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  1. ‘Deathray to tomasparks. We have in our midst a complete smeg pot. Brains in the anal region. Chin absent, presumed missing. Genitalia small and inoffensive. Of no value or interest.’
  2. Just a note from my watching brief on various Twitter accounts - Kieren deactivated his main account @RetroLaird on 1st April, so with Twitters 30 day ‘change your mind’ policy he’ll need to reactivate it soon or lose it for ever. The AtariFan/Retrogamerssuck account deleted around the same time but did pop up recently before disappearing again - assume this was to buy another 30 days grace before oblivion - the clock is ticking...
  3. I assume you are the same generation as me - didn’t grow up with social media so some of the things that go on may be a little hard to comprehend for us but as someone with teenagers I have often wondered whether the same thing should happen - remove them from social media and thus they won’t see comments and be hurt but that is far from the point. You remove them, you exclude them, you punish them, the trolls get their little victory. I decided this was not fair on my kids, why should they be excluded because some asshole teenager is being a dick on social media. Bullies will exist in all formats, that can be down the pub, at school, at work, on social media, even within your own family. What do you do? Stop going to the pub? Stop going to school? Stop going to work? It’s too simplistic to say ignore, unplug, whatever - I can see where Vince is coming from - but the problem in my opinion isn’t people getting upset from trolling - it’s the trolling. Let’s not let them have their little victories, let’s call them out for the scum that they are. I’m fine if people don’t agree with the above, happy to hear others views, just my point of view and apologies for going off topic.
  4. It is absolutely pathetic behaviour and be sure, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I’m sorry you seem to be taking the brunt of it, as if you don’t have enough to deal with already. It can be easy to say ignore and shrug it off, but can see the distress it causes. Ultimately though, the person behind those accounts is a sad, ‘grown’ man who thinks this is a good and productive way to spend his time. Keep being you RP, there are no ‘rules’ for Twitter, post what you like - it harms no-one else. It’s a shame those accounts can’t take the same advice as they obviously need help, whether they deserve it or not.
  5. That’s a very good idea - it’s normally easy to tell who they are targeting with comparable tweets as evidence.
  6. And worth mentioning these were posted by the @ShillerSimon twitter account - the only person to see these ‘tweets’ apparently.....
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