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  1. Well here's something add. I just tried using my platinum Mach III (CH Products, with Pat #) on the IIGS, and it won't let me move in ANY direction except up in Silpheed. The weird thing is I have no problems with any other games, just Silpheed. I did a search on Usenet, and found someone with a very similar issue here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/comp.sys.apple2/6GadOk3aTdw/2iH2n1gtAVEJ I tried using my QuickShot on the GS, and Silpheed played just fine. Not sure what it is with these Mach III joysticks. Are they inherently incompatible with certain games, or do they break down over time and causes these glitches? I'm leaning towards the former because of the post I just found where someone had the same issues with Silpheed as me! One thing I'm noticing on my GS though, I've gone into Applesoft BASIC to run the calibration test. If I move to the far right (including right corners) I'm getting a maximum value of 247-248. Not 255! I tried adjusting the trim pots but it doesn't help. Now if I plug that SAME joystick into my Apple IIc (ROM 0), run the very same test, I get perfect values and it reads 255! At any rate, I wouldn't blame it one one specific revision of the stick, just the Mach III in general.
  2. Ok - At this point I'm pegging this on the earlier revision Mach III joystick itself (by 'Hayes Products', with Pat Pending). Tonight I was using an original Apple IIc (ROM 0 firmware) with the older Hayes stick and the Datasoft game O'Riley's Mine. For no apparent reason, it only allows me to move LEFT. I cannot go in any other direction. Tried another joystick and it works fine. So it's not just the newer memory expandable Apple IIc! I suspect there are several other games that may have issues too. They obviously fixed these issues with the newer version of the joystick. That one says CH Products and has a US patent number. The older model is still a very nice joystick, and one of my favorite designs, but you just have to keep in mind it may not be compatible with some games (either that, or maybe some component inside it has failed?). If the OP actually has a newer CH Products stick not labeled Hayes, then I'd lean towards a component inside the joystick that's failed on both his and mine.
  3. A little more investigation, it seems the issue is with my early beige Mach III joystick (brown and orange buttons, produced by Hayes) and that particular Memory Expandable Apple IIc (ROM 3). I went into Applesoft BASIC and typed some lines to display the paddle coordinates on the fly. With the Hayes Mach III, if I move to the extreme corners, I get limited values like 228, 249. However, if I plug in my platinum CH Products Mach III, I get normal values like 255, 255. Also, Jumpman works perfectly too! So the Hayes Mach III seems to be OK with the older Apple IIc's, but not my memory expandable IIc (ROM 3). Hmm, I wonder if it also has incompatibilities with some IIe's and IIGS's too. ps - Ignore the issue I mentioned with the QuickShot joystick on the IIc, I accidentally toggled the "IBM/Apple" switch underneath which effectively disabled the button presses.
  4. Interesting to come across this thread. I have three Apple IIc's (ROM 255, ROM 0 and ROM 3) and this afternoon I attempted to play Jumpman on all three machines with my Mach III joystick. For some odd reason, the newest IIc (ROM 3) won't allow me to move the joystick in any direction except LEFT and DOWN. Yet on the other Apple IIc's, with the very same joystick, there is absolutely no problem. As an experiment, I tried swapping the Mach III with a QuickShot joystick. Now it moves in all four directions, but button-0 is ignored. Other games have no problems, just Jumpman on this particular IIc. It's possible there's some undocumented hardware/firmware change on the ROM 3 (memory expandable IIc) that I'm not aware of, or my IIc has a hardware fault on the motherboard. I'll have to try Tumble Bugs and Gremlins and see what happens.
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