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  1. Scalpers still a big problem for next Gen game consoles it seems, Its one thing for scalpers to come in and buy and flip during the 6 to 8 weeks before xmas ( thats almost a given any year on any hot item) but now as we move on to the next full year, the more this goes on, IMHO, the more it hurts the gamers, the manufactures, and the game devs. Let me explain. Effecting gamers is obvious, people simply are getting screwed over by bots jumping ahead of them when trying to simply buy a console online during a pandemic. Game manufactures it may not seem to be a problem, since a sale is a sale correct. Well not really, 1) its one thing for demand to push limited supply, its another thing for artificial demand to push because after awhile, demand becomes frustration and the money walks away toward another type of entertainment option/product. 2) Manufacturers are getting screwed also by these middle man scalpers because they are taking 100's of millions of dollars ( yes that much) from customers, and the manufacturers dont see a dime of that extra money, worse yet that is money from customers that would of likely gone to accessories and or games for the new system, which now isnt, its going into scalpers pockets. Next game developers are getting screwed because again, the scalpers are taking $100's of millions of disposable income dollar from the gaming customer, this money should of been going toward buying games. Plus the longer the system is in short supply, and the supply available is being tied up and ransomed for 3 or 4X times it cost, thats less players with consoles, thats means even less game sales for game devs. Being a game dev. selling a game early in the consoles life is risky enough, often times manufactures have to even supplement the game makers so they can afford to make a game for a console without a large base of consumers. Now with even less gamers in an already tight early console life cycle, early game devs without supplemental manufacturers income are totally screwed as there simply isnt enough gamers with consoles out their to buy their game to be profitable. The longer this whole scalper thing drags out, the more game devs are screwed, and I suspect the more you will see game devs pushing back release dates. So yeah, its predictable that every christmas some scalping will happen with electronic goods, whats not good is that this scalping continues unabated into the new year. Scalping is not harmless, people who have DONE NOTHING to create, support and distribute the game are skimming mountains of cash away from the people who actually did. This scalping is not helping anyone except the slimy scalper. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/scalpers-continue-to-snatch-up-ps5-orders-retailer-investigating/1100-6486443/
  2. Back in the Day, How many here actually saw this Intellivision ad in a movie theatre?
  3. we have all had video games glitch on us in which the rendering gets weird, here is the real life version, and yes it is real and yes it is one large ass wind turbine blade.
  4. well Tommy and the Gang have had Crabs before... wait that didnt come out right.... they have made great games with crabs before...
  5. they likely would have been better off just making this a unique shell for a pc mod. Your seeing more and more companies doing this. KFC, Budweiser, etc... I think having your pc tower looking like a atari 2600 would be cool as hell. All they would of had to do is molded, tooled and fabricated a 2600 PC tower shell. What was inside could of been any number of combos of hardware configs off the shelf as long they would fit. They then wouldnt of had to worry about making content as it would just be a pc. IMHO, they sort of did that, but then went too far and now they are stuck in the middle of a no mans land.
  6. 2020 just keeps taking and taking right up to the end. I was a Mary Anne guy..RIP
  7. motion controls I think would make a game like Badminton more fun than it usually is. Hell maybe they could combo it up with Corn Hole, then we could all try to keep a straight face when Tommy would have to talk about Corn Holes and Shuttle cocks at the same time.
  8. that would likely allow for runaway piracy. Systems dont need to be connected to the internet for games to be played. The only reason you need internet is for the initial download and or optional leader boards. So internet isnt needed. These arent server based games, IE could go out of business ( god forbid) but your amico will still run any and all games you have on your amico until it turns into a doorstop. as far as 30 years down the road, games that old I would think will be available via many different ways just as they are today. Plus face it, how many of us have 30 viable years left?
  9. yep, I never had em but some of my neighbors did. I was lucky to grow up on a street with a ton of kids all around from the same age group.(Still friends with some of them to this very day) so even if you didnt have a specific toy, someone around the neighborhood probably had it.
  10. well if its a size too small , then its really retro since we all hulk out of our actually old IE shirts from yesteryear.
  11. great stuff, I wish we still had all the tree ornaments from the 70s, there is/was something magical about them, Anyway, love that idea of a retro tree.
  12. it was fun but at least at my arcade/bowling alley that games steering wheels were so loose, you would have to spin the damn thing 10 times to make a quick turn, I think they made them a little loosey goosey on purpose? not sure. it was worse then driving the old manual steering cars.
  13. perhaps a compromise would be game manual pdfs that can be easily downloaded and printed? Writing good manuals is still a lot of work but at least this takes away the physical cost of producing them etc.. and for those that like the manual bathroom reading tradition, can keep the tradition alive
  14. US Customs has always been so hit or miss, I know back in the day ( 15-20 years ago) we used to just pay out the butt for air freight since air freight just seemed to always cruise right through customs both from China and India with very little paperwork. It was either ship it by boat and wait a month for it to hit our shores, deal with a customs broker and then play the customs game which you obviously know can be one day or one month, its insane) Air freight, we would order and have it in our hands within 10 days or so of course there was always limits to what you could ship via air. Not sure if this has all changed, Im guessing it likely has, nothing seems to get easier I know it drove me nuts back then sorry to hear you guys are going through the waiting game as well.. it always seems to hit when you are in a time crunch, an offshoot of murphys law I guess... The one thing I did learn from the whole thing, Customs Broker is an easy ass job where there doesnt seem to be much accountability. Its always some one else fault, meanwhile they still collect their fee. Who knew..
  15. Hi Tommy, You're all set, I just PM'd you here with all the game info and the secret link. Let me know if for some reason you didnt get etc. I havent used the messaging here much
  16. That's a nice article and Amico and Tommy do come off looking really good. Glad to see it! My own personal issue with Loot boxes is that their very presence and their very real to ability to make money can and do change how games themselves are made. Not only are these games bad for people with potential gambling issues etc, its bad for gaming itself. Example- if I were to look to make a game with DLC and loot boxes, then I would basically at the onset of the project decide what the loot boxes would be and basically build the game around them. To me thats just sad, but it is likely the surest way to siphon off and extract as much revenue as possible if that was your only goal. It would lead a designer to purposely build in unnecessary game grind with the only real goal of causing player anger, and thus selling a DLC in order for the player to avoid the aforementioned grind and anger. Loot box content causes all sorts of fun game content to be held back, to dole it out instead for DLC cash. To me that doesnt sit right. To me games are art, I would never paint a painting and then cover up a bunch of it, with the idea that I would only show the remaining parts in small pieces when a viewer slips me a few bucks. It just isnt healthy for anyone in the long run when greed over takes art. Once again Kudos to Tommy and the team at IE.
  17. Pssstt... Tuesday..the 15th ...check your PM... your Space Command link will be provided....
  18. another great Reunited Apart video, this Time bringing us back to Waynes World, and even Tommy's cousin makes an appearance. Whats not to like.
  19. i think there is a middle ground for something like the amico. While full life imitating rosters may be over kill, what may be underwhelming IMHO would be a bunch of players all exact clones of one another, that takes away a lot of strategy and personality in a sports game. In baseball for example, every pitcher the exact same=boring. every hitter the same? thats boring as well and kills a lot of the strategy of the game. I think a good middle ground is to have perhap 5 or so classes of hitters and pitchers. Each class has strengths and weaknesses. Players can let the computer give you randomized teams, or you can actually pick your roster with the variety you want, and even name each player individual if you want. This approach gives some variety but isnt overwhelming. Allows players to create the own teams or favorite teams without Amico having to get all caught up in yearly updates or expensive licensing issues with player unions.
  20. I know it was 79 due to the fact that I remember me and my brothers had money given to us by our grandparents on Xmas to buy more games, but there werent any. And as they trickled out in 1980, me and my brothers bought every single one as they came out. I plan to do the same thing with the Amico as a remembrance to my older brother who I lost many years ago.
  21. if my memories serves me right, who knows at this point ( what day is it? :)) I think 1980 was the real first year it hit, but some places did get a shipment of consoles and a few games just before xmas in 1979. Ours came from a sporting good store just before xmas in Philly and I'm not saying it had mob ties, ( looks around) but Im just saying that store would get all sorts of top end electronics at very weird times, no one asked any questions.
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