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  1. You guys are missing the obvious Killer App in the room, while I do think the controller and the family friendliness is huge pluses, I dont think they are in and of themselves the "killer app", the " the killer app" I think is the game prices. 8 to 10 bucks for a complete no DLC game.. you kidding me. Thats HUGE. Thats do I dare say killer?!? I also hold out some hope that one or more of these sports games is so damn fun, people will take notice...
  2. EWJ 1/2, Aladdin, Spot etc were some of the best game EVER made. They were the TOP games in the industry back in the day.
  3. It looked to be semi limited which is a good thing. If you look back at the chat some people were hit with it, it was a you tube thing but again, it was limited thank god, so alls well that ends well
  4. I agree, nothing wrong is letting people know this may not be the game console they may be interested in. This system will not be doing violent adult games, its not doing online games, its not doing open world 3-d games, so for some hard core gamers this isnt a system that is tailored for them, nothing wrong letting people know that.
  5. wow, thanks for the recap. Lots of good stuff. I really personally like that they are moving towards handrawn cartoon art. its timeless and is so great to look at. I mean cupheads was hard as hell, but man you just couldnt get mad at that game and it wont age. I mean with all the tech advances in the last 50 years, with all that tech could you do anything to improve say a Chuck Jones cartoon? nope.. Timeless art which is as good as you are ever going to get and its 50/60 years old. Amico games could become timeless classics.
  6. new tech or products need to get in the hands of the early adopters and they become your default sales team. I suspect it will be the same with the Amico, it will be once people experience it or see it in person that it will click. The goal of course is to get the Wii like widespread appeal and get it to become more of a mainstream product. Wiyth aamico low B/E even if it doesnt catch fire, I think it will still do quite well with the grandparent/original gamer market.
  7. See i dont get this. I actually have a small core sample of high end users of our software and we do round tables with them because THEY ARE exactly the people we are looking for with ideas on how to improve the product. You keep looking for some magical demographic that you may or may not ultimately be a core demographic for you, you miss the actual slam dunk demographic staring you right in the face.
  8. yeah im hoping they do something along these lines with the hot wheel license and not something like just slapping the hotwheel license on an existing product like sideswipers.
  9. I'm pretty sure the lack of shadows may just because they havent done that yet, you cant ignore shadowing as otherwise all art assets float and humans eyes do not like floating.
  10. especially since the article itself gets most things right. I agree, the delay thing shouldnt even be an issue, in normal times, ok sure thats a red flag, but these days we are in arent even close to normal. It seems people do go out of their way not to understand this, I would say Im surprised by this, but lil surprises me anymore, but it still not fair to Tommy and his team who have made it perfectly clear what niche this system fits into.
  11. To me this is the Gold Standard. This is what all amico games should be striving for. This game will not only be a system seller it will be able to standup to any ps5 game because with the right art direction 2d games can now become timeless. Speaking of art direction, Tommy if you are reading this one of your devs should hire Bill Tiller, one of the best of all time and Im pretty sure he is available.
  12. this one is interesting, I want to take a look at it again, with another pass in smoothing out the animation, and adding Shadowing ( this is a must) this game may look a whole lot better with just a few tweaks
  13. Missile command to me looks like they are trying to do too much. Play area is really confined. Cities are too big as are the launchers. There shouldnt be large missiles flying in a rectangle that already has too little area. The whole game is just way way too busy. I am a HUGE missile command fan, one of my favs back in the day. The beauty of the game was the cool expanding explosions set off by your rockets. The missiles coming in were at least somewhat proportional in that you really couldnt see the missile itself. The greatest part of that game was in the presentation and in the almost zen quality of the explosions ( and the neat part if even if your targeting was off, the explosion still might make up for your miss ) Again, this is just my opinion, but I think they are missing what made this game great to begin with.
  14. cnet , im not to crazy about the title and by line.. https://www.cnet.com/news/intellivision-amico-vs-atari-vcs-comparing-two-baffling-retro-consoles/
  15. yeah, 10/10 could be a sort of Amico Holiday with a cool surprise or release or something each year.
  16. thats exactly the issue Im talking about. The dimensions are off so games historically designed to play in a box dont necessarily play well in a rectangle. You need to be creative in resizing the play area.
  17. for me it will come down to the rag doll physics. if they are done right, then they are a blast and can have you laughing all night as you torture the poor guy.
  18. i hope that was the case with most, including any press. Mine was like watching a 1970s kung foo movie, but hell i am a FE customer so I aint going anywhere. oh and while I do like the gloss wood grain in my cars, matte is fine for the unit. A lil more old school look
  19. yeah these games are always nice for a quick game or two. The only issue we face in 2020 is screen dimensions. Back in the day, our screens were more square, we had more height, now our screens are much more flattened rectangles meaning things falling fall from above get on top of you much quicker if the dev dont resize the play area. Im interested to see how they deal with this issue.
  20. yeah that sucks for Tommy and team, totally not their fault. I tried doing a few things to resync, nothing seemed to help unfortunately, I'm hoping im in the minority and most were able to view fine. Its good to know it ok now since hopefully they will have many more thousands watching it later
  21. i'm glad to hear some people didnt experience the lag, thats good to know. Unfortunately a lot of people did and I assure you with my 1 gb a sec connection, the problem isnt on my end. Its likely a youtube issue as many lately have run into issues it seems with video/audio syncs on the uploaded videos
  22. wasnt lag per se, it was the audio sync was off. Look back at the chat , many people were commenting on it, but Im glad to hear it wasnt for everyone.
  23. I have a super fast connection and I had audio lag the entire time. There was never an interruption everything was smooth, but the audio was a good 10 seconds behind the video.
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