US hasnt rolled it out and made it available to the masses in the US. Certain areas in the US are fine, Hell I can see the comcast towers from my house and my internet speed is blazing fast but that cant be said to be the case for say people in Idaho and therein lies the issue.
  19. I have to disagree. I think it makes perfect sense and this will be the future of gaming as well as all computing in the future. Just like company business servers, 10 years ago every company etc had to have their own physical run client side servers, now, you would have to be nuts to run your own servers client side. Why would you when AWS etc does it better and at pennies on the dollar. The same will be for consumer products soon ( in the next decade) Why have a hodge podge of hardware being run client side when it can all be done in the cloud by the fastest servers on earth. Yes, right now the only bottle neck is internet speed, but thats more of a US issue as we trail far behind most of the world with our internet speeds, so our networks will have to be upgraded anyway in order to keep up with the world. In the near future I think everyone will just have dumb monitor stations at home and work while the heavy lifting will all be done server side and everyone will just be required to have subscriptions to whatever they need. There might be one more console gen, but possibly not. Just like business servers everything is going to the cloud.
  20. this video has me hoping we get these ww2 planes in Bi-Planes. I think Tommy hinted at a while ago there is a chance. I had models of both these growing up.
  21. The nice part of mid/late Summer release is that it gives to time to do a semi soft launch, get the product into the chain, get any kinks ironed out ( there are always unforeseen kinks) and then you are really ready to hit it during the Holiday Season. The wild card is always covid, but as long as there isnt any huge turds in the punchbowl (like a new variant that the vaccine doesnt handle) the timing of a late summer works well too. Since if the majority of americans get their vaccine by summer, well then restaurants and bars and so forth are going to be swamped this summer due to SOOOO much pent up demand, and then when fall hits people will also resume game nights and house parties and visiting friends and family ( again so much pent up demand) and for that latter part, the amico is the perfect product to capitalize on that demand. I think "game nights" may be a huge system seller. No other system with all their intimidating controllers and schemes are a fit with game night, hell even some board games with their complicated rules arent good for game night, but a console that allows a bunch of people play easy to learn and fun to play games... bingo. So silver linings, Covid may just be lining the pins for you to knock down come the holidays 2021.
  22. I love when games do/did things like that. Too bad written instructions/manuals are basically a lost art. Hell remember back in the 80s how much stuff would come in the box from say a text adventurer from Infocom? it was loaded with cool stuff related to the game. Love it.
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