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  1. Thank you! I've flashed it and for the first time ever, I was able to do that from my Heavy Sixer!!
  2. @DirtyHairy Nice work, Christian! I played Quadrun to celebrate! Thank you very much for all of the hard work!
  3. It was worth trying but it doesn't boot in non-dumper mode, and does not output any data in dumper mode.
  4. @eightbit Good luck. I hope yours works well.
  5. @DirtyHairy The Heavy Sixer finally produced some output! It's unfortunate that it is useless but I've attached it bus_dump.bin
  6. I've attached the bus_dump.bin from my Jr. I will attempt to measure the voltage later. Update: I checked the voltages at the regulator: 5V in, 3.2V out. Both voltages are steady. I tested this on both my Heavy Sixer and 2600 Jr. bus_dump.bin
  7. @DirtyHairy I am sorry that I did not respond to your PM concerning this. Anyway, I followed all of your instructions starting with flashing update.bin with my 2600 Jr. Upon rebooting the Jr. it did show "BUSDUMPER 16" at the bottom of the screen. I changed the jumper to PAL 60 and tried booting the UNOcart my Heavy Sixer but no bus_dump.bin was created anywhere on the SD card. I left the console on for 10 seconds the first time and 45 seconds the second time, after removing and reinserting the UNOcart. As a last-ditch effort, I removed the UNO from its plastic shell and tried booting it on the Heavy Sixer for 60 seconds. Unfortunately, no bus_dump.bin was created anywhere on the SD. I did try the process on my 2600 Jr. and a bus_dump.bin was created on the root of the SD as expected. If you'd like to review that to see if there are any anomalies with my UNOcart, please let me know. Thanks for helping the community with this!
  8. DirtyHarry was kind enough to tweak the firmware for me. We tried two or three different versions but they didn't help. I also acquired a different power supply with a higher current output but that didn't help either. I did purchase the ST-Link v2 programmer and someday we're going to use it to monitor what happens during boot. If anything is found, I will post it here.
  9. Yes, I did solder a jumper across that inductor but it did not make the UNOcart work. I didn't try it with River Raid II, but it had no negative effects either.
  10. Just so everyone knows, I removed the circuit board from the case and it still did not help on my Heavy Sixer. It works fine on a 2600 Jr and also a 7800. Be warned that it may not work on a Heavy Sixer no matter what you do.
  11. I found that thread and the fix: I am waiting to see if there's a fix to the firmware that will help before I modify my Heavy Sixer. I realize that the hardware mod is simply soldering a wire across an inductor, which I am open to. My question would be whether or not the UNOCart-2600 was tested on six switch consoles before it went to market.
  12. Thank you to everyone!
  13. Hi, all. I just acquired a Heavy Sixer and about 40 original games. They all play fine but the UNOCart 2600 cartridge will not boot on it. I tried it in a friend's 7800 and the UNOCart works flawlessly. Is there anything that I can check or do on my 2600 console? I am mechanically and technically savvy so opening it up is no issue. I tried all of the standard troubleshooting stuff - remove UNO from its shell, inserted it with varying depths, different SD cards. It won't boot even with no SD card. The UNO is also on the latest firmware. Any suggestions are much appreciated. And, as an aside, I am loving the 40+ year old technology. I could not afford it back in the 70s or 80s.
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