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  1. I really liked the game, it has the look of a space hero. I would find it even more attractive if I had a choice of colors. Wouldn't an olive green version like that of a GB be possible? Thanks.
  2. I loved the demo version. Will the full version be in cartridge or digital media?
  3. Hard choice. All the fonts are very good and if I choose one I have the Trichotomic-12.
  4. My score. Soundtrack a little scary? I Love. Version 49. nosehair.mp3
  5. This game is fun and disgusting at the same time. Hahahaha!!!
  6. The Champ Games people usually make great new conversions from the 2600 classics, but I very much doubt that will happen, at least not now. At the moment the team is finalizing the Lady Bug Arcade with a forecast of launching towards the end of 2021, right after that comes the long awaited new Elevator Action project.Leaving Champ aside, we have other spectacular programmers who took on the same task of giving a new look to classics we already know, check out the new versions of Donkey Kong, Venture, Asteroids, Burgertime, Qbert and the upcoming Congo Bongo. They are incredible conversions of classics that already exist in the 2600, but they are in a new guise and a challenge completely different from the original. A round of applause for these programmers.
  7. Without a doubt, the Gyruss soundtrack is one of the best for the 2600, if not the best. Even though the sound of gunshots and the ship's turbine have been obliterated, I see this as positive for this ported version of the Arcades. You become more immersive in the gameplay and are not distracted by other sounds. Another thing, his sound also brings me to 3rd generation consoles, mainly to the Master System.
  8. I support this idea. Gyruss is one of my favorite games on 2600. I find his music mesmerizing. Seeing the game enhanced with DPC + features would be most welcome.
  9. Tested on my Brazilian Polyvox Atari 20210216_052252.mp4
  10. That's funny. I also had never associated with front wheels until a long time ago. In my childhood imagination and even later in adulthood they were the rear of the vehicle, something that adorned it, like the wings of the batmobile. Only twenty years ago, when my passion for the atari 2600 console and games resurfaced again, and that I realized it was front wheels.
  11. Showing the whole process. From the first attempt that failed with the problematic cable(in the terminal it appears as Prolific Technologic Inc .PL 2303), to the success with the second different cable(Future Technology Device International) and its respective cartridge update. Once again I would like to thank alex_79 for a tip and so simple to solve.
  12. I tried all the ways to update the cartridge using various types of Mini_B cable, but without success, I use Linux. The cartridge is simply not recognized by the updater program. I suspect that the problem may be related to the Micro USB connector. As I didn't open it to see the sign, this cartridge is almost 10 years old, I believe. Is it possible that the solder is damaged or cold, causing poor contact?
  13. One step away from receiving my copy of Doggone It! After almost two long months, I finally received a notification from the post office to release it. Thank you Andrew
  14. Yes, as long as you do not use the original game name for legal reasons or ask permission from the author.
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