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  1. This brought back memories of a game I used to play on my cell phone. The concepts are similar, which is very good and that's why I see a lot of potential.🌱
  2. Very interesting Vhzc game. I haven't had a chance to play it yet. The big villain and the old bearded man looking like a mad scientist? Hope so.
  3. I believe the problem is because you are using the binary only with the lost levels that contain a bug when terminating. I suggest you use the version that joins the classic version with the levels lost without bugs.
  4. My score on level 09, car With Spoiler. Version 1.38 I am out of date.👀
  5. A fifth item? I think there was a lack of this essential retro item to hook up an Atari on vintage TV. As a bonus you would be honoring inventor Allan Alcorn.
  6. Exactly. What I remember from this version is that the Hue used for the colors of the emulated games was another standard.
  7. This reminds me of the first time I used Stella to emulate the Atari 2600 system, it was in late 2001 when I acquired a computer magazine and it contained a CD with a collection of computer games and 8 and 16 system emulators. bits. The interesting thing is that when installing Stella on the PC it already came with 3 Homebrews pre-installed. One of them was Oystron by Piero Cavina.
  8. Maybe a Yars-inspired minigame?
  9. Cosmic Ark is a game that deserved an update. My congratulations on the addition of new creatures.
  10. I'm a fan of this franchise started in Amiga, but I only met it through Genesis / Megadrive. My congratulations on the conversion to our beloved atari 2600.
  11. I see that it is modified to the Brazilian standard, with the Pal-M transcoder plate soldered on the motherboard and the Pal-M crystal. As it is a console with 40 years old I would advise at least to change the electrolytic capacitors. It is also perfectly possible to change to the European standard if you want.
  12. This is one of the later Polyvox models with the internal source. I believe this is your model?
  13. And a beautiful collection, congratulations. Are you really going to sell everything? The Heavy Sixer in the photo would sell for how much? Thanks
  14. Is this the model with built-in font? I am not an electronics technician, but what I do know is that this model has the risk of burning the 3 chips at once due to a Polyvox design error in the built-in power supply. The current is connected directly to the on / off switch. Some Brazilian technicians correct this in the preventive maintenance of the console. I advise you if you have a reliable technician who makes the modification and also exchange the built-in Brazilian source for a correct voltage source from your country.
  15. Friend the problem can be solved by removing the Pal-M plate just by unsoldering it from the motherboard and replacing the Pal-M crystal with another NTSC crystal. Unless you want to leave Polyvox factory original. Here in Brazil sometimes by option we modify some consoles to return to the original Atari NTSC system and consequently to composite video to obtain the best image that the console can offer.
  16. Is that a bug? It happens if you destroy the helicopter after killing the boss skull. If you touch the shrapnel you lose a life. Lovely bug.
  17. I am impressed with the graphics, I thought when I saw the game on the ZPH it was a version for the 7800. The snow phase reminded me of the classic Enduro.
  18. Very, very good. Looking forward to the finished version. A soundtrack maybe?
  19. Here in my country I also followed the magazines of the time such as Acao Games Supergame and GamePower and it was in one of them that I saw the SNES graphics of the first games of its launch and there was the Super R-Type with all the power that the console could offer. My eyes did not believe what they were seeing with those beautiful graphics that differentiated it from the Genesis / Megadrive that I had. It was only in 93 that I was able to buy the console and soon tried to provide the cartridge to my delight. Of course, I was also surprised by the following games as they came out. The fever of that generation was Street Fighter 2, but for me what captivated me for the acquisition was this beautiful shooting game.
  20. Sony Wega Triniton 21, Sony Triniton 14 and Semp Toshiba 10 model 1022.
  21. I can answer that in the can. Super R-Type, the spaceship game, which was a huge fan of the Master System version. At the time I thought it was a continuation of the version of the Master System. The Arcades versions were unaware of.
  22. Yes, these versions are well known and I admire them a lot, but I would find it interesting if one day Jhon converted CK to 2600. This 2006 demo is the one that most resembles it.
  23. I wanted to take a question out of Unocart. Can I update again using the same firmware? It's on v17 and I want to use that same version over the top. Because I am noticing some interference in the image. I haven't opened the cartridge yet to check if it has any kind of cold solder or any damaged component.
  24. This was one of the first computer games I knew at the beginning of the millennium, it came on a CD with a collection of emulators from the time and of course there was also Stella to play. While learning to configure Stella on a Pentium 2 with 64 mb of memory I also had fun playing Champ Kong and Space Pinball from a distant W98 / ME system. Now going back to our current times and better conversational tools, I wonder if Champ would not be interested in rescuing this classic from the PC to our 2600, even though DK already has 3 different versions on the platform.
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