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  1. Yuck! What a mess, My 800xl had a roach clip someone lost years ago! The inside of on the case was full of stenchy pot smelly dust and crap.
  2. Actually - never mind. My Qt Project had some issues (not in the Philsan realese above).
  3. Yup. It seems to work great when running on MS Windows but not so good on Linux. Maybe how I complied it Maybe because I am running it within QT creator. Need to look at this a more Thanks!
  4. No Problem, Question - Do you use that menu option. It seems to be looking for an 8 bit binary in a folder called :/binaries/atari/autoboot/ That folder does not seem to be in any release I have seen. It works when I create this folder and place two 8-bit autoboot.bin programs in it. It just does not seem to be documented anyplace. Does anyone actually use this option?
  5. Here you are. New 64bit windows binary based on our fork. RespeQt-Philsan-r5-Develop-WIN64.zip See you at https://13leader.net
  6. I have always used a composite monitor (rca) for my 800 XL. You can't use s-video (xrbrev is correct about it not supporting it). You can make a cable or purchase one for about $20 (ish) on ebay: https://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_odkw=atari+composite+cable&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=atari+XL+composite+cable&_sacat=0 or best sell them for $17.95 us: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/Atari CV E2 cable.htm You can also get a composite to HDMI up upscaler on Amazon. Good composite monitors are getting harder to find. And I would agree. The main board looks like it's not seated right.
  7. This is the null modem I did. I can say it works very well with the 850 and RS232 to USB cable I also use the Pi to do the same RS-232 connection to my 1040 STe. Same idea as above just with another RS-232 to USB cable - less the 850 and null modem. I run two instances of that modem emulation software above - 1 for each cable/computer. Of course I have a 3rd USB on the Pi for my SIO2PC cable for RespeQt.
  8. Very cool. How do you make the device telnet to a BBS? I have never used (or actually seen) a Lantronix MSS100.
  9. It actually does. 8-bit screen prints below. You can check it out in the thread here: or see it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/respeqt/ and here https://13leader.net And of course ebiguy's fork https://github.com/ebiguy/RespeQt You would have to build it from source on the Pi but that's not too bad.
  10. Just interest in what people use to set-up and/or connect 8-bit Atari computers to the internet. For BBSing, telnet - that kinda thing. This is my set-up My 130 XE --> 850 interface (thanks ebay!) --> a home brew null modem (to get the pins to std RS-232) --> RS-232 to usb cable (thanks Amazon!) --> Raspberry Pi 3b (thanks again Amazon) --> the internet --> BBS's The Details 1- Parts can all be purchased on Amazon for under $100.00. Parts Lists: - 2 x DB9 connector to create a null modem. 1 Make and 1 Femaie - USB 2.0 to RS232 Male DB9 Serial Converter Cable with PL2303 Chipset - Raspberry Pi 3 3b 4, etc.. 2- Build a null modem. The wiring/pins layout can be found here. The 850 pins are not really std RS-232 but the link below will help build a number of null modem types. http://atari.fox-1.nl/atari-400-800-xl-xe/400-800-xl-xe-tools/null-modem-cable-wiring/ 3- Raspberry Pi software I use to emulate a modem can be found here. The readme.md has good installation instructions, It supports telnet, ssh, xmodem and ymodem protocols https://github.com/pjones1063/Atari-usbModem 4- To connect to a bbs --> atd hostname port other commands the software supports: ? --> help atz --> Clear & Display Menu atd (hostname) (port) --> TCP connect to host bbs (hostname) (port) --> TCP connect to host cls --> Clear & Display Menu lsi --> list inbound folder lso --> list outbound folder ssh ([email protected]) --> ssh to host ysend --> YMODEM batch dowload yrecv --> YMODEM batch upload xsend (filename) --> XMODEM dowload xrecv (filename) --> XMODEM upload timer --> set on/off inactive timer I also use the Pi to run RespeQt. I just rdp into the Pi and select whatever .atr image I want to run!
  11. Qt will resize the icon when it's added to the menu qAction and qMenu objects. That said, I think 64x64 ro 32x32 would be fine. The icon can be any jpeg image
  12. That would be a simple one! Alot less then rewriting the SioWorker backend. Just update the icon in QT Designer. I am sure ebiguy can or myself - if we can get another icon.
  13. So looking at this in more detail and the whole concurrent I/O thing done by the 850 would be a little nasty. The sioworker and serialportbackend classes will need some big changes to support it. Seems like this has been discussed before in other threads here and abandoned when folks came to the same realization. Also the sio control line is not used when handshaking is set to "none". This would need to be completely removed in RespeQt. This would explain why APE does not support any type software handshaking at all. At least last time I checked I think a better option for people is to buy an 850 interface on ebay and build/buy a null-modem and rs-232-to-usb cable on Amazon. Then use some type of serial to tcp bridge like the following: https://github.com/pjones1063/Atari-usbModem I have also done the same with socat on linux before I developed that usb java thing above. I did this some years ago and can tell you that RespeQt and AspeQt work perfect with my 850 (and my 1050 drive as well). The 850 does have some strange pin-outs on the rs-232 side but instructions to build a null modem can be found with a google search: http://atari.fox-1.nl/atari-400-800-xl-xe/400-800-xl-xe-tools/null-modem-cable-wiring/ I think I may have even posted in pin-outs on our BBS at some-point. See ya!
  14. I have built a few variations of SIO2PC cables using the following: With no handshaking - RespeQt handshake set to "None" https://www.amazon.com/ADAFRUIT-Industries-954-Serial-Raspberry/dp/B00DJUHGHI/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2 With CTS handshaking - RespeQt handshake set to "CTS" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TXVRQ7V/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0 I am also not 100% sold on the idea of simulating an open collector with a diode on the TXD line. This maybe an issue with the SDrive-MAX hardware but I know RespeQt well and it can say I have never had that issue unless I have an actual SIO device collision. You see that with real hardware anyway. Anyway - just an opinion - not to trigger anyone. A little more info. https://github.com/pjones1063/RespeQt/blob/master/usb2pc_build_instructions.pdf
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