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  1. Happened to get a private message (despite it being blocked) on FB from the wotsit this morning. Empty threats no doubt along with insisting that he 'organized' Revival and had invited me to the event for the first time. As it knows itself, it is definitely wrong. Message was deleted rather than replying back. The wotsit a loser and what's worse, it keeps coming back for more .... it will never win.
  2. The Atari scene in the UK isn't that big, at least in relation to the demoscene / homebrew scene, but we are spread out across the country. I know of at least one other guy who is based close to me, just outside Cambridge, alongside my best man (and friend) from Northampton; various people from Hull, one from Nottingham and others based around the Greater Manchester area and a couple of people in Kent. Whilst the wotsit's event that was held in 2009 in a small "business room" in a hotel near to the northern part of the M25; yes, he tried to call it 'Jagfest: Retro Revival' but this was totally different to the Revival events which have been organized by Mr T and Chris Wilkins over the years. These were always much larger events (even the Revival Mini events over the years were much larger) than the wotsit's "events" ever could be. He relied on other people's money too much.
  3. Bloody hell Vince, it sounds like you went through some serious sh1t in your life, which I can identify with personally. I am so sorry to hear this; hopefully your post about this has brought you some cathartic strength in being able to put it down to history. Like yourself, I was also bullied when I was at school by some of the other kids (all of whom that I'm in touch with on social media and have met in person since have apologized) so therefore my mindset on that is that kids are going to be kids; they can be cruel at times but these things happen, allegedly as part of "life". What I never really, personally, understood were quite a lot of my teachers. Most of them would bully and abuse me during classes. Some of the other kids also witnessed this as well but never felt able to do anything to stop this from happening. You see, I grew up with a stammer, so I stood out from most of the local population by not being able to speak properly. Back in 2003 I joined the McGuire Programme, the same thing as the popstar, Gareth Gates, was also involved with (and still is, even now). The bullying largely stopped when I left school and joined a YTS scheme for a couple of years .... .... then it started up again when I started in my first job, in the town where I was born. Female as well as male managers seriously bullied and abused me at that first job, in a wellknown UK supermarket. One of those got taken down with a shoulder shove, after having called me a spastic during a shift the day before. It was beautiful to see this idiot on the floor, having suffered shoulder and elbow injuries as a result of my actions to it. Of course the idiot went to the police about it and I ended up going through the experience of getting arrested but ending up with a caution, that disappeared after a couple of years, which was a good thing. Whilst Kieren personally never did anything of the sort to me, the major reason why I have blocked him is due to what has happened to good friends of mine including Mr T who organizes the fantastic Revival events. Bullying and abuse will never win.
  4. The 'trade' in the UK back during this period never really helped when it came to revealing actual sales figures for any system TBH, preferring to keep that kind of thing off-limits to the public. From my recollections, the ST may well have been the biggest selling computer in the UK but only for a matter of a few months, certainly not a year. Quite a large number of stores mentioned by other posters above on this thread had the ST on display within their stores; but as another poster said, once the Amiga 500 Batman Pack came out then that was when the big sales push started for the Amiga.
  5. You have done a great job with doing all of these games, seriously Please keep up the good work. If you can afford the travel costs, please think about visiting in person to the Sillyventure Atari demo party which is being held in December in the city of Gdansk in Poland. Check out http://www.sillyventure.eu to know more about this event
  6. I was also one of the "lucky" ones who received an invite to his wedding, at the time. Nevertheless, the opportunity at the same time came to go visit the wonderful city of Cologne in Germany around the same time of year (mid-August) for the Evoke demoparty which was being held there then (and which still is, every year). Seems like I made the smarter move by going to Evoke and having a wonderful time there, compared to going to the shit that was Keron's wedding ...
  7. I think I can share a bit of light on Kieren's 'Retro Revival' event as I did attend this for a few hours on the Saturday of the weekend. I got there early to mid-afternoon and as I'd promised to bring my then-new PS3 to the event, got that set up with a screen as there was a table left for me to do so with. The event wasn't that well supported - there were a few people there but most of them were not gamers. To be fair to them, they were members of the Cheshunt Computer Club, who tend to be more based around the Atari 'Power Users' principle, still keeping that idea alive all these years later (it was a marketing ploy for Atari-supporting retailers back in the late 80s and early 90s when the ST and Amiga were on sale in stores). These guys tended to have very customised Falcons and STs there, one or two there also had laptops too. So it wasn't too much of a gaming event, but a chance to sit and chat with the guys from the Cheshunt club, as I hadn't seen quite a few of them for a couple of years or so. I have a feeling that it might have been at the same event that Chickybaby was there too, but maybe I'm getting confused with another Jagfest UK time TBH. I recall she certainly appeared in person at one of those. Although to be fair, Mr T is right, KH had no damn reason to think that Revival was his original event, as it wasn't. Mr T approached me at a Play Expo event some years ago to tell me about Revival, that he and Chris were organizing. He also told me that the Centre for Computing History were also involved, which they were at least for the first and maybe the second Revival. I think RCM (Retro Computer Museum) were also involved with Revival too. Hopefully this clears a few things up.
  8. So what happened with Chickybaby ? Was she another one who was abused by kieren for being a lady retrogamer ? Hope she can be welcomed back soon, if he was the reason why she was banned from here ....
  9. So Kieren himself * tried * to contact me on FB, to say that he was completely innocent of all that had been written about him over the last few weeks on this thread and elsewhere. Bollocks, man. Your actions have led to a large number of people who I care about and for, suffering in unimaginable ways thanks to your input, including hospitalisation in some cases. Needless to say, he has now been blocked completely.
  10. It would be lovely to see you and our other friends from here who are based across the pond. You will love it, I'm sure Do keep an eye on the website http://www.revivalretroevents.co.uk/ Although if you're friends with Craig and Chris on Facebook you'll also get to hear more details there. Decently-priced flights can be obtained via Norwegian from the US to the UK; they fly into London and Manchester then it's a case of getting a train to Walsall / Wolverhampton area.
  11. It was interesting to be at the Revival event this past Saturday, which was organized by Mr T, Chris Wilkins and others - there was a definitive vibe there which had maybe been missing by quite a lot when Kieren was involved with the team. He personally (obviously) wasn't there, but his brother was, though I didn't speak to him. I find his brother to be rather odd with me. Hope to maybe see some of our US Atari gaming friends from here at Revival 2020 Part 2 in November, 7th and 8th. Would be so cool to have Albert and others at the event for sure
  12. Please mate, don't do this. Sell them instead, a much better thing to do. Fortunately Retro Gamer has survived over all these years and we love it (at least I do) despite KH's occasional articles in the magazine over the years. They are certainly collectible and may well earn you a fair amount of cash. Please don't just bin them, that's chavvy
  13. Bearing in mind where KH is from, this is an example of some of the people who live in Luton ... No wonder quite a few people from there are weird ....
  14. The weird thing is, I don't personally feel I was manipulated by or duped by Kieren. Maybe it is just me, but I got the impression that he kind of 'accepted' me as being slightly higher than him, bearing in mind my own personal involvement with the Atari side and also with the wider demoscene community. I never had any problem with him personally and do admit that at Play Blackpool last year I bought him a beer and we talked just about general gaming-related stuffs then. Various people from my past who I am no longer associated with (fortunately) had tried to manipulate or dupe me, noone from the retrogaming scene or the demoscene is included within that. Not even Kieren or StarshipUK can I add to that; as I say. The people I'm largely talking about are those teachers who bullied and abused me when I was at school; also the management team at a well-known supermarket in the town I was born where I worked at for a while, but maybe this is getting a bit TL;DR. Anyways, @neo_rg I have always respected you and all other members of Reboot & D-Bug, hope all is well with everyone in the groups, look forward to more new releases soon
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