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  1. I don't know if it would be possible to hack this game for infinite lives. Simply because there are no lives, it would obviously have to eliminate the collapse of the wall, which would make the game weird.
  2. I don't know if this just happened to me or even some kind of bug. In the green treasure room when you pause and then return the character and played on another screen where he is trapped in the left wall. Another thing, when you pause to consult the map and return to the game the enemy that you defeated appears again! My question is that there is no way to remove these enemies that resurrect again in the room ? It gets in the way of making progress in the game.
  3. The game no longer receives updates, but if it did, my suggestion would be regarding the sound. due to the game having occupied the whole rom and not having enough space for a soundtrack, the minimum of sound effect could not be added in the changes of stages, example Open Sesame or Montezuma's Revenge, both produce a characteristic sound when jumping of internships , that same technique could not be applied in Cave In?
  4. About the update, what do you think if the option to choose the color of the vehicle to be played was included? That way we could choose the original orange, the new blue and the classic red of the 2600.
  5. I just wonder how this game would look if it expanded by doing bank switching, It could have some stages and possibly a dark soundtrack just like Arcade. But unfortunately the author stopped the project for some reason. We only got a small taste of what it could become.
  6. I hope you finish! Your title promises.😃
  7. Dear friend, I already consider your game a new masterpiece of the 2600. It is not always that we see something being created with all the classic and fun elements, within the established 4k standards for which the Atari VCS was designed.
  8. You did this wonderful game with only 4kb? I imagine expanding to 8, 16 or 32k. I love to play this game, just addictive!
  9. His conversion from the Bosnian classic is just incredible! Curious and that Bit Corp. did something similar in the Mission 300 A.D game, but the result was far from what was expected from Arcade.
  10. Congratulations on the game! Creative and I see that there is a lot of potential to be explored in this game mechanic! At first, I thought it was just an animation with no control over the character! Big mistake. Keep investing in it, it has everything to be an excellent title for the 2600 👏
  11. The game is great, however, I miss the jump of the character and at least some audio or soundtrack! I am aware that if the intention is to keep 4k, such elements can hardly be added!
  12. Scores are not cut on monitors or emulators, but on CRT televisions the problem should certainly occur, below for comparison the photo of the Stella emulator and my Sony CRT
  13. This is Castlevania for Atari! Congratulations 🦇
  14. Congratulations on the game! I am a fan of MK 1 and I believe that this work that you are doing in converting a big arcade to the limited system of the 2600 is the maximum! The character selection Screen is simply amazing! Can we look forward to a future update? Thank you
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