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  1. https://darwinne.itch.io/the-queens-footsteps https://darwinne.itch.io/two-days-to-the-race and new in the series: https://darwinne.itch.io/silk-dust
  2. If someone is interested it's my map for classic version :]
  3. I think if you contact with the author of the game and help A8 version will have title screen.
  4. Maybe it's a chance for HB1 addon on A8 too? https://8bitgames.itch.io/eight-feet-under
  5. I see new DC version was released 2 days ago hibernated1_DC_R7 and A8 version now works. But sadly no GFX here.
  6. @MrFish atr seems to be corrupted I played HB1 on C64 and ZX.
  7. Yes, awesome game, I ended up this one year ago but I'll do it again with new DC version :]
  8. @TIX maybe it's something for you?
  9. I think I try @ilmenit way but instead C I plan to use... guess what... yep Pascal https://www.freepascal-meets-sdl.net/sdl-tutorials/ https://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/ https://github.com/PascalGameDevelopment/SDL2-for-Pascal but before that I must study this: https://castle-engine.io/modern_pascal_introduction.html
  10. @bocianu is active too https://github.com/tebe6502/Mad-Pascal/commit/6f88c79e697b1c46a90d0c58c8c99e8b9241f72c
  11. Mad Pascal 1.6.5 rewritten handling of CASE OF rewritten code optimization for arrays not exceeding 256 bytes optimization for conditions '>', '<=' added memory allocation for STRING-type arrays (so far only the pointer was put away, it worked like 'array of ^string') new platform added, Commodore C4 Plus unit GRAPHICS: procedure Font(charset: pointer); unit STRINGUTILS unit MISC, RMT, CMC, MPT: DetectAntic unit SYSTEM revised to include ATARI, C64, C4Plus platforms unit ZX0 unit HCM2 added support of $resource (RCDATA, RCASM) for C64, C4Plus platforms, resources are sorted by ascending addresses extended RCDATA resource with possibility to specify ofset for read file added support for Pascal compliant syntax for ASM block, no { } brackets required added new directive {$codealign proc = value}, {$codealign loop = value} allowing to align generated code https://github.com/tebe6502/Mad-Pascal/releases
  12. Evergreen classic: Illustrating C Illustrating C (revised edition).pdf Illustrating C - Erratum
  13. Evergreen classic: Illustrating Pascal Illustrating Pascal.djvu
  14. I found this books great, really 8-bit fundamentals. Machine_Language_Programming_Cookbook_I.pdf Machine_Language_Programming_Cookbook_II.pdf Usborne Guide to Computer Jargon (1983)(Usborne Publishing).pdf
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