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  1. You even honored one of them with your hairstyle I slap "like" right now! SLAPPERS!
  2. @Gury I looked at the repo and amount of code overwhelmed me Great work!
  3. @pedgarcia referring to your article: This quote is taken from free book It's Behind You - The Making Of A Computer Game By Bob Pape http://www.bizzley.com/
  4. @pedgarcia I see You follow a little bit my Action! steps You are on my step 2 1. Fascination of the Action! simplicity and flexibility. 2. Dropping native editor. 3. Get to know how it works under the hood. 4. Some practice during writing a game. 5. Finally you must read the original (redux) Manual and Action! Toolkit 6. Never use it again
  5. Mode 9++/10++ from MADS/Atarynka 2002/02 // Mode 9++ GPRIOR=a=0x40 // Mode 10++ GPRIOR=a=0x81 var VDSLST=0x0200, SDLSTL=0x0230, SDMCTL=0x022F, GPRIOR=0x026F var screen = 0xF000 data dl { nocross 0x90 0x6F &<screen &>screen for x=1..58 eval [ x&1 ? 0x8F : 0x2F ] 0x41 &<dl &>dl } naked dli { a!! WSYNC=a VSCROL=a=13 VSCROL=a=3 a?? return_i } main { VDSLST=a=&<dli VDSLST+1=a=&>dli SDLSTL=a=&<dl SDLSTL+1=a=&>dl SDMCTL=a=0x22 GPRIOR=a=0x40 NMIEN=a=0xC0 {} always } main.xex mode9++.zip
  6. Because yo don't know the difference but as you wish - good luck :]
  7. This kind of music is impossible on POKEY ;( @bocianu you can do this?
  8. Start the thread: KickC for beginners - instead of that you flood peoples here
  9. drop any 3.7 version - use the real McCoy :]
  10. main { x=6 { { x?CONSOL } != COLBK=a=RANDOM } always } main.xex
  11. @Wrathchild I mean turn off the OS and only read hardware registers. In the year I'll be much better than now, half as good as @xxl was 20 years ago Nothing is more refreshing than making a mistake
  12. @Wrathchild thx, I'll remember :] I'm not going to use the OS so it's worth remembering
  13. @Wrathchild you are faster then light I just edited my post then you response :]
  14. CONSOL is $2FC CH ? ach you mean $D01F... use $2FC I don't think I got the context.
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