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    2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Lynx, Panasonic 3DO, Philips/Magnavox CD-i, NES, Dreamcast(noob), GameCube(noob), PS2, PS3, PC Games, electronic VFD handhelds
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    IDK, I have ~1600 games...
  1. anicetyguy


  2. Nice I got so tired of looking through all of the junk lots for stuff like this...
  4. PMed re: 6 Wisdom Tree Nintendo NES games: Bible Adventures (black cartridge), $10 Bible Buffet, $30 Joshua & The Battle Of Jericho, $10 King Of Kings: The Early Years, $10 Spiritual Warfare, $10 Sunday Funday: The Ride, $50 & Dreamcast CDX Game Enhancer, $15
  5. PMed re: PC Game Mag Lot from 1996-1998 PC Gamer / Computer Gaming World $14
  6. PMed re: Alone In The Dark - $7 D2 - $20 Plasma Sword (sealed) - $15 Resident Evil 2 - $13 Spider-Man - $15
  7. $39.99 BIN + shipping for the lot of 49 games (with Tigervision RIVER PATROL) :!:
  8. My last beater car was $450.00 cash 6 years ago and I still drive it today ...although I do work on it from time to time and I change my own oil... 86 Toyota Corollas RULE! Your price = 18.89 beaters (without shipping) - I think that you are being VERY GREEDY
  9. lol <- is that supposed to be $101.00 ? I am asking you how much for all of the PC games in one shot. You said "Time to sell the collection to save up for a beautiful beater car/insurance in March. I absolutely need to clear some room and send these to good homes."
  10. Hey Joe Man - how much for all of them?
  11. Nice 3rd post anyway, I hope you're right because I have about 50% of what you're selling sitting in my gameroom closet - and they are all pristine/complete as well... I also have a NIB System Shock, Bioforge & Wing Commander Origin Pack - what's that worth? How about NIB Blood & NIB Blood II? I would be interested in the CIB System Shock 2 for about 1/2 your price...
  12. Here's mine, I finally got around to posting the pics: One of my cats checking out the loot (especially the furby ):
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