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  1. I did some troubleshooting this evening and think I figured it out. I tried other HDMI cables but still no sound. I took the unit to another TV and tried it and I did get sound. I took the unit back to the original TV and used the same cable I was successful with but still no sound. I went back to the TV it worked on and duplicated the audio settings on the original TV but still no sound. I then started adjusting the audio settings on the original TV and finally got it to work. But then I turned off/on the TV and it didn’t work. L Strange because both TVs are Vizio V series, just different sizes. What I eventually found was that once the unit was powered on, the sound would not work, but if I changed the input to a TV channel and then back to the input for the Atari, the sound would work. I was able to recreate this multiple times. So as long as I switch to the TV input and back to the Atari, the sound will work. Something is definitely wonky with the audio on the Atari unit because I have a PlayStation and a Commodore64 mini hooked up too and they work fine every time. but I can live with it since I know how to make it work now.
  2. Mine is a brand new pretty high quality HDMI cable but that is a good suggestion I haven't tried. I will try that.
  3. Thank you for the quick response! So it sounds like this is a bad product all around. I'm outfitting my game room and thought it would be a cool retro game machine. I also have the C64 mini and it works great. Could I ask if you have any recommendations for an inexpensive retro console? I'd to have one that has the arcade versions but would settle for the Atari versions. I had MAME on a computer years ago and absolutely loved that but don't really see it as feasible in the game room where I just want a quick game to load up on a small HDMI connected device. Suggestions are appreciated!
  4. Hi, I have an Atari Flashback 8 Gold (Model: AR3620X) it has no sound. Support advised me to update the firmware but the link they provided me does not have my model listed. Not sure what to do. This is a new device to me and I'm looking for guidance on how to fix the sound. All my other devices attached with HDMI work fine. TV is a Vizio D series and is brand new. Not sure how to proceed.Thanks!
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