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  1. Only one but this idea fits to A8 too :]
  2. @Gury beware, some part of this documentation is useful on other 8-bit platforms too! I asked someone for help in English documentation but I can't see any progress. As far as I know Polish documentation is up to date and covers new features added by @tebe. Your contribution is also significant, I like your games examples :] But In this thread I see guys who not contribute to the language but have contribution to my enthusiasm You know... Every time they see example not for Atari little panda dies
  3. DEFINE ADDRPLA="$2000",ADDRMUS="$3000" SET $E=ADDRPLA SET $491=ADDRPLA Compile it from file. cmc.mp4
  4. https://github.com/zbyti/a8-action-playground/blob/master/src/ZBYTI/CMCVBLK.ACT
  5. This means that Lazarus IDE IntelliSense now will work correctly with asm blocks.
  6. https://github.com/zbyti/atari800-soundbox sonari.mp4
  7. This is the only reasonable attitude when dealing with fanatics rather than programmers
  8. Solution is very simple If you want to see something fancy for Atari and Mad Pascal take your time and write something cool. I don't remember I learn something from your code, where I can find your wisdom? I am trying present newbies Mad Pascal syntax with simple examples not Atari hardware specific code. If you were more careful, you would have noticed that I present new Mad Pascal resource feature: offset for resources --- Ok. Enough of this, I don't need to waste my time to pass the knowledge on to others, I can keep it for myself. over :]
  9. @Wrathchild this thread is more about Mad Pascal programming. I asked @tebe where I should put C+4 code examples and he didn't mind having it all in one thread even if it is an Atari dedicated forum. If you have a big problem with that I can stop publishing my examples, just say.
  10. How to play TEDzakker tunes? msx.rc MUSIC rcdata 'demo.tzp.prg' 2 music-irq.pas {$r msx.rc} // TEDzakker demo music const MUSIC = $4000; var DETIRQSRC : byte absolute $ff09; //detect IRQ source, and clear IRQ flag SETIRQSRC : byte absolute $ff0a; //set IRQ source RC : byte absolute $ff0b; //raser counter bits 0-7 BACKGROUND : byte absolute $ff15; BORDER : byte absolute $ff19; VCOUNT : byte absolute $ff1d; //vertical line bits 0-7 IRQVEC : word absolute $fffe; procedure myRasterIrq; assembler; interrupt; asm { phr lda DETIRQSRC \ sta DETIRQSRC inc BORDER; jsr $4003; dec BORDER; plr }; end; begin pause; asm { sei sta $ff3f phr \ lda #0 \ jsr $4000 \ plr }; RC := 4; SETIRQSRC := 2; DETIRQSRC := DETIRQSRC and %01111111; IRQVEC := word(@myRasterIrq); asm { cli }; repeat until false; end. or simply: {$r msx.rc} // TEDzakker demo music const MUSIC = $4000; begin asm { phr \ lda #0 \ jsr MUSIC \ plr }; repeat pause; asm { phr \ jsr MUSIC+3 \ plr }; until false; end. TEDzakker.mp4
  11. No, I'm not Steven Combs. I'm Mad Pascal evangelist
  12. @tebe BIG THX for resource implementation for C64/C+4. Below example code which shows mutlipaint multicolour gfx on Plus/4. gfx.rc TRON_TITLE_SCREEN rcdata 'tron.prg' 2 main.pas {$r gfx.rc} const TRON_TITLE_SCREEN = $5800; var SETBITMAP : byte absolute $ff06; SETMCOLOR : byte absolute $ff07; BITMAPADDR : byte absolute $ff12; VIDEOMATRIX : byte absolute $ff14; BACKGROUND : byte absolute $ff15; COLOUR1 : byte absolute $ff16; BORDER : byte absolute $ff19; begin SETBITMAP := SETBITMAP or $20; SETMCOLOR := (SETMCOLOR and $40) or $18; // (01011xxx) $5800 = 11 * $800; VIDEOMATRIX := %01011000; // (xx011xxx) $6000 = 3 * $2000; bit 2 set to 0 means reading from RAM BITMAPADDR := %00011000 or (BITMAPADDR and %00000011); BORDER := 0; BACKGROUND := 0; COLOUR1 := 1; repeat until false; end. GFX made by Carrion.
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