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  1. Yes, I believe these are the same. 520STF keys do fit the 1040STF. I don't have an STE but I'm pretty darn sure its the same keycaps. Thank you for the reply!
  2. I have an abused 1040STF I'm trying to bring back to life and its missing a few keycaps. I need ESC, D and the key next to backspace on the which has a _ and ` on it. If anyone can sell me these let me know! I don't care if they are heavily yellowed or dirty, that doesn't bother me.
  3. I bought a PEB about 15 years ago on EBay with the hopes of someday getting a TI994/A setup going, but never had a computer to run it with until recently. I haven't started it up yet and wanted to ask a couple questions before I do. It hasn't been powered in the time I've had it, and I'm guessing some time before that. Is there any pre-work I should do on it before I apply power to it? Test out caps or pre-replace components? I don't want to power it on and have it blow itself up. The PEB is pretty well loaded up with a Disk Controller, 32K Ram Card, RS232 Card, the Flex cable interface, and a CorComp TripleTech Card with a speech synth card installed on it. Is there any risk the cards may damage the unit or vice versa if they are out of order? It also has a clear problem with its floppy drive. The little door you latch down seems to have been knocked off the front and into it, wedged between the drive circuit board and the metal frame of the drive door. I can't figure out how to get the drive out for the life of me. I've removed the four screws (2 under the top cover on the top of the drive cage, and 2 on the bottom side of the unit). It moves around in the cage after that but won't fit out the front that I can see. How the heck do you get the drive out? Thanks in advance!
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