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  1. I have an .atr image with these specs if interested....
  2. Isn't easier to "duplicate" the .atr image??
  3. I looked through a couple disk images that I had and I found it
  4. Apparently I was using the incorrect TDLINE.COM. I now have the correct one. Also, this is through emulation (Atari800MacX 6.0.0). Thank you guys for the input.
  5. Isn't SpartaDOS Pro 3.3a Y2K compliant? The date is supposed to be Saturday 05/22/2021.
  6. Does SpartaDOS Pro 3.3a have the Y2K fix?
  7. I've been playing around with Carina 2 using only the WAITCALL from "BBS on a stick" and the rest is stock with Atari800MacX and everything works. But whenever I go into any online game, it doesn't want to quit and return the BBS. It'll re-load the game. That's the only issue that I'm having with the BBS.
  8. What's wrong with Robowar 2 and Zenobia? Is it the same issue I'm having where as trying to quit the game won't return back to the BBS?
  9. I'm running Atari800MacX emulation (v6.0.0) same as @moonlight_mile. And I'm using Basic XE 4.1 cart image. I didn't make any changes to the startup.bat file. I just let it boot up.
  10. I tried this ATR and I got this error......
  11. Ohhh ok, thank you for the clarification....
  12. Interesting... With Atari800MacX I gotta enter ATDI with BobTerm 1.23. I tried just the ATD but it wouldn't "dial out"..
  13. It crashes on me also. Maybe FoReM XEP and PHoReM XE are trying to load up different settings?
  14. @moonlight_mile No problem. Glad it worked. 👍
  15. By request by The Warden, here's my ATR image that works with Atari800MacX 6.0.0. Hope it works for you.... PHoReM XE [Test] copy.atr
  16. Thanks for the advice. But I tried other versions and I get the same results. No transfer is successful. Is there a setting that I'm overlooking to fix this problem?
  17. I'm currently running BobTerm 1.23 with version 6.0.0. I'm having issues downloading from different Atari BBS's. Anyone else?
  18. Apparently I'm not the only one experiencing this "bug"(?) in both BasicXL and BasicXE 🤷‍♂️ Thank you @skr for replicating the problem!
  19. I grabbed the .car copies of BasicXL and Basic XE from the link you supplied... Like I mentioned, Basic XL is changing the text back to regular text and also back to uppercase... Basic XE doesn't make any changes to my text... But in both Basics, the first few spaces are deleted
  20. I think I might've found the culprit... It's the Basic XL (v1.03) .car image. I dunno why it does that. If doesn't act like that with Basic XE (v4.1) or regular Basic (Revision C). Anyone have any ideas why? I'm using the latest version 6.0.0.
  21. I was doing some editing of a basic program. This included typing inverse and lowercase letters.. When I LISTed the edited lines, they reverted back to normal characters and in capital letters. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  22. I grabbed those Carina 2.7 disks... Thank you.... Also, that link to the BBS Software is pretty much useless. All the software is "unavailable".
  23. I'm interested in running a Carina II BBS using the Atari800MacX emulator..... How can I get a working emulator copy of Carina II? And what would the preference settings be for said emulator?
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