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  1. Sorry. Was sending that to someone else and ended up sending it here again 😃
  2. Watch "I Will Be Buying The Intellivision Amico Over The Next Generation Playstation & Xbox Re:Radical Rick" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Zytb4SONbRM
  3. I just watched that video. And I couldn't stop laughing. My kids and I couldnt breath afterwards. Too funny Stay tuned
  4. I'm needing more people to interview. Anyone in the forum know of anyone? It could be yourselves or some you know or just someone you think would give an interesting take on the Amico (good or bad). I'm trying to keep the doors open for all comers.
  5. Thanks. I had a lot of fun interviewing and although it was long it didn't feel long in the moment.
  6. That would be awesome. I know nothing about fishing and only went a few times as a kid but you can teach me
  7. Watch "SteelSeries Free TouchScreen Gaming Controls Review- Very Good" on YouTube Is this the inspiration
  8. Thanks Tommy. Tragically my girlfriend's sister passed away yesterday and we've really been devastated here. I'm trying to pour myself into work and my channel stuff to compensate but it's very hard not to just stop and not want to continue working. 😢
  9. I have two interviews planned for tomorrow and hope to have them up on Sunday but I cant promise anything because theres been some personal issues going on. But I also have a few recordings which just need some pictures and video attached to them and my son and I will work on those on Sunday. Lol have a YouTube channel is a lot of work 😂
  10. Tommy does interviews with anyone. He did an interview with me and I didnt have any followers yet 🤣😂
  11. Tommy did a great job. I didnt last the whole 4 hours but he did great for the parts I saw.
  12. I was blown away when he mentioned my name and channel. Still a little embarrassed and shocked. Thanks @OEB_Pete 😊
  13. John can not be bought. Also where's the fun in that...also price is no object when it comes to me and my hobby (which happens to involve spying on John Alvarado) 😅🤣😀
  14. Wait??? You promised me you'd hook up surveillance video from John Alvarado's house. Forget this silly Amico stuff. Let's get back to the important stuff...watching John's every move through the use of high tech Navy grade spy equipment.
  15. Now I know why I didn't download this....one of the reviews says this doesn't really have any controller support. Good gravy
  16. Good gravy... I just downloaded Earthworm Jim from GOG (I forgotten I bought it like a year ago on sale). Trying to use my 8 bit do sn30 pro+ on this game is like trying to walk upstairs backwards using only my tongue. My goodness the crossbar doesn't work at all and the thumbstick only registers like 4 of the 8 way directions. And standing still often makes Jim crouch and stand up it what can only be described as a spastic rendition of Pee Wee Herman trying to dance. The game is probably the greatest game ever but thumbsticks aren't the way to go. I know Tommy and the others didnt have anything to do with the port so I just mentioning that I cant (as yet) give a definitive thumbs up on this one. Lol 😅
  17. Watch "MR. Beefy interview" on YouTube This is my first interview...ironically sent last.
  18. I had a ton of help from my youngest son. He did all the background, edits, music splicing and intro/outros
  19. Watch "OEB Pete Interview" on YouTube Hey. Here is my first video. Tommy's interview is uploading as we speak. Then an interview with Mr. Beefy. Watch if you'd like 😃
  20. This is brilliant. I only read what was in bold but its brilliant I tells ya.
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