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  1. Well ty but it's probably not provably. See we all error. 😂
  2. Good point. I forgot about that. The two buttons for select and start as well as the usual 4 buttons and stick.
  3. Does anyone have any idea what this was originally designed for? A friend gave me this saying it's for PC but it's a male connector. Label on bottom reads: Universal Arcade Systems. San Diego, California. Seems well built with Formica and t-molding. Connector reminds me of the kind found on Atari 5200 controllers. What is this for?
  4. He's not much of an internet guy. These pics came from his daughters FB page. She does most advertising for him. Best just to go see him. In the 30 + years I've known him, there's never been a website or anything really. Just an eBay account I used to manage for him. We sold quite a bit in those days.
  5. I know many ppl on here remember Mike Barker from the Game Room. Well, after a few years out of the business, my friend of 30 years is back with a new name. Retro Video Games. He still stocks everything from the 2600 to the PS4 and switch. I'm including some pics of his new place as well as the phone number you can call if your looking for anything. Also, the street sign I built for him and delivered yesterday.
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