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  1. Yep, tried that and I did get the memory dump file but could not find any way to restore it. 😞 The dump included the MM RAM from 7000 -> 7FFF as well.
  2. Oh, now I see that the MM memory stays in tact when the MM cartridge is removed. I had not noticed that before. Thank you for that. Is there any way that the memory can be saved and then later restored, same as using the S (save) and L (load) options in Easy Bug?
  3. @Tursi, Was there ever a resultion to a previous enhancement request to save MiniMemory locations from 7000 - 7fff and then be able to reload it again later? This would emulate the battery backup of the memory in the MM module. The Easy Debug has an option to save memory locations but that is only to Tape (CS1). I know that this was asked before but I could not find an answer or if it was ever implemented somehow. Regards,Truper.
  4. Thank you retroclouds and Lee. I don’t yet have any source code myself. I was just testing the example1.a99 and example2.a99 source code that was downloaded with SPECTRA2. I will check out xas99 and use Classic99 for my emulator and debugger.
  5. Hmm, so are you referring to the WinAsm99_x64.exe file? If so, I only find those terms in what looks like text blocks.
  6. SPECTRA2 is not distributed with Win994a. I downloaded both separately. If I said that earlier then I was confused. The assembler is part of the Win994a install. The SPECTRA2 documentation states "The source code of SPECTRA2 is compatible with Burrsofts‟ Asm994A Assembler V3.008." Maybe I have to downgrade to V3.008? That wouldn't make sense being that it is a minor upgrade to V3.010.
  7. That is the version that I am using.
  8. Is anybody on this forum successfully using the SPECTRA2 gaming library that comes with Win994a emulator? I have successfully created cartridges for both example1.a99 and example2.a99. I get option 2 HELLO WORLD on the TI menu when the cartridge is loaded but when I select option 2 the programs do not run as expected. I get a cleared blue screen with no text for about a second then I’m returned to the TI Logo screen (screen with color bars top and bottom). Programs compile successfully in the assembler with no errors. Win994a does not seem to have a debugger so I can’t debug the program to see what’s happening. I searched this forum and did not find anyone else having an issue.
  9. I am writing some assembler code with the Editor / Assembler. When I assemble the code and use PIO as the list file name I get a DSR ERROR : 0302. If I leave the list file name blank or list to disk I have no issues and the code assembles with no errors. I am able to print a disk catalogue to PIO from the Disk Manager 2 module but I have not tried printing any other way than from disk manager and E/A. I have had this same issue with a Lexmark printer and an Epson printer. My assembler options are RLS. Any ideas what the issue might be?
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