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  1. I know it was 79 due to the fact that I remember me and my brothers had money given to us by our grandparents on Xmas to buy more games, but there werent any. And as they trickled out in 1980, me and my brothers bought every single one as they came out. I plan to do the same thing with the Amico as a remembrance to my older brother who I lost many years ago.
  2. if my memories serves me right, who knows at this point ( what day is it? :)) I think 1980 was the real first year it hit, but some places did get a shipment of consoles and a few games just before xmas in 1979. Ours came from a sporting good store just before xmas in Philly and I'm not saying it had mob ties, ( looks around) but Im just saying that store would get all sorts of top end electronics at very weird times, no one asked any questions.
  3. Man now your putting my mind to the test. I know they were suppose to pack in NFL, but I not sure what the pack in was or if there was one. The games I think were kinda weird collection. Black jack, Baseball, math fun, and maybe a tank game? IIRC. But we loved them all, we had that system on day and night.
  4. always nice with fun memories pop back into your brain. Just one of the things that makes Intellivision special. Oh and one more thing, late next week be on the lookout for a PM from me, my new game Outta Sight is finished and besides a few playtesters, you'll be the first to check it out.
  5. here is the link, I also picked this up as well https://artovision3d.com/
  6. I was never able to take care of a fish tank, but this one, this one I think I can handle. Now just to find a place for it.
  7. Christmas 1979, ah good memories. I remember we got the Intellivision and my dad was all into kerosene heaters back then to save heating money, so dependent on where you were in the house it was either 50 degrees or 100 degrees. LOL.. So me and my brothers played that system on xmas in our shorts, sweating and having the time of our lives. I recall my mom was the bookkeeper for a big sporting good store back then, and for some reason they were going to sell the Intellivision, and once we heard that, we bugged and bugged my mom, and sure enough she made sure we got the first one off the truck. Our friends were amazed by the Intellivision since it was so new and so much better than Atari, which in 1979 was still the big newish game system. I know that she also let us open it and play one game a week early, before xmas since we were driving her nuts. The Intellivision wasnt cheap I know since me and my brothers had to "pool" our big xmas gift into it. Back then, each Xmas me and my 2 brothers would get one big gift each ( 100-150 bucks in 1979) and maybe 3 or so mid level gifts $30-50ish and a bunch of you know.. crap ( socks, shirts, shoes LOL) So in order to get the Intellivision we had to negotiate with our parents, i think it cost us all our big gifts.. it was so so worth it though. They got us 4 or so games as well ( we were a lil spoiled) and from there on out, me and my brothers (who all did odd jobs growing up with my dads company to make our own money) would pool together our money into an Intellivision slush fund, and for the next two years or so we bought every intellivision game released. We would go to Kiddie City every few weeks and if there was a new game, we would buy it with our slush fund. Great times, and best console I ever had.
  8. Great idea. perhaps like this but rocking Astro Smash instead and maybe throw in some 8/16bit santas and/or snowballs/snowflakes for good measure?
  9. Good news for the amico going forward, we old farts are gaming more and spending more than ever. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-11-30-survey-finds-gaming-by-us-adults-over-45-has-spiked-in-2020
  10. We were lucky enough to get the Original the first week it was released, and played the hell out of it until moving on to the Atari 800 when it got its graphic upgrade ( 1982 IIRC). Never had or really played INTVII. Back growing up me and my brothers were always looking and chasing the latest and greatest when it came to electronics etc.
  11. just so you know, most games on Amico will have a single player option. I look at the Amico also as a nice addition to game night or heck, a reason to start a game night. God knows if I have some friends/neighbors and their wives over, any game that has more than a 3 minute learning curve or rule explanation wont make the cut, and hand my buddies or their wives an xbox controller and they'll look at me like I lost my mind, the amico however will be a whole lot more inviting. So anyway, welcome to the conversation and dont be afraid to stop back. Hell how many times can you post on a forum and get a direct answer back from a legendary game maker and CEO like Tommy T.
  12. For any Secret Of Monkey Island lovers, and who isnt ( its one of my all time favourites) a cool article showing a bunch of new found secrets about it via its source code just came out, really cool read. https://gamehistory.org/monkeyisland/
  13. This is what gets me, somehow, some where people got confused in this consumer tribalism competition and never just took a step back and thought about it. Its not a zero sum game like a sporting event, for me to win you dont have to lose.. in reality, we can both win and be happy and enjoy each others success. I dont know how things got so weird and out of whack, where if you are successful I'm suppose to resent you? why? Why cant I be happy for you? what has happened to people? Its not just in the gaming world either, I see it everywhere. kinda sad, but anyway that just my quick 2 cents.
  14. it just plays with perspective, commonly referred to as Isometric perspective or graphics. It's just the three quarters perspective, it been used and continues to be used in many games throughout gamings, personally I LOVE that perspective in games. But you are right its not 3D, thats an entirely different animal.
  15. Capcom coming out with a retro "thing" next week. Not my cup of tea since Fighting games aint my thing but I do kinda like the styling of the unit https://kotaku.com/capcoms-latest-retro-console-is-so-adorable-1845738325
  16. well if Pete is getting a new look, he might as well change the opening of his you tube show to this.
  17. LOL.. its like the diet soda with the 3 cheeseburgers and large fries. Its all about the self-delusion. Hell I'll put extra lettuce on those cheeseburgers and call them salad burgers.😁
  18. little too fancy for me, for me Rootbeer floats is my go to summer treat. Chilled glass, webers diet root beer and two scoops of vanilla ice cream.. good stuff
  19. 1000 pages, awesome! now just think in 5 or 6 years when we are in the middle of the life of the Amico and we are on page 7000, we can think, "remember when we we just at the 1000 page", and thats the best past of this, we are just getting started. Big storms in the east tonight so I missed the Amico All access this week, there is always next week. Gonna go watch the replay.
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