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  1. That's what ive leaning towards thur sharp because I think they look badass. The red one not the black one. Yeah I've read about the belts breaking down. I'm not worried about it though because I fix broken consoles/retro eletronics on a daily basis for ebay to suport my collecting addiction.
  2. I'm looking to finally get a Famicom and FDS. I've been playing famicom on a converter cartridge because I wasnt sure I'd enjoy it enough to purchase all new consoles. I have a couple options all varying in cost. The one I need assistance with is I can pick up a famicom and FDS with the ram adapter but there's no cables. I'm assuming I'd need to get 2 power adapters (1 for each system) and a video cable to run from one of them to the tv. Is that all I need or is there some kind of link cable or anything else I would need to get? Thanks in advance
  3. I got that channel F system 2 in the box with 16 cib US games and 2 German cib import games off craigslist around 15 years ago. But I didn't have any extra cash so I asked him what he wanted for trade. I ended up giving him a loose n64 console and a Nintendo nes rf adapter. I still think it was one of my best trades in 25 years.
  4. And I definitely haven't played anything in the spare room in a while. But that's more because most of the stuff I put in there is something I already have set up in the game room. If everything doesn't get canceled this year because the public health situation I will end up getting rid of a lot in that room. Because I know deep down inside no one NES a pcfx set up in their game room and a back up in the spare room. Like it will ever get played enough to die.
  5. I've been in the horde stage since 1994 when I started collecting. I do end up trading stuff in the summer months when conventions start
  6. Never mind I see why. Probably because you cant see either of them in any of the pictures. That would certainly explain it.
  7. Also, you passed on the Entex Adventurevision and the Entex Select-a-game CIB with 4 of the 5 games for the Vectrex.
  8. WHAT! get rid of my boxed backup vectrex! What am I supposed to do with just 2 left. And @ jhd- I did see those sturdy bank file cardboard boxes with lids at the dollar store last week. But I only picked up a couple because I felt like I could get them cheaper than a dollar each some leave else. I also like the clear rubbermaid totes with a gasket and closing snaps. The walls aren't straight which kind of annoys me even packing small boxes. But I can see inside, the gasket helps keeps any moisture out, snaps keep it closed. The downfall is after a number years I end up cracking them or breaking a snap off.
  9. Please tell me I'm not the only lunatic that has a game room (room of doom) whichever you prefer. Plus a spare bedroom and a half with overflow from whatever the collection may be. Mine being video games and specific brands of toys, star trek, Simpson's, robotics, erector sets with a splash of star wars and super heroes.
  10. You can fix 98% of this kind of stuff. Especially older stuff with no moving parts. I can usually make 100 to 300% profit off broken eletronics and generally don't have to spend more then a couple dollars if I need to buy parts.
  11. This is the 3rd time I've preordered 2 analogue NT consoles. I really love the idea of the products analogue makes. Besides the brand name itself the compatibility was a big selling point 3-4 years ago for thur NT because I had just started getting into import games and wanted it and was going to hook it up to a famicom disc system and play imports on it. 3 years later and I do use the NT if I'm playing Nintendo in the living room. But Ive never played an import on it. I did get a disk system but never hooked it up to the NT because i ended up sending lowball offers for disk systems and twin famicom to different people at the same time because I was impatient and ended up having both accept the offer. So I ended up using the twin famicom but at least I still love it and actually use that. But ended up with a famicom with the disk system i never used, a sealed NT and both mini NTs sealed. So my goal this run is open one to try and justify the grand I dropped on it.
  12. I actually knew/know what it was. I was just super excited about finding and buying my second selectagame in the wild and finding it within 15ish minutes from PAX East's front door made me literally gitty that I lucked out and found it before anyone else that came into boston for pax. Even tho pax isnt a retro con i was still giddy. And everyone i know that used to collect in my area 20-25 years ago when I was just getting into collecting have given it up, sold collections, found happiness in family or moved. So I figured I'd come talk about it here.
  13. A working Entex select a game system, 4 games, 3 screen overlays (missing the pac man 2 overlay) and it was in the box with styrofoam inserts for $9.99 on sunday. At a Boston thift store like 15-20 minutes away from PAX east. I could feel all my luck draining away as I paid for my second boxed entex console. So it'll be forever now til I find something good in the wild again.
  14. The original magnavox odyssey is INPUT 117 VAC 50/60HZ OUTPUT 9 volts 400ma 3.5mm mono headphone jack. Tip positive for polarity I'm fairly certain that's what it is I'm at work still so i can't double check my adapter right now. 2600 is 9VDC 500ma with tip positive polarity. So use the 2600 ac adapter.
  15. Anyone know anything about this console? I found it in the box with 4 games two days ago sunday afternoon for $9.99. The 4 games with it were pinball, baseball 4, pacman2, space invader 2. Three of the four have screen layovers but its missing the pacman layover. I didn't get the games in the box they were thrown in with the system. Anyone know anything other than the two minutes worth of info that's on Google. I posted Pics below
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