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  1. WTF kieren Hawken is following me on twitter and is trying to make amends for his past here is a small sample of his tweets
  2. I report the account around horacegate, I was surprised to see reply from twitter and I was hoping the account was dead
  3. i just hope when he explodes we have a controlled chain reaction, but the way he's going he wants to take others out with him.
  4. I am flavour of the month again, I really need to stop poking the bear, but it's fun
  5. He is projecting again, I think he needs to look at himself in a mirror. I wonder how many idiots well show up at his event?
  6. What does anybody know about these two Retweeters? Games Don't Suck @Games_Dont_Suck Bringing you all gaming love. Hmm with some movies and other pop culture things in there to boot! Gamer Geek @DataAugmented Data Scientist by day, geek tech gamer junky by night; welcome to my augmented stream of consciousness
  7. if you are reading this Mr K and socks, Do not piss me off because I'll bring tens of thousands of Tom sparks (35,400 results) / Thomas sparks (25,600 results) to your twitter door
  8. I had a facebook account until I deleted it, a few months after Cambridge Analytica scandal. I don't want to get twitter account, but I changed my mind when I found a bot that could share my articles from my website. I fell down the rabbit hole, subscribing to everyone that I followed on other services like youtube. I started tweeting while I was integrating the bot into my website. Horacegate was the first time I realized I had got trolled. The one saving thing is that these troll have NOT to hit me personal or professional, witch it sounds like where the trolls have wounded most of the posters on this thread.
  9. wow these twitter accounts have 404ed themselves ShillerSimon retrolaird retrogamerssuck and these twitter accounts are still alive and kicking PoppyZXSinclair AutisticLaird TopTwatGaminMan beast66618 JoeMilano1980
  10. looks like Mr Stalky McStalk (https://twitter.com/shillersimon) is back and quoting me again
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