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  1. So how many single sprites can be stacked? How many total colors are possible if that was the only thing a programmer cared about
  2. I did too, which means my name will not be in the credits. However, I did manage to purchase a copy of the boxed version back in February i think. Fwiw
  3. Is it Possible to edit a line for a typo in extended BASIC? Getting there, but forgot a colon in line 175
  4. I know what I’m doing when the kids go to bed! Thanks carlsson
  5. Yep that was me. I’m not convinced that I’m loading the program on the cassette correctly. So I’m going to try again following your directions. The literature these things come with isn’t the easiest to understand for me.
  6. Thank you again, carlsson, in 6th or 7th grade, I remember bringing these magazines to an intro programming class and using up an entire “free” period where we could work on whatever programs we wanted to try and get one of these to work. Never had success. And this was in a computer lab of Apple IIs in the early 90s. i just don’t think I’m ready for that kind of disappointment, even 28 years later 😂
  7. But, bottom line, if I type this as-is, it’s not going to work without modifications? Thank you again, I’m new at this
  8. That thought crossed my mind… like what IF, after all these years, it somehow still worked?
  9. Well, it’s always been my understanding that the Aquarius can’t do programmable graphics. Is that what this command is for?
  10. Sounds like it’s worth a try? Or would you say no? I’m just looking for practice, but would like to have a shot at something that does something. Thank you for your input so far
  11. It’s a BASIC game for IBM PCs and Apple II. The description makes it seem like there’s some primitive graphics going on, and I think that might be the barrier for Aquarius. Can anyone look at the code and see if there’s something in there to prohibit this program from working?
  12. Here's something I've wanted for a while. Later today I think I will be able to try it out!
  13. Honestly, I'm having fun getting into the Homebrew ROMs. $10 is am accessible price point, and these games look, play, and sound like the games I already enjoy on Intellivision. What we need is some kinda way to download new roms direct from a centralized store front. Maybe via a an LTO Flash Cart with a Ethernet input?
  14. I prefer to set my aspect ratio to 4:3 or direct.
  15. Recently acquired the Aquarius modem. Can someone point me in the right direction for setting it up?
  16. Hello friends. I've recently acquired the Mattel Aquarius modem, complete with the cassette tape holding the program data and all of the instructions/documentation. Assuming I have all of the necessary hardware components, can someone point me in the right direction for a how-two or a tutorial? If such a thing exists, of course. Thanks!
  17. That's a good podcast. I liked the one where they spoke with the programmer of Shark! Shark! And the one where they talked about Truckin' And there was one I listened to semi-recently where they talked to the Marketing Directory for Mattel Electronics in the waning days of the pre-1983 crash. That was interesting as this guy had a lot to say about the ECS.
  18. Whoa, what's Space Gunner? Never heard of this one...
  19. Well we're cheating these pollinators from fulfilling their purpose!😝
  20. What a terrible name for this game, too. There's nothing about the title to hint at the semi decent game contained therein. Alien Arithmetic Math Blaster Number Quest I'm just spit-balling here
  21. Alright I'ma see if I can get back there tonight. Thanks for the walkthrough! Wish me luck...
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