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  1. This is the power supply for the 3000. The plug is the same size as a headphone Jack that would plug into a smart phone. I'm not sure what mm that is. 9VDC, 100MA tip positive. I would just solder a small headphone hack onto a 9volt dc power supply.
  2. No soccer was loose along with baseball and football. The 3 board games are thunderball, pocket billards and match maker. The 3 boxed games did have the manual.
  3. Sega 32x Game.com Atari 7800 Sega cd Sega dreamcast Nintendo Virtual boy Entex Select-a-game Magnavox odyssey 2 Gotten in that order. I'm partial to sega if you couldn't tell. I'm also really close to the genesis and saturn. But saturn has gotten beyond insane so I prob won't finish that one. Unless the market crashes and I can pick panzer dragon for under a 100 but i don't see that happening. To the other question I need boxes for monkeyshines, smithereens and eletronic table soccer. The manuals are the 3 boxes I also need then computer intro. I need the whole spiral binder book that went with it. Power lords, pick axe pete. I think there might be another one I need I'll have to look when I get home from work.
  4. Take the shell apart and clean the board with a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol and visually check out the board looking for lifted up solder pads, cold joints (to much solder so they get dull instead of the normal shiny) and make sure any wires are soldered or connected to the board. Usually when I end up with a pong system repair for the store it's a simple fix involving debris on the board/controller or a bad connection. Good luck
  5. I was going through craigslist today during some down time at work and someone had 8 magnavox odyssey 2 games, half boxed, half loose asking $80. Which was about $60-65 more than they were worth. However one of those loose games was eletronic table soccer. Which was the only game keeping me from the complete library. I know I've been wondering how eletronic table soccer has taken me over a decade a find or pick up. So I gladly paid him his ransom. I think my next one will be Genesis because I'm down to less than 2 dozen left. But who knows how long that will take. Especially since the last time I found one I still needed was either end of 2018 or beginning of 19. Anyway here's a pic. I'm still missing 3 boxes and 7 manuals that I'll hopefully find some day.
  6. O my goodness space bar worked for the one and f1 for the other. Thanks for the help and my favorite c64 game I played today was radar rat race I loved the music.
  7. Last month right before the lock down I found a commodore 64. So I ordered a disk drive off Ebay and some cheap disks to mess around with. But here's where I run into an issue. I put the disk in, close the door thing down, type load"*",8,1 press return and it loads to a starting screen for a couple of the games. But that's all the further I've gotten. Specifically bazooka bill and pit stop 2. How do I play said games? Or get past the title screen am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  8. That's what ive leaning towards thur sharp because I think they look badass. The red one not the black one. Yeah I've read about the belts breaking down. I'm not worried about it though because I fix broken consoles/retro eletronics on a daily basis for ebay to suport my collecting addiction.
  9. I'm looking to finally get a Famicom and FDS. I've been playing famicom on a converter cartridge because I wasnt sure I'd enjoy it enough to purchase all new consoles. I have a couple options all varying in cost. The one I need assistance with is I can pick up a famicom and FDS with the ram adapter but there's no cables. I'm assuming I'd need to get 2 power adapters (1 for each system) and a video cable to run from one of them to the tv. Is that all I need or is there some kind of link cable or anything else I would need to get? Thanks in advance
  10. I got that channel F system 2 in the box with 16 cib US games and 2 German cib import games off craigslist around 15 years ago. But I didn't have any extra cash so I asked him what he wanted for trade. I ended up giving him a loose n64 console and a Nintendo nes rf adapter. I still think it was one of my best trades in 25 years.
  11. And I definitely haven't played anything in the spare room in a while. But that's more because most of the stuff I put in there is something I already have set up in the game room. If everything doesn't get canceled this year because the public health situation I will end up getting rid of a lot in that room. Because I know deep down inside no one NES a pcfx set up in their game room and a back up in the spare room. Like it will ever get played enough to die.
  12. I've been in the horde stage since 1994 when I started collecting. I do end up trading stuff in the summer months when conventions start
  13. Never mind I see why. Probably because you cant see either of them in any of the pictures. That would certainly explain it.
  14. Also, you passed on the Entex Adventurevision and the Entex Select-a-game CIB with 4 of the 5 games for the Vectrex.
  15. WHAT! get rid of my boxed backup vectrex! What am I supposed to do with just 2 left. And @ jhd- I did see those sturdy bank file cardboard boxes with lids at the dollar store last week. But I only picked up a couple because I felt like I could get them cheaper than a dollar each some leave else. I also like the clear rubbermaid totes with a gasket and closing snaps. The walls aren't straight which kind of annoys me even packing small boxes. But I can see inside, the gasket helps keeps any moisture out, snaps keep it closed. The downfall is after a number years I end up cracking them or breaking a snap off.
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