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  1. I would just suggest that Amico fans not expect a giant breakthrough or wild selling numbers out of the gate. Overnight sensations usually take many years. What IE has going for it is that IE with its low BE allows for the time it needs to work its way into the publics consciousness while remaining viable and if all goes well, the Amico may become a main stream console in a few years from now but I would suspect it would take at least 2 to 3 years before they hit any sort of large market penetration. Again, becoming an overnight sensation takes time.
  2. I have a new appreciation of this. I liked it before. Watching it full 1080p. Its coming together nicely, but I do have one observation, I think they need to quicken up the debris fade out or color it differently. Since in some asteroids there are asteroids within asteroids which make you have to continue to shoot, it can be confusing as to just what is still dangerous and in need of continued targeting and which is harmless debris graphics. IMHO there needs to be greater visual clues as to what is a target and what is harmless debris so as to avoid wasting time dodging harmless stuff. just my 2 cents
  3. my guess on the two new sports titles are Golf, and..... badminton. Playing badminton with the controller would be so much fun
  4. will do, I love his art etc Im just not rich enough to really collect his stuff in a way I would want, so Im a 50-60s and 70s Hanna Barbera collector, I had to show my wife about 6 pieces recently and told her, these 6 or so need to go to a museum if I drop over. I have some of Ed Benedicts earliest stuff in the creation of some of the most iconic characters of all time. 5 were used/shown in various Hanna Barbera historical books. My wife had no clue.
  5. Yeah, Im not the star struck kind of guy, but Chuck Jones would have me fanboiing all over him if I met him while he was still here with us.
  6. this is 9 minutes that every animator and character creation/game dev should watch. Chuck Jones was a genius in this arena.
  7. yeah its funny there are always a few observations and feedbacks which make the team all look at each other and say " how the $#@% we miss that"? Not saying my observations are that, just saying a few peoples feedback may well lead to that moment. Recently on one of our govt project we had a load button and it really was misleading to where you were loading to, and it kinda lead to govt agents loading data into their court documents they really didnt want there... DOH!..
  8. me too, I'd have no home, no wife, no friends, no job... I'd be such a miserable SOB. Some people are blessed to be able to sleep that little, I on the other hand need 10 hours a night, then again Im a lucid dreamer and never have a nightmare, so sleeping is pretty cool and I actually look forward to it each night.
  9. everyone is different. There is no right amount IMHO. Finding what works for you and allows to function healthy is the key. SOOO many people however do not get enough sleep, I find some people actually feel guilty if they sleep too long ( thats crazy).. As a creative person, ( I always have some project going) keeping a notebook by the bed is a must because the subconscious can really come up with great ideas or problem solve a solution for you.
  10. I fully understand that, and they may well be seeing the same thing Im seeing, but it doesnt hurt to leave feedback. I've been in the software game for 20+ years, feedback is a great help because sometimes you get and are so close to a project you can begin to miss the obvious . Sort of like going nose blind.
  11. i agree, The background looks fine and cool to me. The ships and especially the giant asteroids just looked pasted on IMHO. The layering is just too obvious and it really does look like a game being played over top a background ( which of course it is, but the art of the illusion to make this less obvious to the player is not there since there are almost two art styles being used here).. The game elements IMHO need to bleed back and become part of the background a little more and take on more of the style of the background. The background is on point, I just think the foreground and game elements need one or more passes to follow the art direction of the back and to blend better so you have one cohesive and eye pleasing game. I think its doable. 1 other observation. The falling rocks look too big compared to everything else, perhaps shrink them to 75% size and do a quick pass. The ufos and cannons are ok, the rocks just seem a little too big in relation to everything else on screen. again just my 2 cents
  12. i was referring to the d&d electronic board game. I never played ToT but I did play the hell out of Bards tale on our Apple 2c. We had a whole notebook full of graph paper maps.
  13. i remember I owned this but it was a lil wonky and wasnt as cool as we hoped.
  14. I mentioned a couple weeks ago I think Bill Tiller looks to be available and would be a great get for IE
  15. On of my best friends and Business partners was CFO for Commodore. Oh the stories he can tell.
  16. I wonder if these people ever open a restaurant. There would be what? one or two things on the whole menu since according to them in their all knowing power they know whats good, and everything else therefore sucks and only an idiot would order a different meal then offered. Its gots to be tiring being that hateful and judgemental 24/7. oh and thanks Tommy, when I saw your picture of you and your wife hiking to a 6 mile away waterfall, it made me get off my ass and go walk a nearby park which I like to do a 3 to 4 times a week, but lately Ive been finding to many excuses to not do it. But seeing you can walk to a freakin waterfall in the forest, I could surely go walk one of my nice neighborhood parks. so yeah, this forum is now officially good for your health..
  17. to be honest i think this varies a great deal among each title and can be considerably more.
  18. will there be a limit on microcard storage size we can use on the amico since its getting really cheap https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/stick-128gb-of-fast-samsung-memory-into-any-microsd-slo-1844800048
  19. i dont think there is a need for any subforums with regard to this thread, Intellivision has a nice FAQ page on their official site. All main questions are answered there.
  20. do these people give shit to chefs about food they havent eaten yet because they got a bad meal once from some other chef? just curious as to why people waste their precious time in life hating things they never tried, I thought most people grew out of that by the time they were 10 or 11, I guess not. oh well, they are missing out not us, so... whatev
  21. got no time for hate..... this whole hate this, hate that is feeling mighty worn and played out to me. Im hoping that at some point soon maybe being nice is cool again
  22. simple work around, they are "cyborgs" not humans. Same graphic , different name, its all good.
  23. yeah a fun TBS is definitely doable on the Amico. Hell one of my all time favorite TBS games was on the Turbo Graphx. Military Madness. I wonder who has the rights?
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