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  1. So if you don't know what you've signed... why give a false idea of what it was about? That's absurd.
  2. So why isn't the one making the presumably wrong claims showing the waiver in question? He started the whole thing, can he prove anything? No? Did he somehow lose the waiver on his way home? Oh, too bad...
  3. I second that. @Tommy Tallarico I would even consider trading two VIP pre-orders for one Founders Edition.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, I now understand your motivation. I'm sorry if my last post sounded a bit harsh. I think it's a welcome addition to have some people around coming from a different background gaming wise. He seems to know Dynablaster quite well and hasn't played any of the original Intellivision games, so that's a different approach and perspective. I don't like it, too, when someone asks a question and repeats that question no matter if it has been answered before (which isn't the case here AFAIK) even if different members of the forum already had a take on it. Absolutely agree with everything you said about dictation.
  5. Come on, this is ridiculous, counting words in someone's comment, you want to dictate what he's allowed to answer? Discussion of possible sound and graphic issues arose ever since the first (and therefore early) videos were shown. I still don't see the negative in his answer.
  6. Sadly, I'm feeling the same way now. It just takes too long for the machine to finally arrive (some even doubt it ever will). People getting anxious and are partly upset which I find absolutely understandable. News is scarce and there's too much seemingly endless and weary discussion that gets us nowhere.
  7. Tommy, I felt this was quite legit and a positive criticism @Lusorius came up with what I find is actually very rare these days. He was just hinting at something he thought could really improve and help the game. I think it just got lost in an ongoing debate tending to negativity so it could easily be understood the wrong way.
  8. I guess it's all about data compression and the smaller filesize of today's audio file formats while retaining almost the same quality as compared to a Red Book audio CD track. Since fewer and fewer games see a physical release these days, that might as well been a factor in integrating audio into game data.
  9. Tommy, thank you very much! Although I have to admit that I haven't been into VGL or (video) game soundtracks in general, now it's a good time to start.
  10. Sorry, I was mislead into believing you were looking for a console that once featured the Amiga name.
  11. They had one - the Amiga CD32 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amiga_CD32)
  12. This also applies to the pre ordered VIP editions, so I'd like to know it as well.
  13. I think this hasn't been answered yet so maybe @Tommy Tallarico can give us an update on the current status?
  14. Yawn! 😴 I missed half a year by oversleeping, so what happened? Is the Amico still postponed and what year will it be released then?
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