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  1. Take a look at that manual for the keyboard component... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-4-games-plus-5-manuals-and-some-bundle-/164723041517?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  2. What's weird is I generally don't look at my Intellivision games and think - huh, these colors are lacking. However, sometimes I'll be playing a game like Safecracker (the titular safe-cracking segment) and wonder what the devs were tripping on when they selected those colors.
  3. I can't justify the paper at the moment. I don't even have the printer yet.
  4. That is so rad! Once I get mine all setup, I'm actually going to try to use it for practical applications. I'm hoping File Form or Fin Form are at least minimally useful.
  5. Yeah either edit that sprawl down or plan to capture a much smaller moment in time.
  6. Nice. I need at least one official cassette release for my new Aquarius. But I'm not in a huge hurry, so hopefully I can find something a bit less expensive.
  7. I can't buy anymore nice things right now. Let's just say I got a little carried away this month. However, it's great to know this seller is legit AND that he's within a 20-minute drive of me. Wonder if he's got a physical store...
  8. Overlays are my most wanted item for this game. But, I'm also looking for the instruction manual and the supplemental map that was included. I already have a cartridge and a box. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Sometimes I'll look at the rando lots of INTV games in the hopes there's a gem tucked away amidst the Donkey Kongs and MLBs.
  10. I saw that this morning. Seems like another person who may not be "aware" of the relative significance of several of those titles. Seems like an odd grouping. I mean, if I was selling a few carts like Jetsons and others, I'd probably list them separately.
  11. I was going to participate in this last year... doing some live streams of various Intellivision games and whatnot. This year I could add my new Aquarius to the mix in case anyone is interested in seeing how it all works. (I still don't know myself, ha!) I wonder if it would be of interest to have a feed for CPU vs CPU Intellivision matchups? Motocross. World Champ Baseball. Mindstrike. Others?
  12. Funny, I was randomly extolling the virtues of the old Trintitron sets yesterday before you posted this. I was talking to some friends about how back in the day I had no problem shelling out $$$ for the Sony TVs, but now today, I have a hard time justifying the expense when you can get really good (and really BIG) tvs from the likes of THL, Hisense, Vizio, and some others.
  13. Yeah and don't worry if you aren't particularly good at the games. I'm not, but I still enjoy playing them, sharing my best score, and chatting with others about the gameplay... Things we like, gripes, tips, etc
  14. I like the point about the analog output. It's why I've never had much interest in the A/V mods. I like to think some designers considered how the game would look on an average consumer's display. With a proper cable and preferably a tube TV, an Intellivision program can look great.
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