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  1. Updating this thread in case someone with the same problem stumbles into it. As tf_hh stated, this seems to be a common problem with STE boards. Exxoshost's website has a lot of information concerning it. Apparently, the easiest solution is to replace the CPU with one of the MC68HC000EI** series. I purchased one on E-Bay for about 4 euros but since it's shipped from China it will take a while to get here. I'll let you know if it solves the problem.
  2. Thank you tf_hh, that's actually the very last thing I might try before giving up. I looked around a bit and found this: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/DMAfix/index.htm Any other guide you would reccomend?
  3. Quick update on this issue. I got a Gotek and as I suspected, it still doesn't work. The device is set up correctly but when I select the A: drive all it shows is a series of files and folders with gibberish text. This also happened twice with the native and the replacement floppy disk (most often the system just says that the disk is unreadable). At this point it will probably be easier to just get a new working ST (and this time I'll get an STF, the same version I had 25 years ago) and sell this one for spare parts.
  4. Hello everyone, as I previously stated recapping the PSU unfortunately didn't fix the problem. I then got my hands on another STE motherboard (a non-working one, but for other reasons) and used its WD1772 as a replacement but still nothing. I am 100% sure it's not the floppy drive as I also used a compatible brand new one with still boxed disks and the problem is still there. Now, as some of you suggested, I'm thinking about getting a Gotek. I guess it won't be wasted money as sooner or later I want to get a working Atari ST and I'll need a Gotek anyway. Do you think it might solve the problem? Should I try replacing anything else first? Don't want to spend a lot of money on this motherboard otherwise I might as well get a 100% working STF off Ebay for roughly 150 euros. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  5. Small update on this topic. I followed exxos' guide on recapping the PSU and I even got the PSU checked by a professional afterwards but the problem is still there: the floppy drive led lights up, it tries to read the disks and after a while it returns a general error message. This happens both with the original drive and a replacement one I got off Ebay. Any suggestion on what to try next? Could it be the motherboard caps or maybe floppy control chips? Thank you!
  6. Hello and thank you for the answer! Sadly the system doesn't auto-boot either as I already tried it with different disks. I forgot to mention that I also tried to format several brand new disks just out of their orignal boxes but they all show as unreadable. Your question about the PSU made me think as I got the computer on E-Bay and I couldn't know if anyone had tampered with it. I opened the case and I discovered that there are several modifications on the PCB. I attached the pictures to the post. Do you think this could be the reason?
  7. Hello everyone, I have a strange problem with an Atari 1040 ST's floppy drive. When I insert a floppy in the drive, it tries to read the contents of the disk as the drive light turns on and I can hear the typical floppy drive ‘noises’ but every disk appears as unreadable (sometimes the files appear with gibberish names and are unreadable). I tried with many different disks, even some original ones that I’m 100% sure are not faulty but still nothing. I thought it was a floppy drive problem so I replaced it with a new one but I get exactly the same behavior. I opened the case and the ribbon cable looks fine. Does anyone know where the problem could be? Thank you!
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