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  1. One of the users on our BBS created a very good how-to. A good read if you own a RasPi (or are thinking of getting one) https://13leader.net/AspeQT2RasPI.pdf
  2. Sorry if I triggered some folks but I have worked as C++ and Java programmer over 30 years. The code review I had done shows lots of dead code, unused classes, QT objects that are connected to nothing. That's just how it goes with too many cooks in the kitchen. And why I switch back to Aspeqt. Anyway it was clearing forked at some point for RespeQT.
  3. Based on all the code I have seen and the many forks floating around the internet - RespeQT is a fork of AspeQT. The core code is almost identical! These days it seem like RespeQT has kinda gone the way the Apache Web Server did server 15 or so years ago. Too many contributors creating an unstable app with incomplete functionality I have gone back to AspeQT just for that reason.
  4. Lots of activity on the Respeqt development. Good to see. I also see my thread on my 64 bit release was deleted and my build merged into this new git.? Not sure what's going on with that. Interesting.
  5. Great Thanks! I will pull it into my git today!
  6. Cool idea. Should be easy to create another $boot folder that loads the menu. Then have some action or event load the folder on slot one. @ebiguy just added a 'fav atr' option that will load a pre-selected disk image to slot 1. Maybe it works with a folder as well? I am sure he could make it work like that. He's a smartie! The other option would be just to have it do the 'Boot Atari Exe" option / thing and not use a folder at all (same idea really). Maybe that 'fav atr' option could work with an xex as well?
  7. Attached is an xex you can load from any Atari dos or do the Boot Atari Xex thing from RespeQt. menu.xex
  8. Not really. Just want to keep my local git in sync. I do have a little one-liner fix to push but no biggie. Will keep you posted.
  9. Very cool! Is the source on the development branch? I will like to merge it with my repro.
  10. For $79 usd + shipping Best-Electronics will send you a new 130xe mother board /w an RF shield. Installation is simple and no soldering. A busted SIO port could be a number of things. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/130xe.htm#130XE
  11. Right. That make sense. Will give that a try! Thanks for the tip!
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