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  1. Tbh as an autistic woman who is constantly told she can’t possibly be autistic and must be wrong (to the point where I’ve had to produce my psychologist report), I’m not comfortable with that. Just my feeling about it obviously, but it’s basically what he’s doing when he takes the piss out of my posts about my medical problems using his sock puppets in a roundabout way and that puts it all a bit in dangerous ‘he said she said’ territory. We know he lives by double standards with his treatment of others compared to the treatment of himself by other, so I think caution is advised. But yes there is plenty about me that he finds excruciating on many different levels (but then that’s true for lots of people I guess). I think my lack of reaction is one of them. The abuse began the day he said hello to be at Blackpool and I gave him a nod but given some issues he had caused that year, I really didn’t want much to do with him. It kicked off that night with a series of digital based unpleasantness. I don’t interact personally with any of the accounts. I made no comment at all about the Horace thing bar one statement laying out a factual timeline. I’ve responded maybe 5 times here with my experience. i wonder if it spooks him a little that because I do play things close to the chest, that he doesn’t know what I have stored away...perhaps that makes him angry? Insecure? Afraid? No idea. Happily, I’m spending less and less of my time giving him much thought. The constant fear has eased up a lot although there are moments here and there. He’s not worth my very limited energy
  2. Here’s some of the shit I’m getting via the Simon and Poppy accounts. Yes I sometimes have a little bitch on twitter. Or talk about my life or my medical situation. I have some fab friends I’ve made that I love talking to so I’m not going to stop being myself. This is more a show of evidence to compare my tweets and their following ‘parodies’ (context - I have been unwell, and sometimes life threateningly so, for a couple of years. I also have chronic problems like vitamin D malabsorption and multiple allergies. Apparently it’s hilarious?)
  3. Vince I replied to all of your direct messages on here - thanking you for your kind words etc back on 5th March. The last one you sent me told me to stop repeating myself on the thread about my experience. I responded, telling you that I have some memory problems and that I didn’t always get a chance to check what I had already said in a 50+ page thread. I've got the copies of the messages still in the Inbox. Sarah rarely reads direct messages on any platform because, as you can imagine, she tends to get a huge amount of abuse via that route. We’ve also had the “you didn’t respond to my DM” abuse on prior occasions where people have threatened to kill us, themselves, delete their accounts, destroy property and threaten sexual assault, so it’s a sensitive thing where sometimes we can’t look at them for the sake of our mental health (you obviously didn’t do any of that but the ‘empathy blown in to the wind’ line is daft. You are not OWED replies). Consider too that across social media I’ve got about 10k followers and Sarah has at least 3times that. Imagine the amount of messages that come through daily. I save everything because my memory is poor. All part of my other issues that I have already detailed. Hence why I have so much evidence regarding Kieren...I keep records of absolutely everything so that I can refer back and refer to things if needed...its proved useful in the long run. But don’t start lashing out at us Vince. Not sure why you felt the need for that. It was unkind and It’ll only make Kieren think that what he is doing is working. Take some time out to cool down and get well.
  4. Regarding the whole protected categories and being autistic and disabled... Its a sense of the narcissism of the man that he will come out with a statement like that, yet behave the way he does to me. Who is, you’ve guess it, both. And I’m not the only one. Almost like he’s got some sort of internalised self loathing about his situation so he lashes out at those who are in the same situation but making a bloody good go of things. Pure conjecture of course. So, that being said, can I cash in my protected category tokens for protection from him please 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I’m not sure why he has the knives out for me via “poppy” at the mo. Every single tweet gets twisted and everything from my hair colour, to my disabilities and my difficult medical situation is rippled the piss out of. but like Sarah said very eloquently, it can really wear down on you sometimes but mostly now I just laugh at him (usually...sometimes I really don’t though). And I’m glad people like Sarah and I are actually putting some good out there - I think between our respective autism/mental health charities we’ve raised roughly £2k between us in 8 hours. Considering Kieren used to have “autism advocate” in his bio, proclaimed he was autistic and therefore immune from consequences and regularly mocks people for that and similar conditions...he doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of advocacy. just two things to clarify: 1) I was under the impression that I was making Horace with permission via a different team. I’m not comfortable talking about that here because it got quite upsetting and I was basically thrown under the bus. I’ve still had no evidence that Horace is owned as a character or design by anyone specific. I was not invited to discuss financial compensation to anyone or to charity. I have emails to prove this. And yes I’ve temporarily stopped working so I can sew scrubs and other items for frontline workers. I’m coordinating a local hub so it is very busy! 2) Octavius set up in their own right as a channel and happened to become friends with Robbotron. Their success is through sheer bloody hard work and not the result of having friends in high places. I think it’s important to make that distinction given that Kieren likes to try and collect popular people to make himself look good. Hope you’re all keeping safe in these trying times. X
  6. Yes “Poppy” has made me fresh target of their nasty little parody tweets. Including but not limited to mocking moments of distress, taking the piss out of disabilities and medical conditions and the like. Familiar stuff isn’t it. edit: and took the piss/discredited serious suicidal thoughts because of sustained abuse and harassment. Because apparently only he is allowed to have those and it be taken seriously.
  7. He seems to have the impression that because I had heard what someone had said, that means I knew them. I knew their names because they were prominent figures in the community and obviously Sarah and I talk because of being...well...friends! She had repeated to me what she had been told by Kieren - she was obviously upset by it and we talked through it. Im just glad I was quick enough to screen cap everything before he blocked me. Including emails that prove he lied about me refusing to donate to charities because apparently I’m greedy and hate charities (I say that as I’m up at 2am organising a big fundraiser for a charity I’m an ambassador for on Saturday). i mean really. I hate seeing it all rehashed because I feel guilty for being led on, but I’m glad it’s all in the open. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Take my name out of your lying mouth. ps: thank you to those who private messages today to check I was alright after I was a bit upset this morning. It meant a great deal.
  8. Yes I’ve done Play London, Blackpool and Margate 🙂 and yes, glasses too! Sometimes noise cancelling headphones as well!
  9. Wrong lady lol - cat ears = Sarah/Octavius. Pink hair = me...definitely not a talented content creator but we are very good friends lol
  10. Eurgh I’m so ashamed I was so taken in. I know I’ve said I’m sorry already but I’m so cross with myself for being so stupid 😭
  11. No worries. I’ve had 4 hours sleep in 48 so I’m a bit on edge tbh. No hard feelings x
  12. “Taking the bait”, IMO would be replying to his snide little accounts on twitter. I’m just trying to find a space to release some of the pent up shit I have to deal with in my head while ensuring that people don’t believe the constant lies he keeps spreading. my bad
  13. Keep up Kieren, they are licensed. I’ve got all the signed documents in a file. For proof in case people ask for it...not everyone does that when asked for proof of ownership though so maybe you’re confused. I’m always happy to prove the legitimacy of my business dealings; I’ve nothing to hide after all. I actually do have two product lines that are currently not licensed (Pokéblobs and Chomp). I used them when learning to sew (I’m self taught) and they were my first products before I had the experience to approach licence holders. I’ve now reached the tipping point of having so many nice licence holders to work with that I’m in a position to phase these out, as I have so much demand for the other characters. I only list what I have left in stock for those on phase out plans. You know, it’s so nice to work with good people who enjoy the hobby and enjoy a mutual level of respect based on principles such as honesty and professionalism. Any of my licence holding clients will have copies of the paperwork that you can ask to see if you don’t want to ask me, dear. I’m sure they will be THRILLED to hear from you
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