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  1. FYI, it's now available, but strangely I can't manage to find the initial post on this, did I miss something ?
  2. Yes, you’re correct you insert the chip in the leftmost position and end up with pin 1 of the IC actually being in pin3 of the socket. And yes, 66 is LO while 65 is HI.
  3. If you don’t want to solder an adapter, you can also purchase This not sure 8-bit do adapter + this seagull adapter is really worth it though.
  4. You can actually find the schematics here : Genesis adapter
  5. I have one of these wireless adapters, but it doesn't work directly as Genesis is not pin compatible with Atari. You will need to purchase or build a small adapter to make it work on the Atari. I built the adapter a few months ago, it's pretty straightforward: 2x DB9, a few resistors and 2 transistors. You can find schematics in old posts here on the forum.
  6. Hi, do you have a 1050 diagnostic disk you can run? It could really help spotting where the issue comes from. Also, having a good 1050 to swap chips and drive to isolate is really helpful.
  7. Should be possible with a Kyroflux setup though. But obviously more expensive than buying the disk from B&C.
  8. Would this new Sophia 2 work in a SECAM 800Xl? If yes, would it still be limited to 128 colours or would it become the same as a PAL machine?
  9. I would like to buy 2 for 600xl please.
  10. Ordered the parts for an ESP32 build. Are you still developing for esp8266 or is the esp32 now the main target ?
  11. I got this 8bitdo adapter a few weeks back only to discover it was not compatible with my Atari XL. After searching the forum here I found the design for a genesis to Atari converter and a perfboard, a few resistor and 2 transistors later I had it working perfectly on the Atari. here is the link to the Original post.
  12. Hello Ebiguy, I’m from Paris area and I’ve been quietly watching this forum for a while. If you hear a bout any retro event in France, I’d be glad to join too. cheers.
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