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  1. This YouTube channel Pungence had a series on Sneaky Sasquatch, if anyone wants to check it out. I hadn't seen his channel before but he is into exploring family friendly games, so that sounds familiar...
  2. Has anyone here played Sneaky Sasquatch on Apple Arcade? It was voted best Apple Arcade game of 2020. https://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2020/12/vancouvers-sneaky-sasquatch-named-one-of-apples-best-apps-of-2020 I read about this game and checked it out this week and the game is a blast. You play as Sasquatch, sneaking around campsites stealing camper's food and so on, but it gets so much deeper than that, as you can go fishing for food, or sell food to a bear for coins and buy things, there are tons of side missions, just simple and so much fun. Very cute and clever game. I have a Mac and play with an XB1 controller, haven't played on an iPad or phone but I feel like this is great on a big screen Mac with a controller. Just goes to show you how fun a simple game with cartoon graphics can be. The controls are very simple, but the concept and execution of the game are top notch. Nothing too complex or stressful, just fun. I love just exploring and finding new things in this Sasquatch world...you can actually buy a human suit so you fool campers into thinking you are human, you can ski, play golf, buy a golf cart or a car and drive around, participate in races...just tons of fun... Tommy, I think this would be a great game for the Amico if you want to check it out. Not sure what the arrangement is with developers and Apple Arcade, but this is right up the Amico's alley, if you ask me.
  3. I think Yosemite Sam was the last time I heard that...
  4. That’s the one I first played, with the Budweiser logo.
  5. I completely agree. I grew up with the original Intellivision as my first console and my gaming roots are all really social. I can have fun playing a single player game alone but nothing beats playing with friends and family. Even turn based games, like Burgertime or many arcade titles, is much more fun playing with others. My friends and I would definitely try to beat one another in games like this, and go for high scores for bragging rights, but we would also try to help one another on each other’s turns. There’s no such thing as bragging rights versus myself. Going for my high score is all well and good, but so much more fun when a bunch of friends/family are going for that high score also.
  6. I truly despise the whole shift to micro-transactions, and I find it so refreshing that the Amico is going back to the way things used to be. I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer, but I have an XB1 and a PS4 now, and have had many of the "current" consoles over the years. I'm in my mid-50's and the Intellivision was my first console, and I've always been partial to sports games. I am a big sports fan and really don't play myself anymore, so it's great to be able to play virtually. At my age, I love the old-timers and legends, so I got into the "ultimate team" aspect of the sports games...I find it fun to play with old players and build my team and so on. But, year after year, the focus of these sports games (especially NBA 2K, in my opinion) is more toward getting you to spend more and more money on micro-transactions, more so than making a good game, and I find that sickening. I am interested more in the game-play and playing basketball, or football or baseball, and so on...and that isn't the primary aspect of these games anymore, which is unfortunate. Playing video games has always been a social thing for me, playing with friends, talking some trash...great fun. So looking forward to the Amico bringing this aspect back to the forefront. My wife is not a fan of video games at all, but even she got into the Wii, and her parents and my parents and children of all ages. That is what I look forward to most with the Wii, getting back to the way video games used to be, and maybe my wife will even play...
  7. Here's my contribution to the giraffe pics, from a trip to South Africa last year. I'll raise you a few more animal pics...just an amazing trip.
  8. I like that idea. There have been many fun baseball games, and other sports titles, over the years...with many different styles of play. It’d be a blast to have more choices, at least down the road. For example, you have Intellivision NHL Hockey and then the NES hockey with the average guys, big guys and skinny guys. Very different games and both fun.
  9. There are endless possibilities, which is awesome. I would love to see so many retro games (Intellivision, Atari, Colecovision...) reimagined, but there are so many new ones to be made also. Let's have 'em all! Plenty of room out there for so many good games. I so love the fact that the games will be less expensive, so I can have a large library of games, more like the old days. The games will be simpler, so you can play a few different games in one sitting. And you might get tired of a game for a while, so you stay away from it for a while but then come back to it later...so psyched to have a nice big collection of simpler games again! And playing with family and friends, talking trash, having fun...that's what gaming is about for me; it's a social thing...and what today's gaming really is not, for the most part...
  10. I really never (or next to never) play online multiplayer against random people. I only like to play against friends. I was one person that asked about this for the Amico. Not looking for random online multiplayer, but interested in playing against family and friends online, like a buddy who lives halfway across the country. I do understand the added cost and other complications this would bring, not to mention going against the spirit of the Amico, so I'd be just fine with couch coop and keeping the games at a lower cost. Fine by me. I find even trying to play friends online can be tough anyway...hard to find times that work for both parties, so it hardly ever happens because of that...
  11. Nice. One day, my friend wanted to have a one day home run record...we went through so many official wiffle balls, we went to the kind with no holes, then even stooped to using plastic practice gold balls at the end of the day. My buddy hit like 80 something homers that one day....not too many with the plastic golf balls. Good times. Then we may have gone for some personal records on Intellivision Burgertime that night...
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