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  1. I will try to find some time to do more testing on this.
  2. the pokey with soldered legs makes no sound when powering up and I also tried to get into the test menu and it did nothing and it did just hang at the blue screen.
  3. I have a question about the pokey. Why would that chip with the soldered legs stop basic from loading ? When I have time I will try to compare the signals to a working one and check if any more legs are bad.
  4. Part 3 is live Cleaning & rebuilding the Atari Acid800XL. Extreme restoration X 1000 , but will it work ?
  5. From a guy on ebay, they are listed for use in Acord Electron and BBC Master computers. I had one and saw it was the same type so ordered some more. key switches on ebay
  6. Part 2, cleaning the keyboard is live Cleaning the Crusty, Rusty keyboard from HELL.
  7. You just described part 2 that is going to be public tomorrow.
  8. who is FJC ? or am I being daft... I really enjoy Hand tool rescue channel at the moment, no fuss and the odd joke thrown in. Very relaxing to watch on a sunday morning.
  9. You do see a lot that claim it was found in this dump ect or the obviously fakes ones a lot talk about. I really just wanted to see what it was like inside and will do my best to get it working again, but it was curiosity more than anything else.
  10. Thank you, that means a lot to me. Shame it didn't have the interest to keep up the retro stuff on that channel, but the numbers show they wanted technics and pioneer.
  11. I will see £0 from YT, not sponsored or monetised in any way.
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