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  1. Thank you for the replies people! I will try star raiders first. One thing with UAV is it kills the RF. I didn’t use/have a connector for the 5 pin until I got the UAV. Since I was soldering to the output port where the composite would be, I worry that’s where I could’ve erred. The RF being disabled I have no 100% working go to. Will take photos. The UAV was socketed on install. Since the mod, as noted I get no red light or drive action. Novice here! Could the metal shield not being used ground the board out? Also, could Hair line scratches on the top side of the board from soldering cause issues? Thanks in advance
  2. Good day all this is my first post and hopefully it’s not redundant. So I Had my faithful 800xl running smooth but was in dire need of decent graphics. This site was a great source of info and I found/ordered the UAV. I did the install. Not too tricky. However, since then I have not been able to get her to boot. Using this gorum i did some testing with differing results. RAM hasn’t changed, tried no bios/bios, cart boot etc... I’ve seen a blue screen, a screen with vertical lines. Sadly though I have yet to hear the warm bleeps of the xl booting/loading floppy. What am i misding?
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