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  1. I'm an American and I've heard that in the 1990s that Christian book stores in Canada sold the Super Noah's Ark 3D cartridge for the Super NES. It lacked the licensing chip, and you had to put a licensed game in the slot in the top of the cartridge. I've heard that the game was made as a parody of the censorship of The Super NES's Wolfenstein 3D. The Super NES Wolfenstein 3D version had swastikas taken out, dogs changed to rats, MechaHitler was changed to Stadtmeister, he lacked the mustache, and I thought that the instruction manual was changed so that it takes place after World War II.
  2. To everybody, I appreciate the responses! I think I had forgotten to mention that the Jaguar version seems to have a different gun, a flamethrower, and a Doom-style missile launcher that’s not in the PC version unless you mod the PC version with editors. PFG 9000, the Jaguar version doesn’t have The Nocturnal Missions bosses. However, I think that from looking at your photos that The Ubermutant and Death Knight are on different maps that might or might not be from The Nocturnal Missions. I say that they are different maps because of the backgrounds. The episode names seem to be shuffled around compared to the PC version. Almost off topic: I’ve completed the Super Nintendo version of Jurassic Park years ago! Imagine the 3 dimensions of Wolfenstein 3D for the indoors combined with a top-down game like The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past for the outdoors. I needed the Jurassic Park manual and my old Nintendo Power issues to complete the game in 2 days. I just thought that I’d mention that to you guys if you like The Super Nintendo’s Wolfenstein 3D.
  3. Please send me the Jaguar strategy guide photos with Wolfenstein 3D maps. Or tell me where I could buy the guide. The day you posted about the guide, I did a search for The Wolfenstein 3D Jaguar strategy guide on Ebay and found no hits. From , it appears that the ending has MechaHitler with his armor falling off, you shoot Hitler, you then win, there’s a Roosevelt briefing, a guard, an officer, an SS, a mutant, a guard dog, Hans Grosse, Dr. Schabbs, Trans Grosse, The Ubermutant, The Death Knight, MechaHitler, and Hitler. You are correct. Barnacle Wilhelm and The Angel of Death from The PC Spear of Destiny episode 1 make no appearance in the Jaguar version. The characters in The PC Spear of Destiny episodes 2 and 3 make no appearance in the Jaguar version. The bosses from The PC Noctural Missions make no appearance in the Jaguar version.
  4. This is my first post on the forums. On The Wolfenstein 3D forums, Sonim and I would like to know if The Jaguar port of Wolfenstein 3D includes The Nocturnal Missions. The Nocturnal Missions are episodes 4 to 6 of The PC version. I would also like to know if The Jaguar version has Pac-Man ghosts like in the PC’s episode 3’s secret level, Hitler ghosts, Spear of Destiny episode 1 bosses, or Spear lost episode bosses. I remember from The 1990s that The Super NES Wolfenstein 3D seemed to have The Ubermutant, but not the Angel of Death, but not the Pac-Man ghosts, if I recall correctly. The thread is still here: http://wolf3d.darkbb.com/t3630-question-about-wolf3d-for-jaguar
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