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  1. When I choose "Pong", I wanna play 1-On-1 with 2 Players, so I choose Game 3. But only the left controller works, the right doesn´t. I can´t believe that there´s a paddle absolutely necessary, or is it??? By the way, I send the Atari Flashback X back and bought the Flashback 9 Gold - but it´s the same bug on the gold! I wonder, if nobody noticed that? Doesn´t two people tried to blay pong or street racer against each other with two controller? And doesn´t any firmware exist to fix this bug?
  2. Hello everybody! Last week I bought the Atari Flashback X. I tried to play some games (Pong, Street Racer) against each other, but it doesn´t work. The second controller doesn´t move. When we try to play together against CGI, it works. But you can´t play against each other. Is this a bug? If yes, I´ll send the Flashback X back and buy the Flashback 9 (hopefully it will work at the 9). Thanks for your answers!
  3. Hello, I hope, somebody here can help me. I bought the Atari Flashback X. When I try to play games like "Pong" oder "Steet Racer" with 2 players against each other, the second controller doesn´t work. When I choose 2 Players in a team against the CGI, it works. This can´t be normal, is my Atari Flashback X defective? Thanks for the answers.
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