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  1. Speaking of which, [url=https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/profile/amzn1.account.AHISQUH5BKSHPV7JZCNON53WOUMA/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_gw_btm?ie=UTF8]the Amazon reviews from 'Retro Girl'[/url]... ...which as you mention, feature overwhelmingly positive reviews for those books, only have the 'Verified Purchase' for things that aren't those books, like Cards Against Humanity, some salsa from Tenerife, etc. It's the very thing the Luton Liar has condemned you for... Still, if Amazon needs one thing, it's a line by all the Luton Liar's books, that states People who enjoyed this book also liked the work of these people:
  2. The 'nudge nudge wink wink' inferring that those with more than one Twitter account are up to some sock-puppetting tricks is quite a nice theory. I wonder who else that theory could extend to?
  3. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome within 3 months of visiting my first AND ONLY consultant on the NHS. "Autism" and "Asperger's" are definitely NOT interchangeable terms. Asperger's is a part of autism, but it is not autism as a whole. The same way the terms "fruit" and "banana" can't be considered pure synonyms. Congratulations on the supersleuthing on discovering that I run an account called Reheated Pixels. I have absolutely no idea how I got caught out there... Not sure how I could be 'West Midlands Comedy' though. I'm from the east midlands. That account hasn't tweeted since 2011 and has never touched on anything to do with retrogaming. My first gig in any of the west midlands counties was in 2015. "Unless they have somehow put a root kit on your computer, which you would probably know about if you have virus software installed, there is no way they could trace your I.P. address through Twitter, YouTube or Facebook." - Alex Delany of the - apparently - 'highly respected I.T. experts' Optima Computer Consultants Ltd. ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS. Totally humongous claptrap. It's quite easy to set an IP trap through social media platforms and forums. It can be done through Twitter and Facebook, very much so. Those two are probably the most common platforms for it! And I love the laughable claim that "virus software" can definitely spot root kits. Oh, I wish! The absolute worst is page 8, which is simply vile misogynist abuse aimed at a vulnerable woman. Really nasty personal abuse. It's truly disgusting. And the rest of it, is a load of nit-picking that doesn't really go anywhere (the 'rebuke' against Mr Biffo is laughable). I wouldn't even call it semantics, because even arguments based on that, are at least rooted in some truth. It's just 15 pages of pompous denials. Just about every page can be read as "Well you said I did that thing but I can say for sure that I did not do that thing so you are a liar and that is the end of that and I think I won that one thank you very much I am proven right, just goes to show that you should be ashamed of yourself".
  4. Contacting people's workplaces is a bit of a rum do. It's very high stakes gambling, the complaint have to be 100% watertight against its target (ie. directly related to their work, not baseless accusations). Saw it happen a while ago with a vicious ex-husband who filed in a complaint against a colleague. In this GDPR age, well, she obtained the phone call recording from HR (they HAVE to supply it on request) and used it to not just get a caution issued by the police, it was the sole basis to successfully file a restraining order. If Mr Kizza thinks it's a way of getting round the Malicious Communications Act 1988, (as one of my aforementioned trolls did some time ago) he'd be very much mistaken, as it covers communication about you, sent to your workplace - specifically section 1 (1): "...cause distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person to whom he intends that it or its contents or nature should be communicated". Also, in the UK, employers of all sizes have to adhere to the HSE's Duty Of Care principles, which covers harassment, either internal or external.
  5. Since mentioning the Patreon account of a certain Luton-based retrogamer on this thread using the intellectual property (back issue archive of Sinclair User) of Bauer Media, a certain post on that Patreon account is now deleted. Today on Twitter, I noticed that trolling Twitter account @ZXPoppySinclair had become active again, making a new post. An account which is primarily targeted at a certain prolific female retrogaming YouTuber with well-known MH issues. I tweeted that it was a very stupid move for this trolling account to become active, what with the very intense scrutiny of You Know Who, who I would say is definitely behind it. It is now no longer active again. It had been using the user label 'ZXFlouexetine'. Flouextine is a strong anti-depressant, used to treat major depressive disorder. Anyway, here's yesterday's public statement from Octav1us's FB page, which has an interesting line about anti-depressants. It is an exercise for the reader to work out what has been going on, I won't patronise you. Somewhere in the south of Bedfordshire, you can hear a sphincter becoming very very tight indeed.
  6. That can backfire very very heavily. Especially if you claim to be a social media co-ordinator for a major household brand. Oh, the hubris of those who thought they were untouchable...
  7. Do bear in mind, that police officers HATE being drawn into social media spats. Over the past few years as social media has become so prolific in everyday life, police are called out regularly over petty arguments on Facebook. When they get a report that there's something kicking off on social media or forums, they take a dim view of it. (I had someone off the comedy circuit report me to the police because I expressed my sincere view on Twitter, that psychics are frauds, the police were not interested in the complaint.) Now, I know this is NOT a petty argument. Business relationships have been severely damaged (and are only just repairing) because of Kieren Hawken. At least two female gamers with social anxiety issues have been viciously targeted, too. What I'm trying to say is, if the police do contact anyone off this forum - and I know this is going to sound patronising but I speak from experience - just get straight to the point about Kieren's breaking of the law. Honestly, there's no need to bring in his factual inaccuracies on Atari hardware or the (admittedly hilarious) 'Steve Davis Snooker 128K' boasts. And to instigate copyright action would be a civil dispute, not for the officers on the beat, although it is still legitimate to bring in any evidence of Kieren ripping you off. Whatever you've got on Kieren, make it concise, keep it as factual as possible, don't go heavily into 'story mode'. Remember, the police will take action if you can demonstrate him causing anxiety and/or distress. Start with the worst of his attacks. Keep in mind that he will portray you lot as the big nasty bullies, the ones who have driven him to despair. You've got a limited amount of time to demonstrate to a complete stranger, who has no skin in the game on Atari (let alone retrogaming), that Kieren Hawken is an abusive liar. You can cite the troll accounts, he will of course deny being behind them. Once there's a big enough picture built of his motivation, his dishonesty and his trolling, there's a case for the troll accounts to be investigated. If you're not acquainted with the Malicious Communications Act 1988, get reading it. If it's true, tell the police you've been targeted by his troll accounts and it caused major concern to you. If enough people cite those troll accounts (especially the one that brought up the specific anti-depressant medication one gamer previously confided to Kieren that she took), there will be justification for every computing device in his household to be forensically examined. Thankfully, the police do take into account the overall perception of a person within their online community. This week has seen Kieren Hawken absolutely condemned from many different corners of retrogaming, from people who don't always see eye to eye. This forum thread has been a major catalyst (although, it was a bit waffly in the first few pages); George Cropper's Wotsit video was where the dam burst, and the absolute pinnacle in my eyes, is Chris Wilkins's Facebook post with 300+ comments that utterly annihilate the self-proclaimed Laird (a lot of eye-witness accounts of him being abusive at events). More credibility comes from Mr Biffo's Digitiser article on how he was duped by Kieren, and the recent Facebook post from Octav1us that outlines specific abuse from Kieren aimed at her. My life was turned almost upside-down two years ago when a real-life acquaintance - formerly a friend - on the comedy circuit heavily turned on me, all because I could not guarantee her a performance spot at one of my comedy nights. She went full-on troll mode against me, claiming I was trying to censor her, trying to lose her work, stalking her, etc, etc. All bollocks. And my inbox filled up with anecdotes from other comedians on how this woman had caused massive drama for other people, including the abuse of promoters, comedians and even audience members in the past. She was certainly not - how do I say this kindly? - thinking straight. A trawl through her past social media brought up specific posts where she literally wanted a physical fight against a female reviewer who gave her a bad write-up; vandalism of comedy night posters; lots of other threats to comedians. I screengrabbed it all, but never brought it to police attention, because she was clearly not mentally well and I genuinely had sympathy for her MH battles (still do). She was the one who went to the police against me, but it all backfired for her when the police saw my 41-page dossier of screengrabs, getting her a severe reprimand. It's not an episode I want to relive, but I learnt a lot from how the police view social media 'battles' from that incident and how to deal with someone in a scene dragging your name through the mud, in defiance of reality. Anyway, enough waffle from me. Here's hoping the healing goes as smoothly as possible.
  8. Kieren, this is an open letter to you, about the very deep and real trouble you are going to have with the police and legal authorities. A couple of years ago on Facebook, I saw that a comedian had spent the previous evening writing sick and racist jokes. He'd been mocking Muslims, he even took the mick out of the Hillsborough dead and even the people killed in the Manchester Arena terrorist bombing. A huge amount of comments from others on the circuit were, obviously, very condemning of him. Personal friends of mine from the circuit, warning him to stop this tirade of abuse. Some cancelling their gigs with him. I took screenshots of this bizarre outpouring of hate, and put it on my blog, just in case the vile 'comedian' turned his post private or deleted it. It'd serve as a warning to anyone who thought of booking him. None of the screenshots were faked, I just wrote a small paragraph naming him and warning readers that the content will of course be offensive. Last year, that 'comedian' contacted me with a legal threat, telling me to take down the screenshots. He was in the middle of studying for a law degree, so he could become a lawyer (this bit is actually true, as strange as it sounds, I've had friends confirm this, to my amazement). He said he'd use his legal prowess to sue me for having made such screenshots, as I was damaging his career. I didn't respond to him. I actually relished the idea of him trying to find anyone to take such a case on. After all, any sane person, could see that the only person who damaged his career, was himself. He wrote that disgusting content, I was merely quoting it. To this day, I have never heard anything back and the blog still exists online. His threat can be summarised as 'don't show everyone what an awful person I am'. And this is what you're trying to do with this forum, isn't it? Did you really report this thread to your local police force? I know narcissism is your defining streak, and your arrogance and vanity is off the scale, but are you seriously bringing YOUR ABUSE to the ATTENTION OF YOUR LOCAL POLICE? And your sole argument is that you're being criticised here? Do you actually think they're gonna side with you? To bring up a more famous case, let's go back to 1997. In the Bristol branch of PC World, like any other day, a technician is given a customer's PC to repair. Realising who the customer was - a musician who was a bit of a joke of a celebrity but had genuine fame in the 1970s - the technician did something that he was not authorised to do. He broke PC World's own rules, to have a look at the guy's personal files. Did this technician commit a crime? It could be argued he did, but that's just nothing compared to what he found on the hard drive, and those with knowledge of this case already know who I am referring to. No, for the record, I am NOT comparing your misdeeds to that of an actual nonce. However, you have broken the law several times and it's detailed in this thread. The England and Wales law I'd say you have broken the most, is the Malicious Communications Act 1988 - specifically section 1 (1)a and b. Then there are the copyright issues. Now, yes, it was at least mitigating to have closed down your Laird's Lair YouTube account, your Laird's Lair FB page and your @RetroLaird Twitter account. However, right now, your Patreon page is still live and it's actively selling intellectual property you don't own, for your personal profit. One such posting has you pay-gating a mass of content belonging to a major magazine/radio giant, Bauer Media. I have warned you about this in the past, you blocked me. I know why you're going to fail because I've had it in the past from a forum troll. About ten years ago, for the first time in my life, I had police on my doorstep, telling me that I've been abusive online to an autistic man via a forum I ran. The extent of this guy's complaint was that he was being ridiculed on my forum by users - which was true. I was still picking my jaw off the floor because I was astonished he would get the police involved. But there was something odd about him. He had turned up to a real life 'meet forum members' meeting a few months earlier and acted rather strangely, shouting at the top of the voice on subjects we agreed on, as if we were disagreeing with him. We eventually blocked him, he was a massive nuisance on the forum. I later found out he had some learning difficulties and was also very far on the autism spectrum. I can kind of empathise as I'm also autistic. However, whatever condition he had, did not negate the fact that he had spent a week after his blocking, registering multiple accounts to write that "PETER IS A NAZI"; "PETER IS A CHILD MOLESTER" and other slurs. He also mocked up images of him shooting guns at photos of forum members. The abuse was relentless, but thankfully, being a web developer at the time, I rewrote the forum software to notify me of his specific IP address and that was pretty effective at keeping him quiet. I was still astonished that such a guy would get the police involved and here they were in my house. Still, it gave me my chance to show them what he'd been up to. To say they were surprised was an understatement. Were it not for his severe neurological condition, he would have been charged and facing court. As it was, he had to give an undertaking to never visit my sites and never contact me again. I learnt a lot about how the police deal with online abuse that day. I've learnt quite a bit more from a friend who has worked with a charity that tracks down online abusers. Shall I give an outline of how - if that screenshot of your complaint really is true - your police complaints are going to go down? It's already been said that your forum rules are not equivalent to the laws of England and Wales, nor do they override them. Yes, people are taking screenshots of your abusive language, and you could try your hardest to say it's some kind of GDPR or privacy violation, but here's how this goes... The police officers you speak to, they won't care for the nuances of this particular fandom. Chances are, they're pretty young and their concept of retrogaming is playing a four-years-out-of-date copy of FIFA. They may be vaguely aware of Sonic and Mario. Ultimately, they're not here for a discussion on retrogaming itself, their job is to see if crimes have been committed. They have to see both sides of the story. And I really really am playing Devil's Advocate for you here, Kieren. I can't imagine myself in your situation, because, although I'm no angel, I've never been that stupid or egotistical enough to find myself in a situation like yours. A situation where Chris Wilkins, Craig Turner and others are openly discussing the possibility of suing you. Your representation to the police is that we're all a nasty bunch of bullies, intent on ruining your career, making you jobless. If it hasn't happened already, you'll be asked to make a statement on that. And for the identities of people who you believe to be committing these crimes against you. That's all the police care about - WHO HAS COMMITTED A CRIME HERE? Not the 'he said/she said' war of words. If/when the police talk to these people, they put their side of the story to you. And we both know that's going to include a lot of screenshots of your abuse. And despite your protestations, that is still admissible in their statements. To moan about people taking screenshots of your abuse, is like a car thief trying to claim copyright of his face when the car owner sends the dashcam footage to the police. YOU. ARE. SCREWED. And here's what you may probably do. "I didn't do that, that's someone else" is what I think you may say. That you're not @Arsebiscuits10, @dave_jatt, @GrandadSpectrum, etc on Twitter. And to be fair, I don't think ALL of those suspiciously pro-Paul-Andrews are you. I think a LOT of them are you, but I do think some of the others are probably someone else in your hometown. But by this point, the game is up already. The police will challenge you, on if you'd like to go further with your complaint, or abandon it all together. Choose the latter and it's clear to them you're a lying fantasist. And that's actually the least worst option at this point. Choose to go further, and I am 99% certain you will be interviewed under threat of caution. The interview will be recorded. You will be asked if you are the author of the abuse coming from various anonymous accounts. Stuff like this sent to Octavius last year, for example... And yeah, you've probably lined up excuses. The old 'I was hacked' line has been tried by Ian Botham and Rebekah Vardy, but it's never convinced anyone. You could still pretend it's just anonymous outsiders, nothing to do with you, you don't know who you are. As you'll be on the record, you'll be warned that the police will quickly obtain powers to forensically investigate every computing device in your house. That's everything, seized, digitally copied to a police-owned device. Good luck explaining to the rest of your family what's going on there. This happens if ANY of the counter-complaints suggest you are behind the abuse. There's a LOT linking those very pro-Paul-Andrews messages to yourself and remember it's 'reasonable suspicion' from the police. Even if nothing is found on your computers, tablets, smartphones, your ISP(s) can still be brought into this. And this goes beyond digital. Having read Octavius's statement yesterday, with details of how you spread malicious gossip which resulted in lost professional work for people, you're already way deep in the brown stuff. Am I still playing Devil's Advocate? I really don't want to, but if, and a really really really HUGE IF, in that mad parallel universe where I'm just as much of a narcissistic bullying digital jackdaw like you, right now I would be legally changing my name by deed poll. I'd be drastically altering my appearance. I'd never show up at a retrogaming event again. I'd never write a thing again on retrogaming. I sure as hell would not be bringing my abuse to the attention of my local police force. Why do you still bother?
  9. It's not the latter. Kieren Hawken has closed down his account. "...the uploader has closed their YouTube account"
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