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  1. I Just saw this, I don't have any news. I also talked with my my dad, last time he talked to Berry was back in January.
  2. The closest arcade cabinet I have seen with an actual TI system is all of the educational stations down at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. They used a bunch of push buttons to interact with the console. I think you still can find some of them working today too.
  3. The 2020 Chicago Virtual Faire will be presented on Saturday, October 24th, starting at 10:00 A.M. Central Standard Time, USA, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTtWUO1syCerK4cPjOjPjg?fbclid=IwAR3XhZX1oP8ypVs6vR9FcxDp6FYM7UkbzCvWm3pM2yMSne2k0apezZJpxnM
  4. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Chicago TI User Group has decided that the Chicago TI International World Faire will be held online this year, rather than in person. Accordingly, we are now soliciting presentations in video form, to be presented at the virtual Faire. At this time we would like to ascertain what interest this is in the TI community. Anyone who has the desire to produce a video on a TI topic should send a private message to [email protected] in the next few days indicating the nature of the presentation, and we will get in touch with you with the details we require. Thanks in advance. —The Faire committee
  5. It is easier to manage. Hal (my dad) does not have an Atariage account, so I have been posting for him to try to help put together a virtual Faire for the group this year. He would like anyone that would like to present something to email him so he can put the presenter schedule together. We will post details on how to attend at a later date. --John
  6. The Chicago TI User Group just received word from the Evanston Public Library that the space in which the Chicago TI International World Faire is ordinarily held will be unavailable until next year. We had reserved the room almost one year ago, but due to COVID 19, all activities at the Library are now cancelled. We are, therefore exploring the idea of having a virtual Faire this year. We would like to assess the interest in such an event, and further, who would be interested in presenting a seminar, either with a video, or possibly live, albeit remotely. I would appreciate a response in private mail to hals12 @hotmail.com as soon as possible. The date for the virtual Faire remains as previously published, October 24, 2020. —Hal Shanafield, CTIUG Faire Chairman
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