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  1. That's a good podcast. I liked the one where they spoke with the programmer of Shark! Shark! And the one where they talked about Truckin' And there was one I listened to semi-recently where they talked to the Marketing Directory for Mattel Electronics in the waning days of the pre-1983 crash. That was interesting as this guy had a lot to say about the ECS.
  2. Whoa, what's Space Gunner? Never heard of this one...
  3. Well we're cheating these pollinators from fulfilling their purpose!😝
  4. What a terrible name for this game, too. There's nothing about the title to hint at the semi decent game contained therein. Alien Arithmetic Math Blaster Number Quest I'm just spit-balling here
  5. Alright I'ma see if I can get back there tonight. Thanks for the walkthrough! Wish me luck...
  6. Originally that wandering spider was supposed to be able to drop little webs around the map, which would have been cool, imo.
  7. I'm going to keep playing until I see all the screens. That second air balloon stage is still the death of me. So when I get to the next screen I only have like 2 lives left. How do you get past the baboon thing at the top?
  8. Now it's the second air balloon stage giving me fits
  9. Holy crap things get weird on screen 4. I think a baboon is involved! Try to get there, Wolfy. And play with an Intellivoice. It's delightfully disturbing.
  10. Farthest I got was the screen after the pirate ship with the cannon in the middle!
  11. I think it's just a timing thing. You have to trigger the cannon, back off, then run
  12. Can't get passed the pirate ship... That cannon blasts me every time. Second screen. Any tips?
  13. This is exactly how I was introduced to Intellivision. Not this game, but by my uncle showing me.
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