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  1. Some countries use a period to denote thousands, and a comma where we in the US would put a decimal point.
  2. When I try formatting the head doesn't move. If I try writing the heads move.
  3. I pulled out my second 1050 drive I had in storage and I am getting Error 173 (Bad Sectors at Format Time) when trying to format a disk (I've tried multiple disks), and Error 144 (Device Done Error). The drive boots and reads directories OK. The drive speed is 287. I have cleaned the heads. What else can I try?
  4. Thanks everyone. I cleaned the heads and every disk is being read without a problem.
  5. Thanks Nezgar. I'll open up the 1050 tomorrow and clean the read/write head as you suggested. The disks don't look like they lines etched in them, so hopefully things are not too bad. I'll report back.
  6. I pulled out of storage some Atari data disks formatted with DOS 2.5. The first few times I accessed the disks on my 800XL/1050 combo I was able to perform a directory listing and open any data files (print to screen). For some reason I now cannot access anything on these disks. No file list, nothing. I sometimes get an Error 138 when trying to read the directory on one of these disks with MyDos. I can access many other disks with no problem. I tried using Copymate to preform a sector copy, but it found no data. Any ideas what's going on here or what else I can try?
  7. Thanks For the link, Luis. I had not come across the website before. I looked through the Antic listing and found a program that prints a disk sized frame around the files list that you can cut out and put in the disk sleeve, which is exactly what I was looking for. https://www.atarimagazines.com/v5n4/FloppyFiler.html
  8. That would be great. Maybe someone will post the name of the Antic program if they know which one it is.
  9. I was sorting through a box of disks and came across a few that included a printed insert of the disk's contents the same size as the actual floppy disk. If you look closely at the printout you can see a printed outline the same size as the floppy which you would cut around. I obviously used some kind of disk utility to make these, but can't think what it would have been. Does anyone have an idea of what that utility could be or what I can use to make similar printouts? Thanks.
  10. I'm interested in the 1050 power supply by itself. Total cost including shipping to 98501?
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