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  1. I would like an excuse to really give Vectron a try. The presentation of it is slick as hell, and the main thing that I hate is how reliant the gameplay is on the damn side buttons. But still, I'd give it a go. 🙂
  2. Just got my copy yesterday. Tried it out with my son briefly. The graphics and sound are impressive in this!
  3. It is odd though. And not just this game. Other games we've played have a similar Cliff. Once you fall off it, it's a fast trip to the ground.
  4. Yeah. I think it's because you get knocked back down to the lower level of the floor, which is complete chaos with all of the bumpers above you!
  5. I love this instruction manual. The color scheme TOTALLY predates the ubiquitous, 90s-era "Jazz" cup. Look at the color of the headings and subheads and bullet points.
  6. I've only done this twice since I got the game in the mail last Thursday, but both times, I was surprised at the brutality of the developers forcing us to watch our player character plummet to his death for what seems like an eternity. All that hard work, gone.
  7. I'm having second thoughts about my appraisal of this game. It's one of the few games of this time that has an objective other than SCORE ALL THE POINTS AND PLAY FOREVER. There are two outcomes. You're either going to save the Earth or not save the Earth. If you don't save the Earth, you get 0 points. If you do save it, however, you get whatever points you've managed to hang onto along the way. That elevates the experience from a zero sum, binary outcome (did you win or lose) to a more nuanced conclusion. It's not just did you win. It's how WELL did you win. All the criticisms lobbied in this thread are fair and agreeable. But, in a game that's only going to last, at most, 5 minutes... how much depth does it need? What I think it needs, more than anything, is some better world-building in the instruction manual. Why is this ship so weak? Why is there no way to repair damage? Desperation. That is why. This is a last-ditch hail Mary pass from a mortally wounded force. Don't like that your ship can't fly or shoot anymore? It doesn't matter, it will all be over soon. Better luck next time.
  8. Ok, yeah, i think it's weird too. And like I said, i didn't miss a single target on my disc run that i submitted, but my score is just meh (comparatively speaking). But, I also fail to shoot down MOST attacking ships. In both game variations.
  9. Yeah, or in other words, the spot on the overlay that has the five stars, right? The game where you can't miss a single target or it's game over? Is that the one? EDIT: If so, I like that version because the way I play the disc game is that I rage-reset if I miss a single target, even though that's not a requisite to "finish" the game. I just find it incredible dissatisfying to miss a target.
  10. Thanks man! I played those games back to back, but that was after many rage-resets on the disc game. I almost went back and tried another round of disc after comparing bonus scores in this thread...
  11. Ahhh, thank you friend. I see that this was discussed early on, but your summary helped. By the way... When you fall off the side of a tall building, it's actually a really impressive graphical effect to watch the game scroll through all the lower levels.
  12. Am I not scoring myself correctly? I seem to get a high score relative to my building count/height...
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