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  1. Know that 7800 Basic can port PNG directly in, but I may do my program with all assembler language instead. Running into too many problems making game work using 7800 Basic.
  2. Are there any tools to port BITMAP and PNG images into sprite data that works with the 7800. Have the data available to be compile or assembled with the program?
  3. Found issue. When doing split for text line in 320 mode plus rest of screen in 160 mode. The compile program shows normal with PROSYSTEM emulator. But with MAME one and running on real 7800, the line where it switches is 3 or 3 pixels below. Program is showing Score, Extra lives, Level. Almaybe at times extra debugging information. Not sure if this problem with 7800 Basic or PROSYSTEM. Had to reduce amount of WSYNCs so proper show on real system.
  4. I use 6502 code with basic so things short and fast. Machine Language can do tasks and be under few hundred bytes that Basic programs may need over 1k. To do new program from start for all 6502 Assembly would consume time. Have few TurboBasicXL programs. This Fast Basic provides goid alternative. Grateful to have this language now.
  5. Thank you for answers, can use ASM to set up data and character sets with some short 6502 code. Had some old Turbo Basic programs tried last year with Fast Basic. Some variables had remain as Float because need for fraction. Have 6502 code to control player/missile sprites that locate X Y, address and height. Save address to erase next cycle before move.
  6. Are there ways to include assembler code that compile with the program? That way there not be need use separate assembler and make binary for make into data statements. Mad Pascal and 7800 Basic have ASM statement.
  7. Can get Pokey doing many different set ups. It depends on how many music notes you like to play at same time. If looking for extra pokey, why not replace the Yamaha chip with out that does more channels. That is if it is socket pins line up to similar function, data and address bits.
  8. Can Pokey, Yamaha, and TIA used together to make music with many different voices? Can set it up to play 14 notes at the same time. TIA be very limited, maybe some pure tone, percussion, or string simulation.
  9. I tried this on Windows computer. I had problems loading stuff that compiled from 7809 Basic. Does not recognize manufacturer and other stuff. I had to use PROSYSTEM or Mame to see the compiled program to run.
  10. What memory addresses does 7800 Basic search for Pokey chip at? Have standard cartridge circuit board from Atari and know friend that may put together custom board with RAM and Pokey mapped at $7FF0 or $7F00. Ram located at $4000 to $7EFF or 7FEF. If use 7800 Basic, will game run?
  11. 5,200 and 7,800 more progress with technology from creation of new circuit chips . Few games seem to progress more at 7800 than 5200, only if the game uses more colored sprites, making it look better at 7800. 5200 and 8-bit had limit of 4 players and 4 missiles, 8 and 2 pixels wide 1 color bit. 7800 could do more from 4 to 128 pixels wide, 2 bit color, 3 with background.
  12. Have paddle game on 7800? Should be able to read TIA input register and someone posted here.
  13. Mame does 7800 debugging? That great news. Tried 7800 Basic and PROSYSTEM. Does not tell me much of where problem is if program not correct run. No update for long time. Other emulator EMU7800 will not recognize compiled program. Need good tools to help put game together.
  14. Considering make a similar game using 7800 Basic. But need text onscreen also so people see some information. Say veraion 7800 Basic cannot mix modes, double wide, and different sprite heights. Future update may have it.
  15. Someone made original adventure role playing style game on 7800. Like to see Zelda style port on 7800.
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