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  1. Just sent in my two old and partially working controllers for re-conditioned controllers and figured I'd post my experience here for others who might be curious. Started the process by sending them an email asking about exchanging two controllers, and getting a quote. Got an email back within about 15 mins with an exact quote. Sent both controllers in on Monday (3/9) along with a postal money order (since that's what he wanted), via USPS priority mail from Oregon. They showed up at Best on Wednesday sometime in the afternoon as per USPS tracking. A few hours later they shipped the re-conditioned controllers out via USPS (I know because I looked up the tracking number info which I got off the box, tracking info was not sent via email). Controllers where dropped off today (Friday 3/13) at my house. Here is a link to a few pictures showing the box and contents for those of you who are curious: https://imgur.com/gallery/eDSCvhX I don't have a lot of time at the moment to test them, but I did quickly plug them both in and ran through a few games and was not disappointed. All buttons were super easy to press (Had to button mash on my old ones to get buttons to register) and joystick movement seemed stable with good tracking left/right/up/down. When I have a bigger chunk of free time tonight or tomorrow I'll try to give them a through test run.
  2. Just dropped two 5200 controllers in the mail this morning to get exchanged. I'm excited to finally see what it's like to use controllers that actually work!
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