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  1. Seemingly mundane topic, but it could be some fun if done imaginatively.
  2. There's a seller in Panama right now who just posted some heavy hitters on ebay. Learning fun 1 & 2 Among several others...
  3. As someone who works in content marketing professionally, I have to tell you that I like your audience segments/personas.
  4. What if there was a way to do a "playcable-esque" model. As long as you pay your dues, you can download and play all the ROMS. As soon as you decide to stop paying, your access goes away. Maybe there could be different tiers of access. Like all the streaming services have.
  5. I wonder if there is a better place for this thread? Mods, help?
  6. I was one of the lucky ones to grab a copy last night! Looking forward to its arrival.
  7. Yeah number four was just a "what if..." Idea. BUT, it does remind me of games like Space Battle and Space Spartans where you essentially have two screens of different gameplay mechanics. Sub Hunt is another good example. It switches from a 2D playing field to a simulated first person playing field i which the player can actually navigate in 3D
  8. Here's how I'd do the controls: 1. Disc - push and hold downward direction until desired power as indicated visually on screen. 2. Disc - immediately upon desired power, push an upward direction in the desired trajectory of the ball. 3. Disc - Arc your shot in accordance with multiple on-screen gates for successive score multipliers. 4. Disc - use disc to solve a "boss" gate. After whacking the ball with the mallet, Gameplay perspective changes to a close 3rd person view off the ball. Now disc is used to guide the ball through increasingly fantastical obstacles; similar to Sega's Super Monkey Ball. Thoughts, @carlsson ?
  9. Son of a... Did I miss the LTO Flash carts again?! 😔
  10. Does anyone know how to use this program? I'm familiar with the basics, but I have no idea how to make the thing I want to make. It's a relatively simple logo, a rectangle with some letters inside...
  11. Has anyone played through the Intellivision library (post-intellivoice-release) to ascertain whether or not there's any voice "code" present in the non-voice-designated ROMs?
  12. Am I understanding correctly that none of these games have shipped - even for those who pre-ordered? That's what it sounds like, and that's fine. Just wanted to make sure I was on the same page as everyone else!
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