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  1. Hi Tommy, are you planning to have a merchandise warehouse in Europe? Between taxes and shipping, buying from the United States becomes expensive. P. S. Happy Thanksgiving to all the guys in the forum.
  2. I too, like the other guys, prefer the one on the left because it is more reminiscent of the original Intellivision colors. And then it is certainly more beautiful.
  3. Hi guys, today is 10/10 and some time ago, I thought I would have passed it differently. But that's okay, I am convinced that the extra time we wait will be rewarded. Whatever happened, 10/10 will always be Amico's day. Greetings to Tommy and all the great guys on the forum.
  4. Great video Tommy, my son and I watched it on the living room TV, we had a lot of fun. Fantastic irony, I feel more and more on the right path to having ordered a founders edition. Even if 10/10 won't be a problem, the road is right!
  5. Congratulations OEB Pete! Unfortunately due to the language, I can't understand your videos completely, you speak very, very quickly, but your enthusiasm and your smile pierce the video and reach the heart. I am happy for you, a greeting from Italy.
  6. It's true, but until Tommy tells me it's not him, I keep hoping. I have a lot of respect for Tom.
  7. That's right, he also worked at Mattel before Sega. He would be the right man, it is also my hypothesis.
  8. I try to guess too .... I say Tom Kalinske was a great President of Sega of America! He is a bit old, but who knows ....
  9. Watching the Crokinhole videos, where they play "pinghelle" (that's how we call the gesture of hitting something from the middle finger loading it against the thumb finger in my city) I thought of a game that they played very often as children. It is called Ciclotappo, in practice the "synalcols" were used, that is the crown caps of the bottles, the photo of a famous cyclist was cut from the newspapers and it was put inside with stucco and a glass, it was closed inside. Then with the blackboard chalk the race circuits were drawn on the ground, and then the race started, each with his cyclist-cap hitting them with the "pinghelle" in turn to make them move forward without leaving the track. There is also the summer version that is played at the beach on the sand with plastic balls always with cyclists inside, it's called Cheecoting and the principle is the same. I don't know if I can put some videos (forgive my little experience with this type of thing) but I believe that if you could simulate on the touchscreen the strength and direction of a "pinghella" could be a perfect game for Amico, to play as live with as many friends as possible. I have no idea if such a thing exists in the gaming world, I have never seen one. PS I approached this thread and Atari Age for the education and civilization that I saw in the posts, I hope it can continue as it was until recently, of broken boxes (problems) we already have many in everyone's life the days.
  10. Hi guys, always nice to read your posts, some very interesting and even "professional". It's great to feel "inside" the creation of Amico thanks to Tommy's revelations and your questions and curiosities. I'm sorry that every now and then because of the language, I can't fully understand certain jokes or double meanings. But I'm always here every day to keep up to date on what seems to be the most innovative novelty in the field of video games. Finally we will return to play as once, immediately, without many complicated things to learn or remember. One thing I wanted to tell you: My Father many years ago gave me the original intellivision, it was my first video game console. I took the founders' edition to give it to my son (11 years old), it must have been a surprise until the day of arrival, but seen how things got here (and all over the world) with the virus yesterday evening at dinner with my wife and daughter present, I revealed to him that yes, he too will be part of the 2600 founders, and that in many years (hopefully many) he will remember me, as I remember my father who unfortunately does not there is more, every time I hear the word "intellivision". He was very excited, went around the table to come and hug me, he was incredulous and happy at the same time. I confess to you, that more than a tear has fallen. So Tommy, Amico for our family, is already much more than a console. Now after this thing that I wanted and had to share with you, I have a question to ask. Time Pilot, I saw your drawings as a boy a few posts back, I loved this game, tell me that you are planning something similar also for Amico, it would be fantastic. Greetings from Italy, where we recently celebrated the anniversary of the liberation from Nazifascism. I seem to have read that your grandfather also fought for freedom in those years, honor to your grandfather Tommy!
  11. Consigli per lo shopping per te Tommy. Per la tua prossima intervista! 😂 I was unable to put the photo directly ... 😭 2019-Nuovi-di-Estate-del-bambino-Adulto-Regolabile-Elica-Palla-Berretto-da-baseball-Libellula-Top-Multi.jpg_6ntervallo di widget
  12. Crusader comes from the group of fans of the soccer team of my city. The team jersey is white with a black cross. The team took the cross from the city municipality flag which is yellow with a blue cross. The municipality took the cross as a symbol because when the city was founded by the Romans in 183 before Christ, it had 2 crossed roads and the settlement was in the shape of a shield. Hence the name Parma which in Latin means shield. In practice, Crusader because of the first settlement of my city, while 71 is my year of birth.
  13. Mamma mia Tommy! What a fantastic surprise! Saturday morning, I'm finally home from work (it's even harder in this period), I turn on the smartphone and find an e-mail from Intellivision .... the rest is joy, amazement and euphoria, what a rainbow of colors, and what a games! You know, I'm a Nintendo fan, I love their games, but ....... I can finally play without learning difficult combinations of buttons. What a fantastic nostalgia effect .... and more. I have a curiosity, can you tell me when I can play the following games reinvented for Amico? Burgertime, Baseball, Boxing, Hockey, Soccer. Will they be available when the console is launched, or later? And the sixth game included, when will you reveal it? Thanks for taking the time in this thread. Go on like this!
  14. Hi Tommy, congratulations for the video clip, I liked it, many interesting games. On why some people speak badly of things they don't know and have never tried, I think there can be several reasons: mania for protagonism, envy, need for acceptance etc .. But there is one thing that unites them all, the ignorance. Come on Tommy, good job!
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