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  1. I believe you mean Mike Garvey. Mullis was upset but reasoned. The Mike Garvey was mental. 🤣
  2. I was thinking about interviewing him but maybe I'll just have a chat or a team up with him
  3. No worries. I had fun doing it. Just lots of picture and lots of editing. My son and I are trying to double up the editing where he is working o. His computer and I'm working on my other sons computer. Still takes a long time Lol
  4. Lol that last video took over 6 hours to edit and we had to cut about 5 minutes or it would never get done. I think I might start just video recording myself as editing is too time consuming. Lol
  5. Watch "Intellivision Amico: Amico Diary #3: Frog Bog" on YouTube
  6. Sorry. Was sending that to someone else and ended up sending it here again 😃
  7. Watch "I Will Be Buying The Intellivision Amico Over The Next Generation Playstation & Xbox Re:Radical Rick" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Zytb4SONbRM
  8. I just watched that video. And I couldn't stop laughing. My kids and I couldnt breath afterwards. Too funny Stay tuned
  9. I'm needing more people to interview. Anyone in the forum know of anyone? It could be yourselves or some you know or just someone you think would give an interesting take on the Amico (good or bad). I'm trying to keep the doors open for all comers.
  10. Thanks. I had a lot of fun interviewing and although it was long it didn't feel long in the moment.
  11. That would be awesome. I know nothing about fishing and only went a few times as a kid but you can teach me
  12. Watch "SteelSeries Free TouchScreen Gaming Controls Review- Very Good" on YouTube Is this the inspiration
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