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  1. I cleaned the contacts on both carts, Tac-Scan still does nothing. wongojack was correct about the controller ports. Thanks!
  2. I bought some games off eBay, and two of them didn't work as planned. Tac-Scan didn't work at all, and Outer Space turned on, but my Genesis controller doesn't do anything. The controller works on other games. If someone has some repair tips, that would be great.
  3. You could make it automatically do fast speed like how it auto-fires in Sinistar, and slow for the button. Or you could use the cbs booster grip that was used with omega race.
  4. Well, that saves me some money.
  5. GreenmanGaming


    Do keypad controllers work as kids controllers?
  6. After you're done with this project, please make a Video Whizball port to the Atari 2600.
  7. Where should I put this
  8. I dont know which to choose, they both give me anxiety!
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