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  1. $250 is fine with me and I have a Founders Edition on order that I’m super excited for. It’s all about perception and the general public might perceive the $250 price as too high even though it does come with 2 controllers and 6 games. Time will tell. I would pay more that $250 ! But that’s me.
  2. $199 for Amico would be ideal and I’m sure within a year it will be that price. I have no problem with the $250 price at launch but I am not the main target audience they are going for.
  3. https://arcade1up.com/products/atari-mini-pong-jr i wanted this but $129USD, And I’m in Canada ! Ugggggg . That would be about 200$ for me. Too bad . Too expensive for me to justify ! And people say 250 is alot for the Amico ? Sheesh
  4. I’m one of those old farts ! I’m ready to spend more than ever when I get my hands on the Amico !! 😂
  5. Online leaderboards are cool but I’m most looking forward to local leaderboards so I can compete with my family and friends ! Old school style !!
  6. So this is off topic but I figure someone might have some info for me. The arcade legends controller just came out but it’s missing the spinners that are on the arcade unit. Ideally I’m searching for a custom arcade controller (not arcade machine , just the controller that would hookup to my TV wireless or by HDMI and would have 2 x 8-way joysticks , a 4-way one , trackball, spinners , and if at all possible a “tron” controller. The Tron/Gorf controller is pushing it but does anyone know if someone makes custom controllers to ship to Canada ? 8-way joysticks kinda suck for Pac-Man , donkey Kong etc ......and spinners are a must for me! Any info us appreciated ?
  7. I do agree that the one on the right looks crisper and more defined for some reason but it’s got to be the one on the left to match the intellivision wood grain color better.
  8. The darker one on the left ✅ Because it looks nice and it’s more like the classic intellivision color ✅
  9. I don’t know the other one but codenames is awesome !!!!!!! Do it 😎
  10. I agree ! Discount or not I am buying it all ! It would be a nice bonus to have a small discount 😀
  11. Assuming it happens , I wonder what the discount for “press the button” to purchase all games might be.
  12. Me too ! I wanted this feature so I would definitely press that button hard !!!! 😂
  13. No but I want one too ! Waiting for price and pre-order details as well ! I knew you would be buying this for your collection 😜
  14. I agree with your top 5 !!!! Same but I might add bi planes in there !! I’ll buy them all anyway 😁
  15. I agree. I’m just not a fan of mobile anything and I need the proper controls when I play a game . That’s why space invaders , asteroids , breakout and actually pretty much any game on any console or arcade machine etc loses so much when played without the intended controller . But I get it and it’s still cool 😎
  16. While I appreciate the intellivision team giving us demos , I don’t really have the desire to play the Moon Patrol or Breakout demos on my phone or PC. It’s fun to just test it out a few times but that’s about it. I want to play with a proper controller as it was meant to be played . I think it might give potential customers the wrong idea about what IE is trying to create and give off a mobile phone vibe. Then again the target audience are probably not downloading the demos. Is it just me ?
  17. Nice ! Any link to one you like best that will charge 6 controllers ? That’s a better idea than having 3 charging stations maybe ? As in it will take up less space ?
  18. Hmmmmmmm ..Maybe Snafoo will be the 7h pack in ( if there is a 7th)
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