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  1. Nice one for doing that, I’m sure Mac users will use that instead. Still mightily inconvenient though. PC and Mac users could both do with something much more user friendly with a graphical interface to streamline this. Even simpler would be if the GD could just read .png and .txt files named as per the rom, but I can understand why that might not be the case.
  2. With the rom naming, the games as they appear in the list on the JagGD don't match with how I named them on my PC. As a PC is the simplest way to edit and obviously where you organise your files anyway, I'd prefer that the game list read exactly how I typed it. For some games it did, and in my review video you can see the ones that did. Without having my Jag set back up side by side with the same files on my PC I'm not sure. Not being able to view the MRQ files on a PC makes it a bit trickier - hopefully someone can make a simple GUI for MRQ creation so you can view and change individual elements (change one screenshot, fix a spelling mistake etc.) individually on PC, instead of having to write out all that command line info each time? It's not that roms aren't showing, it's that those with certain file extensions actually SHOW the file extensions in the menu, namely .abs, .rom and .j64 files. Yeah, something I mentioned in my video is that the sources for a lot of Jaguar stuff seem a mixed bag. For several commercial games I had to go to various sources to get a working rom, but especially the homebrew stuff, Project One didn't work straight away from the pack shared by Reboot and had to get that individually from their site. Same applies for ST ports; had to grab a few downloads from over these forums to get working versions. As far as demos and betas go though, those all came from the proper Jaguar Goodset, and yet a bunch of them don't work either, neither do some of the betas. The Fight for Life betas and AVP alpha don't work for example. I'm not saying it's necessarily a fault of your work, but maybe in the crowd-driven nature of Jaguar preservation and homebrew? Speaking for flash carts for other systems, my general experiences are that pretty much anything downloaded works that I throw at them (sometimes even with wrong rom extensions, bad headers and everything), the only real exception being CD flash solutions which often require conversion to a specific format. Im not suggesting it's a fault of your programming, but the messy nature of game creation and dumping for this console?
  3. Yeah I know. I've only heard him criticised once and it came straight from the fountain of bullshit. People's work in the hobby speak volumes; far more than shills or a lone hater ever could. Loving the JagGD Saint, its a quality product. I'm sure some of my feature requests have already been suggested but I'll add them anyway to that thread. If anyone wants my .mrq files then let me know.
  4. That would make sense as far as ambidextrous connection whilst the cart is in the socket (ie. so makes connection easy from either side to a PC), but think about it - with the full cart height and a typical usb connection, that would put a lot of strain on the socket/cable pulling to a PC sat one side or the other to the Jaguar. Mounted on the side allows the cable to run with less strain on the socket. Also means dust won’t accumulate in an open socket as it would on top. I’d question the wisdom of programming it whilst in the cart slot anyway and if it’s out, where the socket is makes no difference. Im not familiar with the use of the USB on this anyway - is it for debugging whilst the cart is plugged in and live?
  5. It’s not the cleanest vid as it was all done live and we had a network interruption halfway through, but here is a lengthy video recorded Thursday evening talking about my experiences with the new device, discussing the nuances and showing a fair few games running:
  6. It’s not the cleanest as it was all done live and we had a network interruption halfway through, but here is a lengthy video recorded Thursday evening talking about my experiences with the device and showing a fair few games running:
  7. Cheers fella, will give those a whirl tomorrow. If it’s the thread I’m on about, it may need a bit of a tidy up and some additional info like this in the lead post now the GD is reaching more end users, and because some clicks links are no longer working. Jaguar homebrew is a new beast to me (and indeed a lot of people) being the first proper everdrive-like device the console has received so I think more people will come hunting for this info now. A lot of UK bods are waiting on my video so the more info I have to give the better for them looking to get a GD in the near future.
  8. After a good wait I finally got my Game Drive the other day and am mostly happy with it. I do have some observations about it's setup and usability which I'll be bringing up in my live video review of the device this Thursday, for anyone who wants to check that out. For now though I'm persevering with putting together a rom selection I'm happy with and have found compatibility so far to be hit or miss. Here's what I've found: Original commercial releases all work fine, in .jag format, if obtained from a good source. Reboot roms all work fine with the .rom extension, with the exception of 1. Other homebrew/indie games are hit or miss, whatever the extension. ST ports are also hit or miss. Pretty sure none of the skunkboard-modded roms work which I kind of expected. Several betas/protos/demos from the goodset don't work. Besides the commercial stuff, most of the roms I'm using were downloaded from threads here on Atariage, mostly from one master thread by Cyrano. From my 'master list', (a combination of commercial, homebrew and ports), here are my current non-workers and the fault I'm getting on my PAL Jaguar. RS = red screen after first jag logo screen, BS = black screenafter first jag logo screen, UFF = unknown file format that wont boot on either mode offered: 1943 - RS Aircars - RS Arkanoid ROD - BS Asteroids - BS Badlands - RS Bionic Commando - RS Brutal Sports Football - UFF Dragon Breed - RS Escape FTPOTRM - RM Flying Shark - RS Gorf 2000 - UFF JagMarble - UFF Midnight Resistance - RS Phase Zero - UFF Project One - BS Rampage - BS Rick Dangerous 2 - BS Solomon's Key - BS Star Wars Arcade - BS Stunt Car Racer - BS Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - BS If anyone has links to working versions of these roms or any ports or homebrew known to work then I'd love it if you could share them. My only other question is on rom naming. Some roms read the naming I've manually given them on my PC for naming consistency, but many don't and I'm not sure where the Game Drive is reading them from. Made a couple of .mrq files for some games adding my naming for consistency and it's not reading it from there it seems. rom extensions also seem to show for some roms and not others? Could options not be added to change this to user preference? Auto name reading is always problematic in my eyes, editing file names is so simple on a PC after all.
  9. Birds of a feather, or what? I’ve got no idea who this guy is, but this ‘burying your head in the sand’ crap is exactly how we got here in the first place and in my experience, the words uttered by cowards and people of questionable ethics. They insist being apathetic maintains impartiality, when in fact they use their indifference to avoid responsibility for the actions of people who are clearly arseholes and will inevitably act that way again. It’s usually because they stand to gain something from them or someone associated with them, and believe it renders them immune to that exact behaviour. As time has shown, he has fucked everyone he has worked with in the past and this will come back to bite the stupid in the ass if they don’t take heed. What is clear is that he has now burned all his bridges at home in the U.K. and he will be hard pushed to find anyone left here who will talk to him, let alone work with him. Going full circle, he has predictably gone back to the Americans to search for an avenue back into the hobby because 1: The place is nuts about Atari, whereas it’s a very niche pocket here and 2: The reach of the good folks here goes unnoticed over there, and when it comes to cashing in, the offers he will throw around in circles we have no reach to of writing whilst over-exaggerating his history and ability will be ignored in favour of the easy buck from an attention seeker only to willing to forcefully inject his crap into something. Not to mention associating with identical people of unwarranted self-importance like that Catherine DeSpira, who he bullshitted himself into favour with when she was being her usual bitch self hating on the people of Twin Galaxies and my friends involved in the Sky Skipper arcade restoration project some time back. Her claims of not speaking to anyone here are also horseshit, as she was hating on Alex Crowley online when Keyring joined in to make hateful statements about him and starting a trolling campaign against his popular YouTube channel, despite him only ever being at one event Alex was at and never actually exchanging a single word with him, the fucking liar. Just recently she stuck her nose in on a friend’s Facebook post claiming, as she does, that “everyone is a man baby and they throw unfounded accusations around” (sounds awfully familiar and generic like a certain wotsit doesn’t it?!), and that she “knows Kieren better than most people and he hasn’t done any of these things” - despite the fact she lives over 3000 fucking miles away, is a known pain in the arse over there, and she was so clueless about the situation she had made the big mistake of jumping in on a thread where the people talking (including myself) were people who’d had regular dealings with him in person on a frequent basis, were victims of his real life destructive behaviour and had done for several years in person. I rightfully told her to jog the fuck on as she had zero personal experience, zero defensive evidence for his proven actions and therefore zero opinion. Anything she says is clearly then of absolutely no relevance whatsoever, as is that of anyone defending or acting indifferent to him in the face of months of clear evidence of a lifetime of being a piece of shit. If they choose to do so it means they are clearly trying to use him for their own gain too, and it will bite them in the ass. Several publishers have found this to their detriment already so far, and I learned this week that some guy over there is using some of Keyrun’s work in his book as an easy way to get it completed, knows fully about his history and terrible writing quality, and has openly said he will still use his work because “there’s two sides to a story”. Well no, not in this case, and if he really didn’t care, then why is it he is hiding his name from the Kickstarter and now refraining from mentioning him despite claiming his reputation is irrelevant? Oh, and I should mention this is a Nintendo book, of all things - the company he hates and berates at every given opportunity (even in irrelevant articles), declaring the NES one of the worst systems of all time with ‘no good games’. Perfect for a book aimed at Nintendo fans....? Integrity is everything in this life, and the common factor in anyone left associating with him is that they have anything but. They deserve to be burned by him for their greed and desire for controversial infamy, however negative.
  10. Right first of all, I can’t believe anyone is still falling for this shit. DonkeyHotay; new member with 1 post and it happens to be here of all places... come on. Lost Dragon dude, should know better. The Retro2021 account is 100% him, engaging repeatedly with all his detractors on a personal level for months and using all of his vernacular, arguments, personal attacks whenever another bit of truth cane out - the name itself was a poke at Revival after I successfully derailed his various socks by repeatedly sharing links to this thread. I was watching this account very closely and why now, after the account closed a few days ago, would someone come here to post about something that can’t be traced back, refer to ‘KH’ yet again, and try to make some kind of vague finger point to a randomer no-one has even heard of and pretend they would have intimate knowledge of the wotsit and his haters, hate on them on his behalf and staunchly share and shill his name? It wouldn’t even make sense in the mind of a sane person - there’s be zero motivation for anyone to do that. Oh, and read carefully people - that ‘evidence’ once again doesn’t actually show any evidence of any kind for what has been typed in the post. The screenshots don’t show any ‘Tony’ appropriating that wanker’s sockpuppet account; it’s just a random mess of screenshots and an unrelated summation... just like what the twat has always done in the countless screenshots here, in the manipulated and trimmed images in his 15-page toilet paper roll, and to sway people against each other as documented for the last 3 months. It’s as transparent as the invisible man’s dick. The ShillerSimon account carried an Atari picture with a message across it for about 6 months prior to this, so it’s not even true. Even if it were, his various socks steal other people’s pictures all the time AND he’s recently been modifying pictures to create fake tweets so it doesn’t show anything at all. Now it’s all gone quiet the worm is trying to crawl out of the woodwork, and will try and use all the same tactics to worm his way back in. It won’t work. Even if this post were even slightly legit, the “oo look let’s throw an element of doubt in there” shit is how we got here in the first place. This is most likely an attempt to see who is still checking here and watching him, because no one is engaging his shitposting directly anymore. Those of us who know better are watching you Hawken, so just give it up. I’m going to summarise it as clearly as I can, for anyone out there with a single figure IQ and still doesn’t get it: All of the accounts that have been tracked are, were, or in some way connected to Kieren bastard Hawken, whether by creating them himself, having stupid acquaintances used to make them, family, been taken over by him, the @tags and account names, pictures and everything else changed every two minutes for the sake of placing the tiniest doubt in the tiniest minds that he may just not be responsible for all of his actions. Too much has been shown to prove this incredibly long and complex web of bullshit, post alteration, screenshot manipulation and traceability editing he has been guilty of for years, and it will never stop because he is a psychotic loser and doesn’t live in this reality. TL,DR: If it even whiffs of him one iota, it’s almost definitely him. Don’t touch it with a barge pole. The quieter we all get, the more desperate this waste of oxygen becomes, such as being idiotic enough to falsify tweets using people’s names which is at the root of his recent sockpuppets closures. Some people are now taking them over, but he will also pretend to have them taken over to call the “I was hacked” line again and again. He’s done it before and he’s doing it again. Do not give this clown one ounce of benefit of the doubt - there is none. He hasn’t changed, he’s still doing exactly the same things, the only difference now is he is desperately trying to get even negative attention and is too stupid to accept that he is being watched by dozens of people smarter than he is. The world is just sick to death of hearing his name. I propose a line, right here and right now, that this thread STOPS. If you agree simply like my post. Anything new then that goes under it is clearly then only posted by idiots, or by the wotsit himself and met with the same reply. if you’re new here, check out page 1 and move along. Have a suspicion? The answer is yes, it’s him. Don’t post here. Hawken, you’ve LOST.
  11. It had. The numerous socks have been listed several times and referenced throughout the thread. Just like the TopTwatGamingMan and Retrogamerssuck accounts, he once again thinks he’s clever by drawing fake glasses and a moustache on pictures of people and thinks it’s funny. The number of socks operates is probably double what it’s even suspected to be, as I’ve seen accounts carrying all of his idiotic hallmarks attacking people I’ve never heard of but referencing all the same accounts, using identical insults and vernacular, shilling each other, self-referencing and using hashtags to cross-hate whoever else is target of the month. I don’t think anyone here really grasps just how deep this level of psychopathy goes. I used to think it was just a butthurt troll with jealousy issues and delusion caused by numerous serious undiagnosed mental problems. Standing back objectively and looking at the length of time, number of people involved, level of delusion and continued aggressive, desperate and increasingly bizarre behaviour that he’s able to juggle so many spiteful personalities easily, I’m completely convinced we are talking about serious schizophrenia with very dangerous levels of sociopathy. No no I don’t feel sorry for him, and I don’t give a shit I’d he ever gets help - he’s far beyond that and ruined so many good people he has no right to happiness. I hope everything ends terribly for him, as every negative thing that happens is fully deserved. I only hope that insanity doesn’t boil over before he hurts himself and he doesn’t end up physically hurting someone extremely vulnerable to take down with him when he goes. There are a few people who can stop this who are left giving a shit about him, and they really should. If they don’t, they or someone close to them may be the victim. Before long, someone out there will have their line crossed and take the matter out of their hands.
  12. Why do you all continue to interact with him? I’ve shown you how it’s done. Ignoring the psychopath will make him die inside. In spite of calling you lot cowards for blocking him, the imbecile had no choice but to block my account (simultaneously on several of his primary accounts like the chicken shit he is) when I did exactly as I said I would and simply repeat the same reference to him directly and this thread. He has no comeback from it and in every post it tells others exactly who it is and what he has been unable to refute. Do the same and he will be left shouting at clouds, because there will be no one left to listen - his posts aren’t being read by anyone anymore, on any of the socks. Every post is just the ramblings of a lunatic, and he will continue to do to you what he has been proven to do - annoy for sick attention. Leave him alone in his own mind to rot, and don’t even bother reading his shit anymore. Instead of ums, ahs and maybes from your own pseudonyms (feeding right into his intentions), state categorically who he is, lay clear what a prick he is as I did and leave him in his own mind to go insane. He’s a fucking joke.
  13. Finished, finito, empty, banished, defunct, irrelevant, gone, insignificant....lost, for good. There is no coming back.
  14. Let’s not mince words anymore. This prick is still Kieren Hawken, he’s disabling and enabling socks faster than ever and has probably literally not left his pc in 2 months now trying to juggle this shitfest. He is now desperately craving his narcissistic supply now we’ve all moved on and so is just throwing nothing but negativity out in order to desperately get someone to pay him some attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if what’s left of his enablers aren’t ready to throw him on a fucking bonfire at this point, the sick, irredeemable psycho that he is. There’s no ifs, no buts, and no one should be using euphamisms and hiding behind online aliases anymore, on any platform. Just say “Yes this is me; this wanker is Kieren Hawken and here is the evidence he’s the nastiest piece of shit you could have the misfortune to meet.” There’s no comeback from that, however hard he tries. His tactic now it’s all gone quiet is to go right back to business as usual and to claim hacking, posting surreal messages and inventing new schizophrenic personalities to pretend to be out of desperation, hoping there’s a person left on this planet who hasn’t put him firmly in the gutter by now. The difference now is it just sounds like sheer madness because all of the socks have nothing but his critics watching him like hawks ready to strike down any bullshit he tries to start, and quite literally no single real individual even acknowledging or reposting anything he does, apart from some seriously isolated basement dwellers and troublemakers who are themselves on the fringes of the scene for various reasons. The eternal loser is finished, and he can’t show his face in online affairs in an honest light ever again, let alone in reality. He will continue, like a coward, to sit behind masks and hate on everybody through his sheer jealousy of their popularity, achievements and personalities and angst that he is now a literal leper, untouchable by anyone with any self respect. Bottom line: He has lost, the scene has prevailed and this boil on the scrotum of the hobby is finished in every conceivable way. Simply post a link to this thread wherever he rears his head and move along. Don’t feed the eternal troll.
  15. It’s just a 15-year game of this, and everyone is tired of it. The grave has been dug and there’s no denying things or weasling out of it anymore. There is no coming back, and you can take greater satisfaction letting him fester away, screaming at thin air for desperate attention, permabanning everyone in life who challenges him and eventually alienating the few unfortunate souls tied to him through chagrin compulsion and making that island of evil shrink further until he sinks away. Deny him the negative attention he craves and don’t feed the troll anymore. He will cross the line into insanity now as he becomes a virtual leper, untouchable by anyone who values their health. The fact he still thinks the world can constantly revolve around him when there’s a global crisis on just screams out how much of a self-important prick he really is, and any time he is referenced now his legacy will be “oh, the pathological liar who was only interested in self-preservation whilst thousands were dying daily of an uncontrollable virus?”. Just add it to the pile of life non-achievements and one more thing he will be forgotten for until someone brings it up as an anecdote of the shittiest person who they ever had the misfortune to encounter. There’s dogs that have spewed up more substantive and productive pieces of biological matter. If someone wants their existence to be remembered for being one of the worst things ever shat out of someone’s fanny flaps, then let him do it. As far as I’m concerned, he’s dead to the hobby, and good riddance. My mantra going forward is to look on the bright side:
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